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Class 4

Week beginning Monday 10th July 


The children in year one have been busy practising for their Memory Box Class Assembly so we hope everyone will join us Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. They will make you proud!


This week the children have been making photo frames for their baby photos. They have read the book 'Memory Bottles' by Beth Shoshan and have been thinking of their own childhood memories of school and home. Later in the week they will be reading some memories of year one using a variety of reading strategies. After that they will be writing their own memories that they will then place in their memory bottles. These bottles will be decorated using lots of colour. 

In phonics we are focussing heavily on segmenting phase 5 sounds e and seeing which sounds look right.


In maths we are looking at weight, using language such as heaviest and lightest. We will be using the balance scales to estimate and measure using cubes. Then we will be measuring and ordering bags. Later in the week we will be looking at quarter, half and whole turns clockwise or anticlockwise. 


Not long to go now and the children are all looking so grown up! Class swap is on Tuesday and we are all looking forward to meeting new people. 

Bricks for kids - making lego robots with moving and motorised parts

Week Begining 17th June


We were so busy last week with reading our alien and real words we forgot to write!


The children did so well using their phonics and we had a treat morning with a film and ice lollies to celebrate. All week we had been so busy leanring about capacity. It was a very wet classroom!


This week we have been re capping addition and subtraction finding missing numbers and understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction. In English we have been looking at lots of different versions of The Three Little Pigs, drawing our own story maps, making hats for each characters and acting out our stories.


As we had out lego visitors in this week we are also looking at the history of lego and making our own timelines and learning all about the man who invented lego. This is part of our work on toys from the past.

Week Beginning 5th June

Welcome back, we hope you've had a relaxing break.
Our new topic for this half-term is 'Memory Box'. 
Have a look at the attached newsletter to see what we will get up to!

Week Begining 22nd May 2017


Our last week of term. There is a non school uniform day on Friday as all the children in year one were in Golden Book due to being so amazing on the trip. We were so proud of them. The behaviour and manners were exceptional!


This week we will be finishing off our Polar Bear Deadly 60 books We will also be looking at animal habitats. We will then be giving our teachers instructions on how to brush their teeth to stay healthy. If we get it wrong and are not detailed enough in our algorithm's Mrs Black and Miss Boultby will get in a right mess! We will then be using bossy verbs to help each brush our teeth as part of our PHSE.  After that we will write instructions to accompany this activity and make sure we have used bossy verbs, full stops and capital letters. We will edit our work using 'purple pen' which is our new way of responding to feedback.


In Maths we will be continuing our work on money making amounts and working out problems. We will also be looking at days of the week and months of the year. We will be using money to recap our number bonds to 10 and 20. We are really trying to reason about our maths and explain our answers.


In phonics we are contuing to look at all the ways to make the a, e, i , o ,u sounds. Some of them are really tricky. Please don't forget to keep practising all those real and alien words using the websites we gave you.


We are using the class dojo to record how many times children have read each week to really promote that reading at home. Please try to read with them at least 3 times a week and write in in their diary. It doesn't matter what they have read, their own books from home count!


At the end of the week Mr Peat has arranged a dodge ball competition, staff and children so watch this space! All the staff are feeling very competative!



Our fantastic trip to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the children were amazing!

Week Beginning 08.05.17

In English this week we will start to research animal facts, specifically about polar bears, to identify features, habitats, behaviours and diets. We will research using non-fiction books and use the Ipads to go on the deadly 60 website. We will then use the information we collect to create our own non-fiction book about polar bears using headings.


In Maths we will embed our work around halving and quartering shapes and amounts. We will then begin division by practically sharing and drawing groups.


In Topic we will create some detailed artwork of a tiger. We will be focusing on a close-up image of a tiger’s eye and a tiger’s paw.


Another busy week!

Georgia's Pet visit!

Look at our lovely chicks!

The eggs and one chick have arrived!!!

Monday 24th April 2017


This week we are continuing our work around 'The Tiger who came to tea'. We will be designing a new character, drawings story maps to innovate and writing our very own version. The children will also be using purple pens to repond to feedback given by the teacher to help them improve their work.


