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Class 5

Our learning for next week

Spellings for wc 27 March 2017

Spellings for 10 February 2017

WALT for week commencing 6 February

Spellings for Friday 27 January

Can you learn your times tables x2 x5 x10 - Homework challenge

What we are learning about this week 16 January 2017 - TUNNELS

Learning from this week WC 9 January

We are learning to - Learning for wc 9 January 2017

WC 5 December 

this week we have been busy with our preparations for Christmas.  On Thursday we travelled back in time to a Victorian Christmas at Newstead Abbey. 

Fun at Newstead


Congratulations to our Star Writer's this week! Amazing diary reads on the Great Fire of London. Come and read them in class.

Anti - Bullying Week wc 14  November

This week is a special week with lots of fun and creative activities planned.

On Monday - it's spread the happiness day where all children are invited to come in clothes that make them feel happy.  We will have lots of discussion and activities planned around the importance of happiness.


On Tuesday it's our Good to be Me day - where we will be discussing difference, diversity and similarities.


On Wednesday - we will be talking and learning about how to stop bullying and how our actions and words can have a great effect on others. 


On Thursday - it's our E safety day - considering how to use computers and the internet safely and responsibly.

On Friday our week comes together in a special Children in Need day, come in something spotty and enjoy the balloon launch at 3pm

Spellings wc 14 November

The Great Fire of London

 wc 7 November 2016

This week our time turners will be taking us back to the 17th Century, to London to witness first hand the amazing Great Fire of London.  We will be learning about what life was like during the times, why the fire started, why it spread so fast and what happened as a consequence.  We will be writing our own diaries of the events after reading some of the famous diaries of Samuel Pepys. 

In maths we will be checking our understanding of number patterns, counting up and back in 2's, 5's and 10's from different numbers.  We will also be reading, writing and ordering two digit numbers considering greater than and less than.

We will also be capturing our experiences of the Great Fire in our art work.

Another busy week. 

In the meantime we are asking for cardboard boxes for the end of the week so that we can recreate our London houses.

Spellings for Friday 11 November

Victorian school and our Grace Darling art

Week Commencing 31/10

I hope you all have had a wonderful half term and feel well rested and ready for learning!  This half term we are focusing on 'time travel' going back through the centuries finding out about life in the past and comparing it to ours today.  Where we are going and who we meet is up to you!  

To start with, this week, we are going back to Victorian times to meet the heroine Grace Darling, finding out about her life and why she became famous.  So get your time turners at the ready Class 5!smiley

Spellings for friday 21 October

Wc 17 October

This week we are continuing to look at the lives of pirates.  We will be writing to pirates and hopefully getting a response. We are learning sea shanties on our ukuleles,  and discussing the rights and wrongs of Pirate behaviour. 

Don't forget it's our harvest festival celebration at St James Church on Thursday at 2pm.  Come and join us celebrate at the Church.

We all loved our Pirate day,  lots of fun was had searching for treasure, making treasure maps, Pirate keep fit and dancing a jig.  We finished the day with a pirate feast and a pirate story made and told by Daisy!  We were hooked from start to finish!

Thank you mums, dads and carers for all the time and energy you spent on making the costumes, all the children looked amazing and were so excited! 

Look what we made

Week Commencing 10th October.

This week,  we are learning all about Pirates.  We have been learning pirate phrases, the layout of a pirate ship, how to make and read a treasure map as well as enjoying pirate stories.  We were also visited on Monday by Mrs Lewis' sister who is actually a pirate!  She dropped by to tell us all about life on the high sea as Mrs Lewis was called out of the classroom.   We are planning, writing and illustrating our own pirate adventure and are finishing the week with pirate school with lots of fun activities.  Thank you to all for all the wonderful homework sent in, the classroom is full of treasure!  The children are all very excited and enthused. 

Designing our own super boat!

Star writers wc 26 September. Well done!

Spellings for week commencing 3 October

WC   3 October 

This week we will be continuing our exciting research into the Titanic.  The children have all been completely absorbed and excited in finding out information and talking about events.  We will be taking ourselves back in time to imagine what it would have been like as a passenger boarding this amazing ship for the very first time.  We will be writing about our experiences on the Titanic, what it looked like, how we felt. 


In maths we will be moving on to exploring number patterns, looking at adding 2 more, 2 less, 10 more and 10 less.


We will be painting what we thought the Titanic looked like, listening to some music that may have been played by the orchestra (we may even have a dance or two).  We will of course be continuing with our ukulele lessons and don't forget recorder club on Tuesday lunch time.


All this in 4 days, don't forget  no school for children on Friday.  Enjoy the fair. 

We have attached the spellings for this week as requested. 


wc 26 September - This week due to the demand and interests of the children, we will be investigating the Titanic.  We will be looking at pictures, finding out information, sequencing events and finding out why the Titanic and what happened to her was so important in our history.  We will be imagining what it would have been like to be a first class passenger on board. 

In maths we will be learning about part whole, a way of partitioning numbers- quiz us at the end of the week to see if we can explain it to you!

In science we will be investigating floating and sinking and the properties of different materials.

We are all really enjoying our ukulele lessons, we already know three songs!  This week we will be starting recorders on Tuesday lunchtime.  Don't forget your recorder!


Ukulele fun

Still image for this video

Welcome back to our new Year 2's.  We have had a super start to the week getting to know each other and finding our way round our new classroom. 

This week (wc 12 September) we are starting our new topic "Land Ahoy", home learning books will be sent out later in the week with our topic overview and ideas to support at home. 

Monday and Tuesdays are our PE days so please ensure full kit is in school on these days.

We are also excited to be starting to learn the Ukulele in class from this Tuesday! 

In maths we will be counting up and back in 10's to 100 and reading, writing and learning the value of two digit numbers.

Don't forget our meet the teacher meeting on Thursday after school. 


Our first week