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Foundation Stage

W.C 23rd November 2020
Hello all,

On Monday we discovered that one of the eggs in our nest had hatched. This caused a lot of excitement and led to some fantastic discussion. During R time we took it in turns to investigate the nest and share clues. We then talked to our partner to discuss what had happened. Following this, Mr Curtis informed us that he had seen an owl flying around last Friday when he was locking up the school. This led our discussion into owls and what we know about them. During self-selection time the children showed great motivation and interest as they searched for further clues (footprints, feathers etc.) and developed ideas to find the owl and the baby (making owl noises outside, creating a safe trap etc.)
On Tuesday another egg hatched and by Wednesday all three eggs had hatched!

In English we:
- Became news reporters and created our own ‘Westdale News’ within provision to inform the rest of the school what had happened with our nest. We drew pictures and had a go at writing words such as ‘0 eggs in the nest. 3 gone!”
- Read the story ‘Owl Babies’ every day. We looked at the front cover, blurb, title, author and illustrator. We discussed the characters and joined in with repeated refrains such as ‘I want my mummy! And ‘all owls think a lot’.
- Recalled what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.
- Listened to the ‘Owl Babies’ story being told using story spoon puppets. We then had a go at retelling it ourselves within provision using the story spoons and the book with our friends.
- Learnt about five species of owl in Britain: Barn Owl, Little Owl, Long-eared Owl, Short-eared Owl and Tawny Owl. We used a search engine with an adult to research information to try and identify which owl our eggs might belong to. Based on our research we decided that it is most likely to be a Tawny Owl as they sometimes live in abandoned crow nests, they can be found in towns and cities and their baby owlets also have similar feathers to the ones found in our nest. Lots of detective work!
- Read non-fiction information about nocturnal animals. We learnt that Little Owls and Short-eared Owls are diurnal and that Barn Owls, Long-eared Owls and Tawny Owls are nocturnal. We also talked about other nocturnal animals such as foxes, hedgehogs, badgers and bats.

In Phonics we:
- All had an individual phonics assessment (this is why we did not have an individual read this week). I sat with each child one at a time and went through all the sounds we have learnt so far and all the rainbow words. They also had a go blending some words. This was to assess individual progress and identify gaps to inform planning. I will share information regarding this during parent meetings next week.
- Introduced the new phonemes u, h and b. These new phonemes have been added to the phonics booklets in book bags.
- Recapped all previously learnt rainbow words. We mixed them up so we had to look carefully at the word to recognise it without sounding it out (shape, number of letters etc.). The words ‘dad’, ‘and’, ‘dog’ are particularly tricky and easy to get muddled as they all have a ‘d’ in and are three letters long. We discussed the shape of the words and the position of ‘d’ in the word. We need to keep practising recognising these instantly, especially within sentences in our books.
- Practised hearing and identifying initial sounds in words. We love making silly soup with things that start with the same sound!
- Practised segmenting (robot talking) and blending words back together again.
- Had a go at reading sentences such as ‘A bat had a hat’.

In Maths we:
- Have practised our ‘magic trick’ subitising by instantly recognising different representations of numbers up to 5 without counting. We also had to show the answer on our hands in interesting ways e.g. showing 4 could be showing three fingers on one hand and one more on the other.
- Looked at the part-part-whole model. We put three hoops on the carpet and had 5 bean bags to explore splitting the bean bags in different ways e.g. 2 and 3 make 5.
- Towards the end of the week we started to look at how to represent the part-part-whole as a number sentence e.g. 2+3=5

In Handwriting we:
- Have practised writing our name every morning when we come into school.
- Have continued to rehearse our long-legged giraffe letters l, i, t, u, j, y. We particularly focused on the size of the letters, ensuring that l is taller than the rest of the letters and goes ‘into the sky’ (ascender) and that j and y go ‘into the soil’ (descender).

Within provision we have:
- Counted pictures of owls and labelled them with a numeral.
- Followed step by step instructions to draw owls and label them as characters from the story.
- Sorted diurnal and nocturnal animals.
- Practised our scissor skills by following different patterned lines to get to the owl.
- Made signs as props for our play. This has been entirely led by the children e.g. ‘no cats allowed’ (when children were role playing as cats near the milk fridge and we didn’t want them to steal our milk) or ‘stop helicopter and children go in the classroom’ (when a helicopter flew by and some children said it was going to crash into school).
- Explored printing by using sponge dabbers in paint.

