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Week beginning 07.10.19

We thought last week was tough! This week has been super busy but the children have shown great resilience! Storm week was fine for most of the time and then on Friday along came the rain and wind! Maybe next week we will have sunshine back again.

Willow sailed across to Liverpool and caught a coach to London. The oldest building in London is the white tower, part of the Tower of London. Whilst searching the grounds and inside she found ravens, beefeaters and a temporary exhibition of pumpkin paintings! Somewhere in the Tower she hoped to find her fire gem. Following clues she finally met the king raven who had hidden the gem deep in the dungeons. He released the gem only after she agreed to help him escape the tower of London!

Phonics: we continued with our usual recap of phase 3 with special attention to ‘air’, ‘ear’ and ‘er’. We made words, decoded words and read words. We went over another set of reception words.

English: we looked closely at a still life painting of pumpkins by an American artist Janet Rickus. We talked about what we saw and answered questions that made us look deeper and discuss our feelings, preferences and even use our imaginations to tell a story. We went on to write interesting sentences about pictures of ravens doing various things.

Maths: we continued with our pairs to 10, exploring through a variety of different activities. We finished the week by going over our number formation in an attempt to cure some of our reversal issues.

Science: we looked at the four seasons and ordered them. We then coloured trees to show what happens in each season. As a class we completed an autumn quiz.

Art: In art we sketched a still life of pumpkins using sketching pencils. Later in the week we drew the pumpkins using oils pastels, trying our best to draw what we saw, shape, colour and texture.

In Design Technology, we waited for a dry windy day and then tested our windsocks. We found out that it worked best when the mouth points into the blowing wind, that way the tails flap straight behind and show which way the wind is blowing.

In Music with Mrs Watkins we went over our travel songs and then went over the harvest songs in readiness for next week’s harvest festival.

Thank you to the group of parents that made our phonics and reading evening, we hope you found it useful. We plan on amending the presentation and placing it on the website for those who couldn’t make it.

The results of the questionnaire regarding morning drop off have been collated. The large majority of those who responded were in support of parents coming in on Mondays and Fridays, only dropping off in the cloakroom on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This will enable us to run a handwriting workshop straight away during register. This will commence straight after the half term holiday.

Week beginning 30.09.19

‘Wind Week’ seemed to have more rain and sun than wind, but we carried on regardless and managed to complete work using what we already know and from watching videos of live footage.

Willow reached Belfast using ‘Leprechaun Airlines’, after delays due to high winds in Scotland. She followed clues to Belfast castle and we helped her complete tasks set by the leprechaun and sneaky sea gull! By the end of the week we had worked hard enough to help her find her air gem! She now needs to travel to London in England to find her fire gem. She is looking for the oldest building in London. Do you know what it is?

Phonics: we did more work on phase 3 and worked on our segment and blend skills with a practical word maker in our learning crews. We also worked on sight recognition of some of the reception words to fill further gaps.

English: we had to help Percy the puffin complete challenges set by a tricky sea gull. He had written some sentences about wind but they did not include all the rules of a sentence. We worked in our learning crews to spot the mistakes and correct them. The missing finger spaces made it extra tricky. We then wrote simple sentences and captions about the wind and signs of autumn. The rules are easier to remember than use!

Maths: we explored the pairs of numbers that make 10. We worked on practical tasks, pictorial representations and then number sentences. We sang songs that will hopefully help our recall. We will do quizzes and play a variety of games to help us build up recall. Please play games with these numbers at home. Start with a logical pattern then mix them up.

Science: we used what we knew about common materials to identify them, describe them and then match them to their source material. We watched some videos about materials being created; metal ore into metal, wood into paper, sand into glass etc. It is truly amazing how human beings discovered all these things!

In Design Technology we designed our wind socks, selecting patterns and colours. We constructed them with help and next week we will test them (if any wind arrives) and evaluate them. You may have seen a gallery of them in the classrooms!

In Music with Mrs Watkins we have been learning songs about transport and also harvest. The harvest festival will be coming very soon!. We have looked at dynamics in music, how to make things softer and louder.

Please respond to the messages sent you about our phonic meeting and the handwriting workshop on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, leaving Monday and Friday for Dojo reads. We value your opinions and your assistance at home. The phonics meeting will be practical and fun, and hopefully very helpful!

Week beginning 23.09.19

A busy week this week! We have managed to cram a lot in and still manage continuous provision (self selection/learning through play). It was rain week and nature didn’t let us down too much! The clouds opened and the sun shone, quite a mix and a lot to discuss.

Willow made it to Edinburgh by train and was met by worse weather than us. She took shelter in Edinburgh castle and we helped her solve clues that took her to the statue of Greyfriars Bobby. We saw kilted men playing bagpipes and learnt about haggis!

Phonics: we carried on with our recap of phase 3 and worked on our segment and blend skills with a word maker. We also worked on sight recognition of some of the reception words to fill any gaps.

