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Ladybirds and Butterflies

Week Beginning 14.10.19
Our book of the week is Pumpkin Soup.
We will be reading the same sentence everyday about how to make pumpkin soup.
We will also be making vegetable print pictures. DONATIONS OF PUMPKINS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Our Harvest Festival at St James Church is on Thursday 17th October. The children have been doing so well learning the harvest songs and we will be continuing to practise them leading up to the performance.
Our number of the week is 10. We will be learning how to accurately count out objects, recognise the number and have a go at writing it. We will also be using non-standard units of measure to compare length.
Week Beginning 7.10.19
Next week our focus book is Shark in the Dark. We will be practising reading a sentence and having a go at writing key words. We will also be investigating light and dark and talking about bedtime routines.
Our numbers of the week will be 8 and 9. To help us with our formation we use these rhymes: "make an s and do not wait, when it's joined up you have an eight" and "make a loop and then a line. That's the way we make a 9". We will be focusing on counting and recognising these numbers and the numbers we have learnt so far. We will also be learning about repeating patterns.
In Phonics we will be continuing to play lots of sound discrimination listening games. You may want to play some at home such as "I spy".
Week Beginning 30.09.19
Next week our focus book will continue to be Shark in the Park. We will be practising reading key words from the book and we will be having a go at writing them.
In Maths we will be exploring shapes, talking about numbers to 10, finding one more, counting reliably and combining two groups. Our numbers of the week will be 6 and 7. We use these rhymes to help us with our formation: "down we go and make a loop, number six makes a hoop" and "across the sky and down from heaven, that's the way we make a seven".
We will be practising our harvest songs in our music lesson with Mrs Watkins and in class.
We will also have plenty of time to explore, be creative and learn through play as we do every week.

Meet the Teacher Meeting

Week Beginning 23.09.19
We will be reading Shark in the Park and we will be doing lots of exciting learning linked to this book. We will be learning to read sentences and action words 'up' and 'down'. We are particularly focusing on following words carefully one at a time.
Our numbers of the week are 5 and 6. We use the rhymes 'down and around then a flag on high that's the way we make a five' and 'down we go and make a loop, number 6 makes a hoop'. We will be counting up to 5/6 objects and finding one more. We will also be making telescopes and talking about length.
We are so pleased to see how much the children have been reading at home. Thank you so much for your support with this. Just a reminder that we count up home reads each Friday.
Welcome Ladybirds and Butterflies!

The children have all settled in so well and have already started to explore, learn and have lots of fun!
Each week we will send out a message about specific learning for the following week on the class website and on class dojo.

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