We also had an extra R time carpet input as there were a few incidents earlier in the week where play was getting a bit rough and some unkind choices were made. We did a carpet input using puppets to act out different scenarios. We reflected on what the bad choices were and what would have been a better choice. We focused on friendship, kindness and good choice games. The children shared news throughout the day of children who had been kind to them/ played nicely and adults made a point of explicitly recognising and acknowledging this during play as well.

What a busy week!
Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran
W.C 16th November 2020
Hello all,

On Monday we wore odd socks to kick off anti-bullying week. We all signed an anti-bullying pledge to show that we are united against bullying. We have also discussed and celebrated what makes us all different and special.

On Tuesday the children were very surprised to find a nest in our classroom with three eggs inside. We told the children that our school caretaker Mr Curtis had found the nest on the floor outside and he had asked Foundation to take care of them. The children were absolutely buzzing with ideas about what happened, what might be inside the eggs and how we could take care of them. During the register we all contributed ideas about what might be inside, ideas ranged from birds to dinosaurs and unicorns to camouflaged monsters!

In English we:
- Took part in our first ever R-time. R-time is where we work on our speaking and listening and reflect on how we can look after ourselves, each other and our world. We faced our partner, smiled and then took it in turns to share something about ourselves e.g. favourite colour, favourite animal etc. We then quizzed the children to tell us something about their partner to see how super they were at listening. We also discussed that even though everyone liked different colours and animals etc. we can all still be friends. Being different is a good thing!
- Shared lots of stories about eggs! We have read 'Guess what is growing inside the egg?', 'The Odd Egg', 'The Secret of the Egg' and 'The Egg'. This helped us to adapt and build on our ideas regarding what might be growing inside the eggs in our classroom. We compared the different sizes and shapes. We also learnt that some animals grow in eggs and some don't.

In Phonics we:
- Introduced the new phonemes e, c, k. We also met a digraph for the first time today. It was 'ck'. We learnt that a digraph is when two letters make one sound e.g. sock, stick, pick etc. These new phonemes have been added to the phonics booklets in book bags.
- Learnt three more rainbow words- to, like, and. We need to keep spotting these so we know them by sight.
- Practised hearing and identifying initial sounds in words.
- Practised segmenting (robot talking) and blending words back together again such as pen, cap, kit, sick etc.
- Had a go at reading labels/captions/sentences containing rainbow words we have learnt so far e.g. Mum and dad. I like cats. I like dogs. I like to play.

In Maths we:
- Have practised counting up to 5 from different numbers and also counting back from 5.
- Have carefully counted sounds and actions.
- Practised our subitising (recognising numbers straight away without counting). We have discussed how we know the number without counting e.g. "it's 3 because it is in a triangle shape", "it's one because it is all by itself" etc.
- Have learnt how to count things that cannot be moved (pictures).
- Identified numbers that are bigger and smaller within 5.
- Practised recognising numerals and matching numerals to quantities.
- Continued our learning about repeating patterns. We designed a pair of odd socks with a repeating pattern, made action patterns as a class and explored pattern independently within provision through peg boards, threading and natural resources.

In Handwriting we:
- Continued to practise the long legged giraffe letters l, i, t, u, j, y.
- Practised our name writing. We used name cards to trace over with whiteboard pens. We had to be very careful to start on the green dot and end on the red dot to ensure our letter formation was correct. We will do this every morning when we come into school starting on Monday.

Within provision we have:
- Made a 'helping hand' by writing a name on each finger of some people we can go to for help if we need it.
- Designed an odd sock pattern.
- Made paper friendship bracelets and gave them to our friends.
- Collected things to keep the eggs warm to help them to hatch (the nest is now covered in leaves, surrounded by material with a toy mattress underneath- the poor baby dolls now have to sit on the kitchen side in the home corner!)
- Drawn and labelled pictures of what we think will hatch out of the eggs.
- Counted eggs into nests to match a numeral.
- Created an egg poster which detailed what we have found and where to come and collect them if they belong to you. The children had a go at sounding out words e.g. egg, nest and also wrote numerals and picture clues e.g. 3, in Ladybirds.
- Sorted animals into things that hatch out of eggs and things that do not e.g. penguin, alligator, spider and cat, dog and human.
- Practised our number formation in colourful rice using paintbrushes.
-Drawn pictures of what we are good at.

We have had so much fun! Hopefully the eggs will hatch soon so we can discover what is inside...

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran

W.C 9th November 2020

Hello all,

It has been a busy week with lots of discussion around Diwali, Remembrance day and Children in Need.