English: we had our first whole class comprehension, reading a message sent by a sneaky seagull to the Autumn sorcerer. We read it together and in our learning crews before answering questions. We spotted new words and worked out the meaning of some others. In the next session, we explored a word map, all words and phrases to do with rain. Some we have heard our families use, like ‘cats and dogs’. We tried using our favourites in spoken sentences. Some of us continued using them to describe the rest of the week’s weather! We then looked at writing simple sentences about a rain-inspired picture. Finally we created a whole class poem about rain using some of the new language.

Maths: we looked at 1 more than and 1 less than a given number, practical and then written. We looked at finding all the pairs of numbers to 5 and then recorded some of them in our books.

Science: we carried out a waterproof investigation, using our prediction skills, carrying out the test and then recording the outcome. Some of us predicted correctly using what we already knew about the materials. Some of the materials were a surprise, like the cardboard. This investigation was to help Willow make her own umbrella.

In Design Technology, we made our sandwich designs and for most of us, they were a complete hit, despite only just having had lunch! We were able to describe what made it a good sandwich and what we might add to make it even better next time.

All this work helped Willow track down her water gem inside a haggis! She is now heading off to Belfast in Northern Ireland to find the next stolen gem. Watch this space!

Next week is ‘Wind week’ – interestingly enough hurricane Lorenzo is due to visit us on Wednesday! Please share all the words and phrases you use to describe the weather with your child

Week beginning 16.09.19

Our second full week in year one started a little shaky for some but we soon got back into the swing of it. It is tiring for the adults let alone the children! Colds have begun as well so we are going over hygiene rules; hand over mouth for a cough, tissues used once and put in the bin and lots of hand washing.

We had our ‘meet the teacher’ meeting on Tuesday when we went over systems, end of year expectations and how you can support at home. We also sent home a double-sided game and a list of words and phonemes. Please use these at home to support their sight recall of high frequency words and their spelling of the foundation word list. If your child is already confident with these then please ask us for the 100 high frequency words and the following 200.

We continue to follow the adventures of Willow the weather witch as she searches the UK for her stolen weather gems. So far, she has been to Cardiff in Wales and our learning has helped her locate the missing ‘storm’ gem. She is now on her way to Edinburgh in Scotland. Please share with your child anything you know about Wales and Scotland to aid their understanding and knowledge of the UK.

Phonics: we continue to recap the phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs such as air, ear, ure and er. We also go over segment and blend skills as well as playing a word game for sight recall.

English: we have been looking at making vertical lists using bullet points for each item on the list. We made a list of things we might put in a suitcase for a short trip and for the ingredients to make a healthy sandwich should we be hungry during the journey.

Maths: we looked at which is the smallest and largest number in a random pair up to 10, up to 20 and then up to 30. We also ordered 5 random numbers to 10, to 20 and tried some up to 100. We continue to sing the count up and count down songs to 20.

Science: we identified objects, their materials and selected the word that would best describe them using our senses. We worked in learning crews and then on our own.

Next week we will be making our sandwich designs (the one we created a list for) and evaluating them. We are aware of a variety of different dietary needs within the cohort and will ensure that there is gluten free bread available, non dairy spread and choices for those who do not eat meat or pork (ham). If you have any concerns please let us know asap.

Curriculum for Autumn Term 1

Week beginning 09.09.19

Our first full week in year one has gone really well, with only a few tears and shaky mornings. We can assure you that after you have gone they settle really quickly and get on well with their day.

Phonics: we have been revisiting phase 2 and phase 3 to see how much has been recalled over the summer break. The children seem to have retained a lot of the phase 2 phonemes which means we can concentrate on the phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs up to half term. We will be checking their tricky word recall over the following week, making sure they have remembered the reception words before moving on to the year one words. You can help with this at home. We will discuss homework at the coming ‘Meet the teacher’ meeting.

English: we have been following the adventures of Willow the weather witch and helping her solve clues so that she can travel around the capital cities of the UK and retrieve her stolen gem stones which she uses to create weather systems. This week she was directed to Cardiff and we had to write two simple sentences describing what we saw in the clues. The children also showed us sentence rule recall and their letter formation.

Maths: we have been looking at counting reliably up to 20, saying the numbers to 20 from any given number and in reverse. We have also written our numbers to 20. This helps us know what we need to cover to meet expected by the end of the autumn term. Teen numbers are an area to work on for many of us, and counting back will be part of a class target for this half term.

Science: in science we have been learning about common materials. After Willow’s lighthouse was damaged in a failed spell experiment, she has started repairs. The children identified materials she might need and what for. We identified common materials in the classroom and described them using our senses. You could look for things made of wood, metal, plastic, glass, rubber, leather, fabric, brick, stone and wool at home.

During this first half term we will be easing the children into the Year 1 curriculum with a similar system to foundation, with small group tasks, short whole class tasks and time for them to self-select and learn through play.

PE is Monday and Tuesday. Please supply tape for earrings.