We have been revising the un prefix by writing stories about an 'unhappy' chicken. In phonics we are real and alien word mad practising lots of new phase 5 sounds.


In science we are observing the eggs we have in school and learning lots about the lifecycle of a chick, their behaviour and how to look after them. We will also look at food chains. We will do some of this through our 'Chick Diary'. This will help us compare humans and animals.


In maths we are revisiting time and all the language related to it by ordering pictures and reading calendars. We will be revisiting doubling and halving and then begin out work on fractions.


We are so busy!!!

Year 1 Newsletter- Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Week Beginning 17th April

Welcome back! We hope you’ve had a lovely Easter break.

Our new topic is ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’,  please look at the attached newsletter to find out some of the exciting things we will be covering this half-term.


This week in English we will be writing about Easter. We will also be starting to read and explore our key text ‘The Tiger who came to tea’.

In Maths we will be halving and doubling shapes and amounts.

In Topic we will be doing some work around our favourite animals. We will also be sorting and classifying animals.  

Week beginning 6th March


This week in English we are working on our presentation and our handwriting. We are going to write our poems up neatly to put them on display for everyone to see. We are learning about plurals and the rules for when to add 's' and when to add 'es'. We are also identifying verbs and nouns in rainbow grammar.

In Maths we are learning about length and height. We are using non-standard and standard units of measure. We are also using the vocab 'shorter', 'longer', 'shortest', 'longest' etc. to compare objects and put them in an order.


In topic we are making rain gauges to measure how much rainfall we have over two weeks. We are also learning about human and physical features.

Week beginning 27th February


This week in English we planned and wrote our own poems about the weather using interesting adjectives. Some of us used adverbs, alliteration, repetition and similes! We also did some rainbow grammar work where we identified verbs in sentences. We have continued to write in our weather books and we explored a story called 'Beauty' in our reading comprehension. On Friday we celebrated World Book Day. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes! We designed bookmarks, wrote our own stories and watched an amazing theatre performance in the hall.

In Maths we have learnt about 3D shapes and their properties. We investigated their faces and edges and explored whether they could roll, stack and slide.


In topic we tested materials to see whether they were waterproof. We also made pointillism pictures of the different seasons.

Week beginning 20th February


We have begin our Splendid Skies topic (see attached newsletter).


This week in English we will be writing about half term, reading lots of poems about the weather, thinking of our own weather adjectives, starting our weather books, making lists about what we would wear in different weather and exploring a poem called 'Blessing' in our reading comprehension.


In Maths we have been recognising coins and counting we made at the money  at the dinosaur museum. We had to count in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. Some of us added a mixture of coins. We will also be learning about 2d and 3d shapes and their properties.


In topic we will be going on a walk around school to make nature wands with some of the natural materials we find. We will also be investigating the clouds using a cloud finder. We will be looking at weather reports, talking about symbols, watching weather reports and monitoring the weather ourselves. We will start to make our rain gagues. 

We will also be creating our own maps of school.

A huge thanks

We just wanted to say a massive thank to everyone who came to support the dinosaur musueum and we know for those of you who couldn't come you were thinking of us! It was a huge success. The children throughly enjoyed it and did their jobs brilliantly. We are so proud of them that both year one teachers have added £5 of our own money to their total earnings. They made £23 at the dinosaur museum so now have £28 to spend as a year group. We will let you know what they vote to spend it on. We will post some photos soon but I know there are some on the main Westdale page.




Week begining 6th February 2017


This week we are writing narratives about the naughty dinosaurs and what they have been up to. We will write a story with a begining, middle and end.


In maths we are subtracting within 20 by counting back and crossing out. Some of us will be looking at word problems and looking at missing number subtraction.


In phonics we are revisiting some phase 3 sounds that we have been feeling a bit wobbly with and some of us are reviewing the phase 5 sounds learnt so far.


On Tuesday we are having a computer day looking at algorithms, writing using the i pads and learning how to programme and de bug. We we also be revisiting how to use the internet safely.


The rest of the week will be spent getting ready for our Dinosaur Musueum. Don't forget, all parents and carers are invited. It is on Friday 10th February at 2.45pm. More details will follow.....We can't wait to show you what we have been up to.

Look what the dinosaurs did around school? We wrote sentences to explain.

Look at the naughty T Rex that trashed our classroom!

Our trashed classroom


Still image for this video

Week begining 30th January


This week we will be continuing our work on non-fiction and making our own dinosaur fact book. We will also be writing facts about Mary Anning, the children have been very excited about this story. We are looking at the pre fix un in unhappy, unkind, untie, unfold etc.

We are also starting our work on narrative about some naughty dinosuars who messed up the school.


In Maths we will be looking at number patterns, one more, less and ten more ten less. We will then be adding and subtracting within 20 and beyond using place value more.


In passport to tlife we are continuing to look at family and what it feels like when someone lives far away. We will also be lookind at a reading comprehension about a creature that takes a long journey, hopefullly the children will reveal all!


In P.E. the children have been learning different jumps, balances, ways of travelling and movements under and over.


We are hoping to paint our dinosaurs eggs this week so even more creative mess!  



We watched the story of Mary Anning on the BBC website, discussed and ordered the story.

Maths - using maths language to compare sets of objects.

Our clay dinosaurs

Week begining 23rd January


This week we are thinking about how to look after a baby dinosaur and waiting for our own egg to hatch!

We will be writing instructions on how to look after our baby dinosaur for the day using bossy (imperative) verbs and time sentence starters.

We will be looking at the suffix est and er as in bigger and biggest during out grammar work and using these to write Rainbow Grammar sentences. Later in the week we will begin our work sorting non-fiction facts into headings and writing in a non-fiction style about dinosaurs. In phonics we will be re capping the soft c, g and the ph sounds. We will continue to learn new phase 5 sounds and revise phase 3 and 4. We are trying to really spot split digraphs as we read our reading books as we find them tricky!  


In our topic work we will be finishing our paper mache dinosaur eggs and starting to use clay to make our own dinosaur sculptures. We will also be beginning to find out about Mary Anning. In P.E. we have been learning how to control our movements in balance and jumps for our gymnastics. We have also been continuing our work on multi-skills.


Our work on passport to life will be around different families so we will be drawing and discussing our own. We will be using the i pads to help us with our spellings this week. In music we are using tuned instruments to investigate pitch.


In Maths we will be making graphs about favourite dinosaurs, beginning our work on place value, comparing and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond. Place value will be our new class target learning that 18 is made up of one ten and eight units.


Another busy week!





Finding a dinosaur egg

Week begining 9th January 2017


We have had a great start back to the term. In our first three day we had a big push on handwriting and spelling the year one common words.

This week we have been learning the poem 'King of all the dinosaurs' by Paul Cookson. We have studied it as a reading comprehension in class, picking out words we don't understand and practising performing it. We even found some alliteration and worked out what

We thoroughly enjoyed our Life Long Ago workshop. It was great getting our brushes out to dust off all the sand and grit to find dinosaur fossils. We looked through information booklets to find out which dinosaur the fossils came from and whether it was a carnivore or herbivore. It was great being palaeontologists!


Also this week we have been programming Daisy the Dinosaur on the i pads, writing Rainbow Grammar sentences about dinosaurs using preposition like in, on, over, through and above. During the afternoons we have been making saltdough fossils and creating skeleton pictures out of cotton buds and straws to create our own dinosaurs.

This week we are also looking at adjectives to describe dinosaurs and we will be planning a rhythmic poem ready to write next week. In our English we will also be looking at rhyming words.


In Maths we have been re capping number bonds to 10 and 20, counting in 2's, 10's and 5's and subtracting using different language and all the strategies we have learnt so far. We will be making our own number stories up in pairs, making a four fact family using addition and subtration and starting our work on position. We can tell some children have been practising counting in different steps at home so thank you.


We have been busy assessing children's reading and spelling of common words but individuals readers will now be our priority. Children have been taking part in book clubs around dinosaur non-fiction.


Thank you for all the homework so far and the dinosaur books people have kindly brought in. We realise that the homework says that the children will win a piece of a puzzle. We apologise for being unaware of this bit so we will sort something out!