In English we:
- Talked about Diwali the festival of light and read the story Rama and Sita. We also watched a shadow puppet retelling and made our own puppets within provision.
- Discussed how a little girl called Jessica prepared and celebrated Diwali and we also shared the story Binny's Diwali.
- Watched 'Poppies' on cbeebies to reflect on Remembrance Day. We also took part in a minute silence.
- Became authors. Some children created their own stories within provision and we read them at milk and fruit time to the whole class.
- Shared the story 'Have you filled a bucket today?' We talked about everyone having an invisible bucket in their heart and that acts of kindness fill up the bucket and make you happy. We considered what makes our bucket fill up and we set ourselves a mission to be bucket fillers. We shared and celebrated who had filled our buckets throughout the day during carpet time.

In Phonics we:
- Introduced the new phonemes m, d, g, o. These have been added to the phonics booklets in book bags.
- Learnt three more rainbow words- cat, dog, play. We need to keep spotting these so we know them by sight.
- Practised hearing and identifying initial sounds in words.
- Practised segmenting (robot talking) and blending words back together again such as map, mat, dig, dim etc.

In Maths we:
- Have practised counting up to 5 from different numbers and also counting back from 5.
- Have practically counted out amounts of objects to 5 using careful one to one counting. We moved them one at a time, put them in a line and recounted to check.
- Showed numbers in different shapes e.g. how many ways can you show 4 using multi-link cubes (in a square, 3 across the bottom and one more on top etc.).
- Compared numbers to say which is bigger and which is smaller.
- Learnt about repeating patterns with Pudsey the bear. We explored patterns with colours, shapes, objects and actions. Can you make patterns at home? Remember it needs to be the same thing again, again and again!

In Handwriting we:
- Learnt the long legged giraffe letters l, i, t, u, j, y.

Within provision we have:
- Made rangoli patterns using numicon
- Designed mehndi patterns
- Practised our letter formation in salt using paint brushes
- Sequenced pictures from the 'Poppies' video.
- Counted the number of poppies in a field.
- Created our own poppies using a range of media and materials such as tissue paper, card and cupcake cases.
- Made our own mini-books.
- Designed an autumnal outfit for Pudsey to keep dry and warm.
- Made repeating patterns using compare bears, cotton reels, peg boards, multi-link cubes and natural materials.

On Monday 16th November the children will be coming into school wearing odd socks to celebrate how we are all unique and special ready for anti-bullying week.

Many thanks and have a good weekend,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran

W.C 3rd November 2020

Hello all,

The children have absolutely amazed us with how they have settled back into school following the 2 week break. It was a joy to see their happy faces as they were reunited with their friends on Tuesday. They have also already shown so much enthusiasm for learning and have got stuck in with everything we have done this week.

On Tuesday we introduced our new topic 'Light and Dark'. This week we particularly focused on Autumn. We discussed that it is dark earlier in the evenings and stays dark for longer in the mornings. We considered the weather and the clothing we need to wear when it is Autumn. We also went on an Autumn Scavenger hunt outside to find things such as coloured leaves, pine cones and conkers.

In English we:
- Met Professor Reflective. He is one of our school learning power heroes. He taught us about politeness and kindness. He also explained how we can reflect on our learning and our behaviour.
- Read the story 'Leaf Man'. We linked the images in the story to Andy Goldworthy's art work. We discussed what he used to create different sculptures and had a go at creating our own environmental art.
- Shared the story 'Sparks in the sky'. We talked about how we celebrate Bonfire Night and how to stay safe.

In Phonics we:
- Recapped all of the sounds we have learnt so far (s, a, t, p, i, n).
- We practised spotting the rainbow words: I, mum, dad. We talked about how many letters are in the words and what shape the letters are to help us recognise them without sounding out.
- Listened for initial sounds in words. We said a word and went to an autumn leaf in the classroom with the initial letter on.
- We segmented and blended short words containing known phonemes such as tap, pin, sit etc.

In Maths we:
- Revisited numbers 1-5.
- Looked at different representations of numbers and practised subitising (recognising them instantly without needing to count).
- Learnt how to count things that are not objects e.g. sounds.
- Ordered and compared numbers.

In Handwriting we:
-Revisited all previously learnt patterns such as dots, straight lines, crosses, circles, waves, loops and bridges, joining straight lines, angled patterns, eights, spirals and left to right orientation.
- Started to learn long-legged giraffe letters, focusing on 'i'.

