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Class 1 & 2 had an amazing Water Afternoon! 

Even though we didn't stay out for very long (because of the weather) we still had a fab time!

What a wonderful morning!

We were so proud of all the children who took part in our performance of the Windowsill.  They all looked fabulous in their outfits and a big thank you to Annie and Josie's mums who did some amazing face paints for us.  We look forward to carrying out more work on growing over the rest of the Summer term.  

Time is passing so quickly, it won't be long until the children are heading into Year 1.  We will miss themcool

Thank you for those that came and supported us during Sports day. Everyone really enjoyed it and we spotted some really competitive children!  Mrs Slater certainly made it clear she wasn't wanting to run. sad

Foundation Performance

We have been busy preparing for our end of year performance on Tuesday 4th July at 9.20am.  The children have been busy singing and dancing and making hats and headbands ready for the day.


We have taken a few pictures to give you a sneaky peak of what we have been up to!

Our Summer Topic

Foundation have been very busy with our growing topic.  The children have planted lots of seeds and I hope those of you who had the chance to take the plants home are enjoying them.


We have loved working in the sunshine and watching our seeds grow. The beans we put in plastic bags sprouted which was amazing to watch. Class 1 window was clearly the sunniest!  We have looked at lots of lovely books like Oliver's Vegetables and Eddie's Garden.

World Book Day at Westdale! 2.3.2017






Farm to fork week!

Rose from Tesco came in to school to talk to us all about different fruit and vegetables.


This week we made popcorn and we could choose if we wanted sweet popcorn or salty popcorn to try!

We have been looking at the story "How to catch a star" by Oliver Jeffers!

Our new topic is Oliver Jeffers!

Meet this fantastic author here:


We have been having a lovely time this week. We have been reading The Jolly Christmas Postman and doing lots of fun Christmas and Winter activities!

We have learned all of Phase 2 sounds and half of Phase 3!  We are so clever!

7th Novemer 2016


The sounds we are learning this week are: 


'l' 'll' and 'ss'


The story we are reading together this week is The 3 Billy Goats Gruff!


Have an amazing Bonfire Night and KEEP SAFE!

This week we have been doing lots of activities all about Bondfire Night!

After half term we will be reading some Traditional Tales...

After half term, we will be learning h, b, f, ff in phonics and the tricky word of the week will be 'go'.

How many tricky words can you read now?  Can you practice them at home?  Can you read them? Can you write them?

the, to, I, no

THIS WEEKS sounds we are learning are:

          digraph(two letters that make one sound)


'ck '   'e'    'u'    'r'


and the new tricky word is: 


We are so clever we already know:

s  a  t  p  i  n  m  d  g  o  c  k 

the     to     I  


The aim of Fun-Fit at Westdale is to improve children's co-ordination skills and underlying postural stability and balance. It supports:

*handwriting   * dressing and undressing    *using scissors    * balancing

Functional Movement Skills: dressing, tying laces, using cuttlery,                                                    scissors, writing, playing with lego

Fundamental Movement Skills: gross motor-

                                          balance, jumping,hopping,galloping,

                                          skipping,ball skills

                                          fine motor-


                                          eye-hand co-ordination

                                          co-ordination with both hands

                           Activities that we do in FUN-FIT are:

    body extension         body flexion          shoulder and pelvic stability

body rotation           bilateral co-ordination         balance    

    jumping and hopping      eye-hand co-ordination       ball skills


Fun-Fit with Miss Smith.... looking at body rotation, balance, ball skills and eye-hand co-ordination.

Play, Learn and Grow...Together...

We asked the children what they like the best at Westdale, here is what some of them say...


        "the bikes outside there so much fun!"

                        "there's lots of toys, outside toys"

       "the water area because you can play in it"

                                   "I like playing with my friends"

             "I like singing and doing PE because we do things"

   "I like playing with my friends and like PE because I like doing zig-zags"

         "I love the toy trains and cars"

                             "I like finding butterflies"

               "Playing on the bikes, I got a game Star Wars I like to play"

     "I like drawing and making wands"

                                   "I love football its cool"

           "I really like going into assembly to sing with Mrs Watkins"

       "I like both inside and outside and the big playground"





Here is some of us making ginger bread biscuits....

We have been tasting ginger....

Dinner time at Westdale....

NEXT WEEKS sounds we are learning are:


'g '   'o'    'c'    'k'


and the tricky word is: 



We are so clever we already know:

the and to

This weeks topic is The Gingerbread Man...

Week beginning 3rd Oct...


This week we have been reading the story of the Gingerbread Man, we have actions to help us.

On the play dough table we have had dough that smells just like Gingerbread men.. yum yum..!

In literacy we have had fun writing 'Run, run' in speech bubbles.

In maths, we've been ordering the Gingerbread men 0-10 and putting the correct number of buttons on them.

We have been making boats and rafts to help the Gingerbread man to travel across the river. Lots of role play and acting out the story.

In fun-fit we have been jumping, skipping, lunging, clapping, balancing and lots lots ,more...keep scrolling down to see more fun-fit photos added!  :)

Next week we will be baking our own tasty Gingerbread men...lets hope they don't run away....





*DISCO DOUGH* happens everyday.....we have a boogie with the dough...GREAT for fine motor skills- helping us to write and draw..!

Welcome to Foundation!

The children have made a fantastic start and we have been having so much fun getting to know them!  


Sounds we've been learning this week...

*Ready Girl* Are you a ready boy or girl....are you using your imitation muscle to do the right thing?



Fun-Fit happens every day at Westdale...we get our hearts pumping and have lots of FUN!! keep looking out for more pictures...

Whatever the weather we still go out to play...

Here is our topic web for the first few weeks of the Autumn Term: