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Bess, Our School Dog

Bess, our School Dog!

Bess is a Poodle/Airedale mix who has lived with Mrs Estell since the beginning of February 2020. She is our school dog at Westdale Infants.


We would really like her to come into school to support the children in a range of areas. We want children to come and read to her and help look after her, to develop responsibility and as part of our role as a nurturing school to also help support wellbeing.


Bess has been visiting the school to get used to the school environment – children, noise, smells etc. She is still a young dog she has lots to learn. She was getting used to school before school closed and now has been getting used to school again! She is due to continue her training classes soon where she will learn lots more and as she gets older she will embark on more specific training so that the children in school can get the very best out of having a school dog. Currently her presence in school is about familiarity for her and the children, so that a dog in school becomes the norm.

Bess has been chosen for her very mild temperament and non-moulting coat and is classed as ‘hypoallergenic’.  We are aware that some children may be scared of dogs, however, the children will become used to her as she comes into assemblies and visits classes. Bess will be in school 3 days a week and will always be on a lead during the school day unless she is sleeping in the Headteacher’s office.


For more information about the wonderful benefits of having a dog in school, please see the ‘School Dog Policy’.


As Bess is in school under controlled conditions, the ‘no dogs on school premises’ still applies to all other dogs.


We ask that you follow the' no touch, no talk' rules to Bess when in school.


We look forward to letting you hear about all the wonderful benefits she will bring to the children in the very near future.