Within provision we have:
- Drawn a picture of something we did in half-term.
- Followed patterns to get a squirrel to an acorn.
- Decorated an autumn tree using different media and materials.
- Went on a phoneme hunt.
- Created leaf rubbings.
- Made a rocket using 2D shapes.
- Explored mark making using paint brushes in colourful rice.
- Used chalk on black paper to make our own firework pictures.

Just a friendly reminder that we DO NOT count school holiday reads on class dojo. We have just counted how many times they have read this week. Also, please sign their reading diaries if they have read so we can give them the correct amount of points, it does not need to be a lengthy comment just signing your initials will do!


Have a good weekend, 

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran


W.C 12th October 2020
Hello all,

This week we have continued our learning around real-life superheroes. We focused on refuse collectors on Monday, carers on Tuesday, teachers and on Wednesday and Postal workers on Thursday.

In English we have:
- Discussed Richie Resilient's power to manage his distractions. We looked at different pictures clues and scenarios and discussed how we would stay focused on our learning.
- Read a letter from St Andrews House which requested some drawings to cheer up their residents. The children created some lovely pictures of their favourite things to send to them.
- Shared different stories to discuss the professions we have focused on this week e.g. The Jolly Postman.

In Phonics we have:
- Recapped all of the sounds we have learnt so far (s, a, t, p, i, n).
- We met Ned the gnome who showed us his magical rainbow ball that he uses to collect words. He taught us some words that we need to be able to recognise straight away. These were: mum, dad, I. Can you practise spotting these words in your books?
- Helped the Jolly Postman to read some words that he received in letters e.g. sat, nap, sip.
- Created a magical potion ready for Halloween by reading potion labels such as sap, pip, tap.

In Maths we have:
- Revisited numbers 1-5.
- We watched the number blocks episode 'Stampolines' to see all of the different shapes that the numbers can make. We explored how many ways we can show 5.
- We learnt Five's rules to count accurately which included counting everything once, saying the numbers in the right order and knowing that the last number said is how many there are.
- We helped to accurately count pumpkins for the number blocks and matched the carved shape in the pumpkins to the right number e.g. a square matched to number block 4 because it has 4 sides, a circle matched to number block 1 because it has 1 side etc.

In Handwriting we have:
-Revisited all previously learnt patterns such as dots, straight lines, crosses, circles, waves, loops and bridges, joining straight lines, angled patterns, eights, spirals and left to right orientation.

In Art we have:
- Drawn pencil self-portraits. We considered detailed features on our faces such as eyebrows, eyelashes and even eye lids!
- Created an observational still-life drawing of some pumpkins using oil pastels. We explored smudging and carefully selected the right colours.

Within provision we have:
- Sorted materials to be recycled.
- Designed posters to encourage others to recycle.
- Created letters for our friends.
- Made our own class registers to use in role-play.
- Explored junk modelling, wheels and axles to create super vehicles.
- Cut and scooped pumpkins to create pumpkin soup in the mud kitchen outside.
- Filled containers with wiggly worms (coloured noodles) to create potions.
- Stuck collage materials onto a pumpkin to decorate it.
- Used tweezers to get pom poms out from under a spider web.

We have had lots of fun during our Superhero topic this half-term. The children have all settled into school so beautifully and have been super positive and enthusiastic about learning. It is a joy to see! We are all so proud of them.

Thank you so much to all parents/ carers for your support and kind words during this very strange time. The children have had such a positive, safe start to school and that is down to your words of encouragement and understanding. We really do appreciate it!

We hope you have a lovely and restful half-term break. Please send us photos on the porfolio section of class dojo of anything you get up to so we can share them on our return to school.

Take care,

The Foundation Team
W.C 5th October 2020
Hello all,

This week we have been learning all about real-life superheroes. We have themed days for different professions such as police (tues), firefighters (wed), doctors/nurses (thurs) and shop workers (fri). Next week we will continue to explore different real-life superheroes.

In English we have:
- Met a new superhero called Richie Resilient and we listened to his favourite story 'Giddy the goat' to reflect on how to be resilient and not giving up when things are difficult.
- We read the story 'Real Superheroes'. We did some speaking and listening to share what we would like to be when we are older.
- We read words to label parts of the body such as head, leg, arm, wrist, elbow etc.

In Phonics we have:
- Learnt the new phonemes 'p', 'i', 'n'. We have practised hearing them as initial sounds in words and have also had a go at segmenting and blending words with them in e.g. sat, nap. (Your phonics booklet has the new sounds in).