Please don't forget the extreme reading challenge that needs to be on Friday!

Life Long Ago Workshop - Here we are being Palaentologists

Week beginning 04.01.17

Welcome back to our lovely Year Ones!
We wish you a very Happy New Year and hope you've had a relaxing break.
Our new topic is 'Dinosaur Planet', please look at the attached newsletter to find out some of the exciting things we will be covering this half term.

Spring 1st Dinosaur Planet newsletter

Week begining 5th December


Last week we were busy learning about all the planets. We produced beautiful drawings of the planets in order and labelled them. We desigined moon buggies and investigated wheels and axels when we made them on Friday.


In English we have been writing about Neil Armstrong and his landing on the moon. We have been reaidng the book 'Man on the Moon'. This has led us to designing our own planets and writing a holiday brochure. This week we will be re capping our work on ed endings and adding ing. We will write postcards from the moon to show our understading of this.


This week we will be busy practising all our songs for the Christmas performance. We hope you will be impressed.


Don't forget that we have the Planitarium visit this week on Thursday morning. The wonderdome company will be visiting us so please send money this week! We are also looking forward to our star gazing evening. Children might like to bring a torch/telescope if they have one and wrap up warm!

Anti - Bullying Week wc 14  November

This week is a special week with lots of fun and creative activities planned.

On Monday - it's spread the happiness day where all children are invited to come in clothes that make them feel happy.  We will have lots of discussion and activities planned around the importance of happiness.


On Tuesday it's our Good to be Me day - where we will be discussing difference, diversity and similarities.


On Wednesday - we will be talking and learning about how to stop bullying and how our actions and words can have a great effect on others. 


On Thursday - it's our E safety day - considering how to use computers and the internet safely and responsibly.

On Friday our week comes together in a special Children in Need day, come in something spotty and enjoy the balloon launch at 3pm

Last week....


Last week we continued learning the story of Beegu. We drew story maps and re told the story in pairs. We then made up our own sentences about Beegu using our new Rainbow Grammar scheme. Finally we wrote a re telling of the story and Mrs Black was so impressed with our writing!


In Maths we looked at counting on and practised our number bonds to 10. We also worked on our number formation and writing numbers in words.


We had the new i pads and learnt to control/programme the Beebot in pairs using directional language. We looked at what we already know about space and what we want to find out. Using google to search, we searched the internet to find out some answers to our questions.


In phonics we have continued to look at split digraphs a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e and u_e. We have also been practising reading and writing our tricky words.


On Thursday we took part in a drumming workshop which was absolutey fantastic! We have also been learning about remebrance day through poetry and making poppy pictures.



Week Beginning 31st October 


This week we have been reading extracts from a book and trying to answer questions and find evidence in the text. We are reading the book Beegu as part of our new  topic called 'Moon Zoom'.


We have seen an alien crash landing, designed aliens and will be writing about the aliens character. We will be re drafting some of our work to improve. 


We have also been looking at properties of the materials we found at the crash scene and describing them.


In Maths we have revised number bonds to ten and will now be adding within ten. 


In phonics we are looking at split digraphs:

a_e    make 

e_e    Steve

i_e    time

o_e   rose

u_e  flute 


In P.E. will be doing a space dance and our new P.E. apprentice will be helping us out. 

Alien Landing



Today the children in class 4 discovered a crash scene in the garden. We went out to investigate it only to discover it was a spaceship with a message from an alien saying that he mean't no harm and wanted to be friends. At the crash scene we discovered a control panel, wires, a timer, bolts, slime and lots of silver metals objects. We discussed what could have happened and then decided to investigate the playground for more clues. After this we were able to discover that the alien had been eating pink doughnuts, liked sparkly things and had a phone that we think he was trying to contact his planet on. Later on we interviewed member of school, teachers and TA's to see if they had seen or heard something. It was exciting to find out they had, so we gathered  more clues and wrote down the evidence in our notebooks. Finally we gathered all the evidence and made prediction about the aliens character and what could have happened. We then designed and described the alien we thought had landed.

