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My Scented Garden Newsletter

Week beginning Tuesday 5th June 2018


Welcome back after the half term holidays. We hope you had a lovely break!


This half term, our topic is 'My Scented Garden'. We will learning all about plants and growing. 

This week, we are starting with looking at fairy tales and comparing traditional versions to alternative versions. We will look at a variety of fairy tales but our main focus will be on Jack and the Beanstalk.

We will also be planting cress seeds and writing instructions for how to do so. We will be planning an investigation on plants and asking key questions that we want to explore and investigate. In Maths, we will be recapping on length and measuring items for our garden. We will also be problem solving around length and making links with the story 'Jim and the Beanstalk'. 

On Friday some Year 5 children from the Juniors will be coming over to join in with our PE afternoon and then next week we will go the Junior School to join in with their PE!


Please have a look at the newsletter to see what will be doing across this very busy half term.

Monday 16th April 2018


Welcome back after a lovely Easter break. Hopefully we are looking at sunshine ahead!


This terms topic is Wriggle and Crawl -see newsletter attatched. 


We started off this topic with a visit from Zoolab where we met some minibeasts and other exciting creatures. We are writing a letter this week to persuade you to let us bring one home!


We will then be working on writing numbers in words and the days of the week by writing our own version of The Hungry Caterpillar - The Very Unhealthy Caterpillar! 


We are revising time, double and half and calculations in Maths. 


For our topic we start our science investigating and observing minibeasts particularly worms. We will be getting ready to make out own wormeries. 






Week Begining 26th February 2018


Welcome back after a lovely week off and hope you are enjoying some snow!

This week we are starting our celebration of world book day by looking at the text 'The Naughty Bus'. The children will be taking photos of their naughty vehicles and practising building sentences ready to make their very own book on Thursday.

Lots of our week will be spent working on our investors in pupils work, making our class books, writing targets, discussing roles and responsilbities. We will also be linking R.E. to our English work learning about some of the miracles of Jesus.


In phonics we will be looking at all the ways of making ar and the short oo family. We will then be learning about homphones.


In Maths we will be re capping addition and subtraction. Starting by going over exchanigng ten ones for a ten and applying this. We will then move onto missing numbers problems.


In P.E. Mr Peat will be starting a section of skills around dance, linking and copying movements. We will also be learning to express our bodies through dance thinking about how music makes us feel.


Don't forget our World Book Day celebrations. We have Hobgoblin Theatre in to perform the Wizard of Oz on Tuesday afternoon and will be making books on Thursday, sharing them with children in school and taking part in a wild read!


Another busy week.

Year Two Newsletter Spring 2nd

Week Begining 8th January 2018


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas break and I am sure you are ready now to send them back to school!


This term is going to be an exciting one with our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic. See below for the newsletter.


We start our topic and English off reading George's Marvellous medicine. We will be doing a reading comprehension around this, looking scientifically and what changes when put in water as we make our own mucky, messy mixtures. The children will also be making clay pots that they can take home and make their own mixtures in. Through our topic we will be looking at commas in a list, writing imaginatively about what  things we might find for our messy mixtures.The children will also be looking at medicine safety over the coming weeks. Sorry if they start making lots of messy mixtures at home with your toothpaste!


In phonics we will be looking at the ly ending so lots of adverbs. We will also be revisiting phase 5 families the c and ch family.


In Maths we are dividing by 2/5/10 and using groups to show our working out and number lines. We will then move onto problems and reasoning looking at odd and even numbers too.


As part of our work on e-safety we will be beginning to use the e mail on purple mash. The children will be receiving an unkind e mail and deciding what to do about it.  


Homework sheets will be coming home soon but lots of Roald Dahl books would be great to look at and if you google the website that would be great!

Year 2 Newsletter Spring 1- Jan 2018 Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Victorian Christmas at Newstead

Victorian Christmas


We had a wonderful start to our Victorian Christmas celebrations by travelling to Newstead Abbey to join other schools to learn about how The Webb family celebrate Christmas.


We met Mr Webb and all his staff. We made smelly bags in the kitchens, played games in the great hall and learnt about the Chirstmas tree that Prince Albert (Victoria's husband) introduced. We also went up to the children's attic and discovered all the old toys and got to play with them. We also listened to a story and watched the pictures move on a very old projector. The story was hilarious. We finished the day with a Christmas carol altogether.


We have been so busy practising our performance but have still found time to keep up our phonics revising phase 5 to help us all segment more and we will be moving onto division this week.


On Friday we had a Victorian tea party with victoria sponge, tea and sandwiches. Mrs Black brought in her Victorian tea set and we pretended to be the Webb family. We had a school role play, paper doilie art, marble games and made a cup and ball.

Titanic Week


The past two weeks have been so exiciting as we learnt more about the Titanic. We read a diary entry from a little girl who told the story through her eyes. We had an exciting 'Wow' moment when Mrs Black dressed up as Captain Smith and led us on board the Titanic. We had to collect our first, second or third class ticket and move up the gang plank on board the ship. Inside we watched videos about the Titanic and did a sensory game which enoucraged us to talk about what we thought we could see, hear, smell, touch and how we felt.


Then we role played characters on board the Titanic so we could really put ourselves in their position and researched more questions to find out more information. We then practised sentence building through our Rainbow Grammar. We have been using when/that/if and beacuse.


Later that week we wrote our own diary entries about the night the Titanic sunk. The children really captured the moment!


In Science we investigated what makes ice melt quickest and had a wonderful afternoon using oil, salt, sugar, different materials to test our prediction out.