In Maths we have:
- Met the numberblock 5 and explored different representations of the number.
- Looked at ways of making 5.
- Ordered numbers 1-5.
- Compared numbers 1-5.
- Directed real-life superheroes to where they need to go by using directional vocabulary such as up, down, left, right etc.

In Handwriting we have:
- Practised writing s, a, t.
- Had a go at writing spirals and left to right orientation.

Within provision we have:
- Practised writing our names.
- Created police badges.
- Designed a fire engine.
- Created an x-ray image of our hands.
- Played in our role-play teddy bear hospital and shop.
- Wrote shopping lists.
- Drawn maps of where we live.
- Played with small world including police, fire fighters and doctors/nurses.
- Put out chalk fires by using spray water bottles outside.

What a busy week! Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran

3rd October 2020
Hello all,

We have created and filmed a Foundation Induction Powerpoint Presentation. This meeting outlines Foundation routines and systems, end of year expectations for your child and how you can support at home. 
It is split into Part 1 and Part 2 as it is quite long. Please take the time to watch both parts (they are linked below).
We hope you find the videos useful and informative. As always, if you have any questions please get in touch whether that is by private messaging on class dojo or phoning the school office.

Many thanks,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran


PART 1 Foundation Induction Meeting

PART 2 Foundation Induction Meeting

W.C 28th September 2020
Hello all,

This week we have continued to focus our learning around 'Supertato'. We have read the story multiple times to become really familiar with it. The children were able to join in with phrases and discuss what happened in the beginning, middle and end. Towards the end of the week we created our own story map in the style of a comic book which included some fantastic drawings of the captured veggies, supertato and evil pea in jelly!

We have started Phase 2 Phonics with Sidney the Squirrel. Sid finds sounds and shares them with us. This week she showed us 's', 'a' and 't'. We learnt the sound they make, their letter name, and an action to help us remember them. We made silly soup with items beginning with 's', sorted pictures into 's' and 'a' and helped Sid to buy presents that start with a 't' for her friend troll. We also played 'I spy' to identify objects beginning with 's', 'a' and 't'.

In Maths we have been learning all about number 4. We met the numberblock 4 who taught us that 'when you find a square you find 4'. We have practised instantly recognising 4 using different representations. We have ordered and compared numbers 1-4 and explored what numbers go together to make 4. We have also sorted different number items within continuous provision and some children even made their own number block 4! Today we read the 'The run away pea' story. We were surprised to find the pea in different places around our classroom. We discussed where the pea was found using positional language such as 'next to', 'on', 'in', 'under', 'behind' etc. The run away peas caused great excitement as the children explored our indoor and outdoor environment to find all 10! We hope you enjoy this book at home.

Our monthly value is 'Friendship'. Sid the Squirrel shared her favourite book with us. We read 'The Squirrels who squabbled'. We discussed what made the squirrels happy and unhappy. We considered what we can do to be a good friend and how this will positively impact others. We then voted from two members of our class to be on the 'Smile team'. They will invite other children to join in with their games and help to resolve problems.

Following our learning about e-safety and friendship, we decided to create 'super silly selfies' to make each other laugh. With permission from an adult, the children used the ipad to select the camera icon and take a photo of themselves pulling a funny face. We can't wait to show them to each other next week!

In handwriting we have warmed up our bodies and hands and practised creating circles, waves, loops, bridges and joining straight lines with our whiteboards and pens.

The second half of the class experienced a Music lesson for the first time. They sang songs and explored musical instruments. In P.E the children practised getting changed for the first time. They all showed great listening skills and impressed us with their perseverance and independence. We also had a fire alarm practice on Wednesday. When the alarm went off they recalled exactly what to do. We calmly walked outside away from the noisy alarm, lined up and went to the big playground. Once everyone was counted we returned to the classroom. They were so brave!

Within our indoor and outdoor provision we have explored lots of things such as making paper friendship bracelets, creating lollypop stick superheroes and investigating how to save the carrots stuck in ice. We have also had a go at mark making through a variety of activities based around Supertato including creating speech bubbles for characters, designing a supertato and labelling him with 'S', and making a mini book.

Thank you if you have read this lengthy message! We can't wait to continue our Superhero learning by focusing on real-life superheroes next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran


W.C 21st September 2020
Hello all,

We have completed our second full week of school. It has been super busy and lots of fun.

