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Welcome to Shooting Stars

It has been lovely getting to know all the children in Year One. We’ve had a fantastic start to the year and everyone has settled in really well.

Our first topic is ‘Superheroes’- please look at our attached medium-term plan for extra information.
This week we have been exploring the book ‘Supertato’ which the children absolutely love. Evil Pea has already been up to all sorts of mischief and some children claim to have seen him in the school building. We have discussed superheroes we admire, be they real or imaginary. We have labelled parts of ‘Supertato’, ‘Evil Pea’ and the human body. Some children have even started to label their LEGO models so they aren’t broken up.

Our maths focus this week has been to secure our knowledge of the numbers to 10, their numerals and word names. We have counted out various amounts to 10 and compared them using words such as greatest, least, fewer, more, less etc. We have played team games to encourage the use of mathematical language and explanation. We even counted back from any given number! That was a little tough for some of us but we will keep returning to it throughout the term.


A six week break is a long time and some of us have fallen back in to old habits with our letter formation, so there will be a lot of focus on letter formation as well as numeral formation and orientation. It is vital that we get these correct at this stage so that we can share our ideas with a wider audience as we go through school. You may be asked to work with children on this first thing in the morning or even as a little home task. If you are unsure of our handwriting policy just ask a member of staff.


Across Year 1 we are providing continuous provision as best we can in the afternoons, offering the children the opportunity to self-select tasks as they did in F2. Our curriculum is quite full and a year is not really enough to cover everything in depth as it is, so we do run more structured mornings. So far nobody has downed tools and demanded time to 'play' and all the children have risen to the challenge of working on a task together instead of small isolated groups. This does allow greater coverage as well as aid maturity and responsibility for learning.


Don't forget 'Meet the Teacher' this coming Thursday, where we will inform you of the Reading Dojo award scheme as well as topic over views, homework, how you can support at home etc.


Take a look at our photos to see what we have been up to.