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Week Beginning 17th September


This week the children began with a pirate drama workshop. They had to become pirates on board a ship and rescue the keys from Captain Patch! All very exciting! As the children about banana language? We wrote a recount about this visit using time starters. 


We have been familiarising with the story 'The Night Pirates' which the children have loved. They drew their own story maps ready to write a pirate adventure next week. 


We have started our guided reading groups this week solving a pirate mystery and reading clues to find the evidence. 


We have also been writing silly sentences using adjectives, nouns verbs and adverbs. Like: Angry Calico Jack was digging for treasure greedily with his sharp spade. 


In maths we have been working with tens and ones breaking them up and finding different ways to make whole numbers. We have also been practising how to find one more, less and moving onto 5 more, less and 10 more and less than a number.


We have made colourful parrots, searched the web for pirate facts, made treasure maps with co ordinates and investigated sinking and floating. We looked at which materials float best. We also did a test to see which materials can be squashed, bent and twisted and whether the change is permanent. We recorded and analysed our results. 



Pirate Drama

Pirate Drama  1
Pirate Drama  2
Pirate Drama  3
Pirate Drama  4
Pirate Drama  5
Pirate Drama  6
Pirate Drama  7
Pirate Drama  8
Pirate Drama  9
Pirate Drama  10
Pirate Drama  11
Pirate Drama  12
Pirate Drama  13
Pirate Drama  14
Pirate Drama  15

We wanted to say a big welcome back to all year two children and their parents and carers We had a great fist two days back with everyone settling in so well. This week we are beginning our new topic ‘Land Ahoy’. Please see the newsletter attached.

We will be starting our pirate adventure through a drama workshop on Tuesday (sorry to ask for money already but it is well worth it!). The children will be familiarising themselves with the story ‘The Night Pirates’. We will be recounting our drama visit and then designing the pirate we want to be and writing about it. Later we will be revisiting what a noun, verb and adjective is through a pirate treasure chest to stimulate our imagination. The we will be practising orally rehearsing sentences and concentrating on our phonics by revising phase 5 alternative sounds. In Art we will be looking at pirate ships and thinking about our senses, taking note of line, shape and detail. We will look at a class comprehension pirate themed!

In Maths we will be practising number formation and writing numbers in words, counting to 100 on and back in tens and showing this through place value. We will then be comparing numbers and representing them with tens sticks and ones cubes.

We also begin our singing with Mrs Watkins by starting to practise some harvest songs and will be focussing on multi skills and gymnastics with Gordon and Mr Peet.

· Meet the teacher event will be on Thursday 21st September please see parent mail for more information.

In the mornings we have enjoyed you all coming into read with your child and we hope to step this up this year with other learning activities before moving the children onto the independence of coming in on their own. Please feel free to use this time to change children’s reading books.

We are so looking forward to this topic and hope the children are too.

Please feel free to come and see us anytime you need to! Thanks Year 2 Team


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