Our learning this week has been based around the story 'Supertato'. On Tuesday we received a letter from Evil Pea that said he had hidden all of the fruit and vegetables. He even captured Supertato! We had to become superheroes and work as a team to rescue them. Luckily, all were returned safe and sound and Evil Pea went back to the freezer where he belongs. To prevent him from escaping we made traps and wanted posters for the Evil Pea. Now everyone in school knows exactly what he looks like if he did escape again. While Evil Pea was in the freezer he mixed up all the healthy and unhealthy food. We sorted the food as a class and created a healthy lunchbox for Supertato. In small groups with an adult, the children explored different fruit and vegetables using their senses. They discussed how they smelt, felt and looked and where they grow.

We also met Captain Responsible who told us about his super powers which include being responsible, working as a team and democracy. We discussed different jobs that we can be responsible for in school such as being on the School Parliament, being a Class Ambassador, and being a member of the Eco-team. Children who were interested in the jobs put their name forward. We then voted as a class to ensure it was fair and celebrated those chosen.

In Maths we have learnt all about the number 3. We looked at lots of different representations and discussed that if you can make a triangle shape with objects you know it is 3 without having to count them. We have ordered and compared numbers 1 to 3 and have also explored what numbers go together to make 3 (1 and 2/ 1 and 1 and 1). We met Numberblock 3 and played her game to identify which numbered cup the apple was hiding under. We used our magic pens to write the number 3 (around the tree, around the tree, that's the way you make a three). Today we also had a go at ordering important events and times of the day. We discussed what happened first, second and third.

This week we have also started to use whiteboards and pens for the first time. The children have practised using a correct pencil grip to create different handwriting patterns such as dots, lines, circles and crosses. We always do a warm up to get our bodies and hands ready for writing.

Half of the class experienced a Music lesson for the first time. We are very lucky to have Mrs Watkins who is a specialist music teacher. The children had a lot of fun singing and exploring instruments. The rest of the class will have a turn next week.

We have explored lots of things through our indoor and outdoor provision, this has included:
Tracing dots to uncover superhero words, untying stuck superheroes, constructing Mr Potato Heads and creating observational drawings of fruit and vegetables. We have also played with a variety of tools and equipment in the small world area, the construction area, the fine motor table, the carpet area, the book corner, the creative area, the writing table, the Math table and our lovely outdoor space.

Today we have counted up daily home reads and awarded points. Hopefully you should be able to see how many points they have received at home. The first prize is awarded at 8 points!

Thank you if you have read this far! We can't wait to continue our learning around Supertato next week. It has certainly captured their interests and imaginations.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran

Supertato Mission

18th September 2020
Hello all,

We have completed our first full week of school and it has been super fun!

This week Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran have been very busy assessing the children's phonics/reading. Unfortunately this took a lot longer than we had planned. If we have not assessed your child yet, we have just given them a lilac book for now and a reading diary (which we have not written in). We will hopefully complete the assessments next week and change the books accordingly. Thank you for your patience with this. We will NOT count this week for class dojo points due to some children receiving their diaries later than others. We want to make it as fair as possible. CLASS DOJO READING POINTS OFFICIALLY BEGINS TODAY FRIDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER. We will count up how many times the children have read at home on Friday 25th September and award points accordingly. If they read everyday Friday 18th September - Thursday 24th September they will receive 7 points for the week (Friday 25th September will be counted the following week in case you read in the evening). Just a reminder that it does not have to be their school book. It can be anything from comics to recipes! If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to send a private message on class dojo or comment on this post.

Here's an outline of what we have been doing today:
We reread 'Super Milly and the Super School Day'. We discussed what she did to make the other children happy at school. We considered what we could do as a class to ensure everyone is happy which will contribute to our class promise. Ideas included being kind, polite, helpful and good listeners.
During Milk and Fruit time we watched some clips of Paw Patrol and discussed what made them superheroes.
Before lunchtime we warmed up our bodies by drawing small/big circles in the air and by rotating our wrists. We used our magic pen to create loose and tight waves. We also looked for waves in different images and made big circles in the air to wipe clean the board to reveal a mystery picture.
Today we experienced our first virtual Gold Book Assembly. Mrs Lewis and the rest of the school joined us on a video call. The children did so well to sit smartly, listen and cheer for those who received a certificate.
After lunch we shared the story 'ten little superheroes'. We practised counting from 0-10 and back again. We also rewatched One and Two sing their Numberblocks songs to embed previous learning.

