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Foundation Stage

Ladybirds and Butterflies 'Meet the Teacher' Meeting 16.09.21

Week Commencing 13.09.21 


Hello all,

We have completed our second full week of school. It has been super busy and lots of fun.

In English this week our learning has been based around the story 'Super Duper You'. We introduced the book by looking at the front cover, the title and the blurb and then we read through it together. Following this, we focused on one aspect of the story each day to base our discussions on. On Wednesday we reflected on ‘What makes you super?’, on Thursday we considered ‘How have we grown?’ and on Friday we had a brilliant chat about ‘What do we want to do when we are older?’.

In Phonics we have been learning all about alliteration with the super sound squirrels Sid and Squeak. We played ‘I spy’ and listened for children whose names began with the same sound. The squirrels told us about their trip to the zoo and we sorted animals based on whether they started with the same sound e.g. bear, badger, beaver, penguin, panda, pig. We had to listen really carefully to spot the odd one out e.g. sock, sausage, snake, cat. Finally, we made another silly soup which could only include things with the same sound. We ended up with possibly the silliest soup of all time including a boat, a bear, a ball, a beetle and a button!

In R time we met ‘Super Soap’. He has a very important mission… to teach children about germs and how to wash them away. We discussed that germs are so small that you can’t see them, so we used some pepper as pretend germs. We poured the pepper ‘germs’ into some water and watched with amazement as a finger with soap on made the ‘germs’ move away. We then sang a song “Over, under, round and through. Don’t forget to add soap too. Clean, clean, clean and then you’ll know. Down the sink the germs will go. Over, under, round and through. Don’t forget to dry them too” (to the tune of twinkle, twinkle). The children practised their excellent hand washing before lunchtime and super soap was very impressed.

In the afternoons this week we have carried out two practise fire alarms. Fireman Sam told us about smoke alarms and why we have practise fire alarms at school. We learnt that although smoke alarms make very loud noises that aren’t very nice it is important for it to be loud so that everyone can hear it. We acted out stopping what we were doing, walking into a line to go straight outside and then following the grown up all the way to the big playground. We also watched ‘Woolly and Tig’ to show that having a practise fire alarm at school isn’t scary.
We met ‘Super Skipper’ the penguin who taught us all about how to keep safe online. We discussed what we use technology for whether that is playing games on phones and tablets or watching a video on a laptop. We then considered what to do if something pops up that we don’t know or if something makes us feel unsure or worried. We learnt a chant ‘Before you tap and click, you need to stop and think, and TELL SOMEONE!’. Finally, we met our school superheroes ‘Ready Boy and Ready Girl’. We learnt about how to use our listening muscles to do whole body listening and how to use our imitation muscle to copy good choices.

In P.E. this week we got fully changed into our P.E. kit for the first time. We were super independent! We also had a fantastic music lesson with Mrs Watkins where we have been learning lots of new songs about harvest time and we also got to play the claves.

All children should now have a book and a reading diary in their book bag. From today could you please record each time your child reads at home on the left page in their reading diary. Each Monday, starting with Monday 27th, we will count how many times your child has read at home. This will include Monday- Sunday of the previous week e.g. Monday 20th – Sunday 26th. If they have read every day they would receive 7 points, if they have read 3 days, they would receive 3 points and so on. Points lead to prizes!

Thank you to everyone who attended our ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting on Thursday. We hope this was valuable and included some useful information. We will let you know when the powerpoint is on the website for you to view.

Next week we are very excited to be focusing on the story ‘Supertato’.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Foundation Team.


Week Commencing 06.09.21


Hello all,

We have had an exciting and tiring first full week at school.

This week has been purely focused on settling the children in, getting to know each other, making friends, learning new routines and having lots of fun!
It has been a joy to see how the children have already gained confidence in their new school environment. They have loved exploring the provision whether that is making potions in the water tray, finding fossils in the sand or making beautiful creations with a variety of materials.

Each morning we have come into school super smiley, put our things away all by ourselves and found something to play with. We then sat on the carpet to talk through the calendar and say good morning for the register. After this we did a quick phonics game. This week we have learnt all about rhyming with Rhyming Rabbit. She set us little missions each day such as creating silly soup with rhyming words (fox, box, socks, rocks) and trying to spot the odd one out (pig, wig, dig, tree). Following this we played inside and outside with Ladybirds and Butterflies altogether. While playing we refuelled by visiting the snack table to have our milk and fruit once we had washed our hands. Before lunchtime we all sat on the carpet for English where we shared the story 'The Colour Monster'. During this time we have explored facial expressions, talked about our feelings and reflected on strategies to help manage them. At lunchtime we have lined up so smartly, had a go at using knives and forks and have been brave enough to try new foods. In the afternoon we have calmed down by doing some self-massage and deep breathing. We met Captain Responsible who told us about special jobs we could volunteer for in school these included 'Class Ambassadors', 'School Parliament', Eco Team' and 'Smile Team'. Two children were selected for each job although everyone can help out as we are all a team. We have also reflected on what we can do to make sure our classroom is a happy and safe place to learn. Through discussions we created our own 'Class Promise' which we all signed to show we agree to be kind, take care and have fun!
Once we finished on the carpet we had some more time to play indoors and outdoors before story and home time.

This week we have also met Pantosaurus who taught us the PANTS rule. We know how to behave in the toilets and that privates are private. If you would like to read more about the PANTS rule you can visit

Next week we will be starting our topic 'Super Duper You'. This will begin with us celebrating what makes us super special.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Foundation Team.