Watch this space to see if we find the alien.......

The children said they would love to teach him all about earth when they find him.

Spaceship Crash at Westdale Lane Infants!

Week beginning 17th October

 This week we are busy getting ready for our harvest service. We are also continuing our work on finding numbers that make 10 and 20 and putting these into numbers stories. We have a visit from a man from the RNLI to learn all about sea rescues and water safety. In topic we have evaluated our pitta bread pockets and written about what we liked, what was difficult and what we would change next time. In phonics we are learning split digraphs like a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e and u_e so look out for these when you are reading at home. We are also getting really good at spotting adjectives, nouns and verbs when Mrs Black models sentences. We are getting so good at correcting Mrs Black's mistakes! We are also learning that mistakes are how we learn! 


It is Mrs Connell's last day on Friday so we are having a Mrs Connell day. We are going to miss her soooooo much! 




As part of our work on healthy eating we designed and made healthy pitta pockets for our families. They then came into to taste them and look at all the work we have done so far. It was such a lovely afternoon. 

Making healthy pitta pockets

Our visit from the firefighters at Carlton fire station was so much fun. We learnt so much about the real life superheroes who help people every day. They showed us around the fire engine and we even got to spray the hose across the playground. Inside we learnt about fire safety and watched a video teaching us to never play with matches. The next day we wrote fantastic recounts all about the visit.  
Help needed:
On Tuesday 18th October we will be going to the church to practise our Harvest Festival at 9 o'clock in the morning. On Thursday 20th October we will be going to the church for our actual Harvest Festival at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
​If you would be available to help us walk down to the church with the children on either of these days please let me know on Monday. We need 3 volunteers for Tuesday and 3 volunteers for Thursday.
​Seats will be reserved for you.
Thank you!

Week beginning 10th October: 


In Maths we are going to be revising all we have learnt so far and looking at number bonds. In topic and English we will be writing about our visit from the firefighters, talking about real life superheros and healthy food. We will also be finishing off our work all about Grace Darling who was a superhero from the past and involved in a brave sea rescue from her lighthouse  in Northumberland. If you are interested in reading more about her please google: Grace Darling BBC video.


Don't forget our spelling quiz on Thursday! 


We hope you can join us on Friday 14th at 3pm to taste some of our healthy food and read our comic strips. Parents or Grandparents welcome and if you are unable to come please don't worry we will look after everyone and make it special. You will be able to see the same work on parents evening in November.

Last week we drew and wrote comic strips for our new Supertato stories. In music we then used our onomatopoeia words and added a sound. We have also been learning to sing superhero songs and getting ready for Harvest.  

Superhero Music

The children in Class 4 have been beginning our new Rainbow Grammar scheme by learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives. They have been doing this through songs, games and activities. See if you can get them to spot them in books at home! 

Nouns, verbs and adjectives

Year One Superhero Day


We had the most wondeful superhero day. We began by writing about our favourite superhero and using adjectives to describe them. Some of us used conjunctions like 'and' and 'because'. We then read Supertato which we loved! A letter arrived from the evil pea who had captured all the vegetables and Supertato. We had to go on a hunt around the playground to resuce them. After that we found the evil peas and decided to freeze them in the school freezer so they coudn't escape again. In the playground we played a superhero game travelling in different ways and making shapes. In the afternoon we made our own Supertato characters out of real potatoes and created shiny onamatopoeia words using tinfoil and sharpies. We can't wait to see if the peas are frozen. Do you think we should let them out?

Welcome to Class 4!
It has been lovely getting to know all of the children in Year One. We have had a fantastic start to the year.
We have been doing all sorts of activities like going on a treasure hunt in our new classroom, playing number games, writing about our summer holidays, labelling parts of our bodies, and discovering our own superhero names.
We have also had lots of fun doing free-flow activities between Class 3 and Class 4.

On Wednesday 21st September Class 3 and Class 4 will be having a superhero day where children can come to school dressed as any superhero they want. Please be aware that the date on the newsletter had to be changed due to Miss Boultby attending a course.

Please have a look through our photos to see what we have been up to.

First day

Estimating and counting