We have explored lots of things through our indoor and outdoor provision, this has included:
Ordering superheroes numbered 1-10 and matching to quantities, sorting pom poms with tweezers, acting out real-life superhero missions within our small world play, drawing bubbles, playing a shopping list game, reading books in the den, making food in the home corner, building with plastic bricks and gears. We also had duplo, plastic construction, crates, vehicles and the mud kitchen outside.

Thank you for all the positive feedback. We have passed your comments onto the rest of the team. It is much appreciated! We also want to thank the children for being absolutely amazing. They have settled so well and have completed the first week at school bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm. We can't wait for next week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran
17th September 2020
Hello all,

Almost there now, one more day to go!

Here's an outline of what we have been doing today:
We met Super Skipper the penguin who helps people to stay safe online. We completed a special mission together to help his friend Peter make the right choices while using his tablet. We learnt the chant "Before you tap and click, you need to stop and think, and tell someone!". We signed a class e-safety agreement which outlines all the things we will do to keep ourselves safe online.
We shared the story "Superkid" during milk and fruit time. This inspired an enthusiastic discussion about what superpowers we would choose to have. Ideas included all sorts of things from teleportation, super speed, camouflage to even turning baddies into pancakes!
Before lunchtime we warmed up our bodies by doing big stretching movements and interlocking our fingers. We used our magic pen to create circles in the air and to wipe our board clean to reveal a mystery picture.
We revisited Numberblock 2 during Maths this afternoon. We looked at lots of different representation of 1 and 2. We worked on instantly recognising the quantity and explaining how we know (one is all alone, 2 has a friend).

We have explored lots of things through our indoor and outdoor provision, this has included:
Matching and making a superhero city with numicon, using elastic band boards to create shapes, exploring plastic minibeasts with magnifying glasses and fact cards, directing a superhero through a maze by mark making, completing jigsaws, reading books in the den, making food in the home corner, building with lego and racing cars. We also had the scooters, trucks, water play, chalk boards and bats and balls outside.

Have a lovely evening,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran
16th September 2020
Hello all,

We have made it to midweek already!

Here's an outline of what we have been doing today:
This morning Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran had some planning time while Mr Peat, Mrs Burt, Mrs Brown and Mr Crookes had lots of fun with the children. Mrs Burt played a 'Super Listening' game with Ladybird Class. They had to listen to a hidden musical instrument being played and describe what they thought it was. They compared and discussed quiet, loud, short and long sounds as a team. They also shared the story 'Superworm' during milk and fruit time. Mr Peat took the children in groups of 15 to have their first P.E lesson this morning. The children did not get changed this week so P.E. kits can stay at school. The focus today was more about introducing them to an area on the big playground where they do P.E. They used the racing track to practice running at varied speeds, used colourful scarves to explore making a range of movements, practiced throwing and catching using two hands, experimented with moving high and low like different animals and finally rolled a big dice to count how many jumps they needed to do.
In the afternoon we had a lovely welcome back from the children who told us all about the exciting morning they had. We found out more about the Numberblock 'Two' as he explained why everything is better with two. You can ride a tandem, give a piggy back and sing a duet! We played a subitising game (recognising amounts instantly without having to count them) by looking at lots of different representations of one and two. The children had to quickly show the correct number on their fingers. We discussed that one is all alone but two has a friend. We also did a little hunt for things around the classroom to show one and two.

We have explored lots of things through our indoor and outdoor provision, this has included:
Putting animals onto a boat two by two, pegging pairs of socks onto a washing line, using our imaginations with the house/people in the small world, drawing waves for the boat to float on, taking turns playing the ladybird game, reading books in the den, making food in the home corner, and building with wooden blocks and polydron. We also had the bikes, trucks, water play and big paper outside.

Have a lovely evening,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran

15th September 2020

Hello all,

Another busy and very warm day at school!

Here's an outline of what we have been doing today:
We met Fireman Sam who explained that he is like a superhero because he protects people and keeps them safe. He taught us about smoke alarms and explained what to do if the smoke alarm goes off while we are at school. He introduced us to his friends Woolly and Tig who showed us a video of what happened when the fire alarm went off at their nursery (if you would like to watch it again at home go onto youtube and search for Woolly and Tig- fire alarm). We talked about the smoke alarm making a loud noise that is not very nice but it is nothing to be scared of. It is important to be loud so that everyone can hear it. We pretended that the alarm was going off. We stopped what we were doing, lined up, walked onto the big playground, counted everyone and then went back into the classroom once it was safe. We might have a fire alarm practice later on in the week with the actual alarm so now we know exactly what to do!
We shared the story 'Super Milly and the Super School Day'. This explained how even though we don't have powers like x-ray vision and super speed we do have special super powers such as being kind and being a good friend.
We did some more gross motor and fine motor actions to warm up our bodies. We practised making lines from a rocket ship and from a shining star in the sky.
We met the Numberblock 'Two'. Number block One wanted a friend to play tennis with. He found a magic mirror which created another one. "One and another one is two!". We talked about what we would put in front of the magic mirror e.g. one cake and another cake = two cakes, one toy and another toy = two toys! We used our magic pens to write the number 2 (around and back on the railroad track, two two two).

We have explored lots of things through our indoor and outdoor provision, this has included:
Colour mixing, drawing one object in front of the magic mirror and another one to make two, cutting out superhero shapes to make a picture, completing jigsaws, reading books in the den, making food in the home corner, building with DUPLO and interstar. We have also played with animals, dinosaurs, the water tray and trucks. We made a big den outside with the tyres, crates and tarpaulin. It was lots of fun!

Have a lovely evening,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran


14th September 2020
Hello all,

We have had a fun-filled and tiring first full day at school. The children really impressed all of us this morning as they came into school independently. They all soon settled and found something to play with. It was lovely to see them meet the other half of the class. Some were familiar friends reunited from nurseries and others were exciting new friends to play with.

Here's an outline of what we have been doing today:
Our topic this half-term is 'Superheroes'.
We met Super Soap who taught us how to protect ourselves from germs. We did the pepper in water experiment (pretending the pepper was germs and putting soap on a finger to see the pepper move away). The children loved to see how soap 'scares the germs away'. We helped Super Soap with a secret mission to keep children safe at school. We talked through all the scenarios when we would need to wash our hands and how to do it properly.
Later on in the morning we met even more Superheroes called 'Ready Boy' and Ready Girl'. They are part of our Learning Powers which are used throughout school. They teach us to use our listening muscle and our imitation muscle. We talked about being whole body listeners and copying good behaviour from other children/adults in school.
We did some gross motor and fine motor actions to warm up our bodies. We used magic pens in the air to decorate an imaginary picture with dots and we made big circular movements to wipe the board clean to see hidden animals. These movements will help us with our writing.
We met the Numberblock 'One' as he sang about his 'One Wonderful World'. We discussed what we could see in different pictures e.g. "I see one cow. I see one hat" etc. We jumped, hopped and clapped once. We also used our magic pens to write the number 1 (Start at the top and down we run, that's the way we make a one).

We have explored lots of things through our indoor and outdoor provision, this has included:
Making superhero masks, designing 'one wonderful world', saving stuck superheroes by untying them, making spotty superhero words, colouring in Super Soap, completing jigsaws, reading books in the den, making food in the home corner, building with magnets and creating a long train track. We have also played with animals, dinosaurs, the water tray, the mud kitchen, trucks and more.

We will give you daily updates for our first full week at school. After that it will be weekly updates.

Have a lovely evening,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran
12th September 2020:
Welcome everyone to Foundation!

Please spread the word and encourage fellow parents/carers to sign up to class dojo. It is a quick way to inform you of things happening in the classroom.

We use class dojo to give out reading points. We count daily reads from the children's reading diaries on a Friday and give them the corresponding points e.g. if they read 4 days they will get 4 points etc. They reach milestones along the way and receive prizes! Reading is the key tool to opening up their education, please engage with reading as much as possible and leave a signature (and a comment if you have time) so that we know how often they read at home. It does not have to be the school book they bring home it can be comics, shopping lists, road signs etc.
I will be assessing the children's reading and giving out books/ diaries next week. Thank you for your patience with this.

Class dojo is also a brilliant tool to share your child's achievements outside of school. You can send us photos of WOW moments using the 'portfolio'. We can share these photos on the board in the morning so the children can celebrate them with their friends.

On class dojo you can also private message me directly. We will respond to you as quickly as we can within our working hours. If it is an urgent issue then it is best to contact the office to get an immediate response.

Finally we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your support and understanding regarding the staggered start to school. Your flexibility has given us an invaluable opportunity to get to know the children and to support their transition in the best way possible. The children have been absolutely amazing and have settled in so well. We have loved discovering their personalities and interests as we have explored, played and chatted. We can't wait to have them all in full-time next week so we can officially get started on our magical learning journey together!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Boultby and Miss McMurran