In Maths we have been concentrating on multiplication. We have been drawing groups, arrays and number lines to help us.


In our topic time we also designed and made posters to advertise the Titanic. We had to remember key facts and persaude people to come on board 'the most maginificent cruise liner of all time'.


Week Begining 27th November


We were so busy last week finishing our work on Australia and Captain Cook. We were looking at what a fact sheet was and then we made our own Captain Cook fact sheets in pairs. They are hanging in our classroom if you want to see. We made a 'toolkit' to help us understand what a fact sheet was and how to lay it out. We have also been using when, if, that and becauase to join our sentences. In phonics we have been looking at contractions like 'it's, he's, we'll, don't and didn't'.


Our topic has been all about looking at the human and physical features of Australia and comparing it to Britain. In Art we learnt about aboriginal dot paintings and what the symbols mean. We created our very own using cotton buds.


In Maths we started multilpication using groups to help us draw and showing the opposite. eg. 3 x 2 = 6      2 x 3 = 6.


Next week we will carry on multiplying in maths reasoning and explaining our answers and having a go at using other drawings to help us multiply. We are also going to get better and showing the relationship between multiplication and division.


We start our Titanic work which the children are excited about. We have been reaidng a little girls diary of her account on board the ship. We will be doing some drama, watching clips of the shipwreck and imagining what it must have felt like to be there at the time. We will then be writing our own diary entries and a newspaper article using the laptops. In science we will be investigating ice in relation to the iceberg that the titanic hit.


Purple Mash - our new online software

Purple Mash


The children will be coming home with a login and password for purplemsh. Please follow this link:

or alternatively Google: purplemash/2simple.


The children then login and can e mail safely between each other. There are games, writing, music and maths programmes galore. We will be using this in school but we wanted the children to have access at home as well.


Let me know if there are any problems logigng in.



We have made posters about Cyber-bullying using pic collage.

Week beginning 13th November 2017


This week it is Anti-Bullying Week across the country. The theme of the week is celebrating differences and equality. In Year 2 we have linked lots of our learning to this theme. We have looked at the story of David and Goliath and answered questions to check our comprehension skills. We used the story as a starting point for talking about our differences and our similarities.

In Maths, we have been practising measuring in centimetres and milimetres. We drew David and Goliath and measured their heights. We then found the difference between their heights using a subtraction strategy of our own choice. We also compared the heights of some famous footballers which the children really enjoyed! Later this week, we will use football cards to complete some more learning on subtraction.

We have also shared the story of 'Enemy Pie' and used this as a discussion for what qualities make a good friend. The children measured out ingredients for their own friendship pies such as 3cm of kindness and 6cm of fun!

In PSHE, we have played games to discuss our similarities and differences and  we have written sentences talking about our friends. We have taken photographs of the best part of ourselves and written about why we love this part. The children will also be talking about their families and drawing a picture of their family for a whole school display during this week as well.


We are also going to be trialling a new way of giving feedback to parents from our spelling check. Now the children come into class by theirselves in the morning we are aware that parents don't get to see how they have done with the spellings. So from next week, the children will bring home a small copy of the previous weeks spellings with the words ticked or highlighted to show which words they have got correct and which ones they stilll need to practise.


Thank you for your support

Year 2 Class Teachers



Week beginning November 6th 2017


This week in Maths we are continuing to learn about subtraction. The children are practising drawing their own number lines as one strategy to work out the answers.

In English, we have decided to let the children's interests lead the way and we are going to be sharing and writing our own stories about...poo! The texts we will look at include 'The dinosaur that pooped' and 'The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business'. We hope the children will be very excited to write their own humorous stories later this week!

In Phonics, we have been continuing to learn about writing in the past tense and in particular, the rules for adding 'ed' endings. Today, we used firework words which the children really enjoyed.

In topic, we will be continuing to learn about the voyages of Captain Cook and also about Australia. We will start to share some dream time stories with the children. In addition, we will do some learning on remembrance and create some art work to commemorate Remembrance Sunday next weekend.

Sailing the Seven Seas Homework ideas

Week Begining 30th October 2017


Welcome back. I hope everyone is nice and rested after the half term.


This week in R.E./English we will be looking at the story of Daniel and the lion. The children will be predicting what happens from a picture and then using the text to answer questions. We will be using puppets and backgrounds to act the story out. After that we will be using our senses to think about how Daniel felt in the lion pit and writing our own rainbow grammar sentences focussing on punctuation. Later in the week we will write a diary entry and then edit our work to check full stops and capitals.


In phonics we are starting phase 6 looking at the rules for adding ed.


In Maths we are subtracting  using a number line, tens and ones and beginning to use column subtraction.


In PHSE we will be thinking about how Daniel overcame difficulties and how we can in our own life.


In Music we will be looking at Peter and the Wolf and the instruments that portray the characters.


In computing we will be looking at writing algorithms and coding using Lego fix factory - this is an app you can download at home.


In topic we start our work looking at the explorer Captain Cook. We will be having fun getting to know who he is, where is went and what he discovered.


A letter will go out this week about Newstead Camp and we hope everyone can make it as we would love all year  two to join us.

Our New topic is Sailing the Seven Seas. Look what we will be getting up to....

Pirate Party with our parents and carers- We shared our non-fiction writing

House competition

Our new houses

Week begining 9th October 2017


In guided reading we have been enjoying pirate poems looking at rhyme, repeition, verses and description.


In English we have been writing algorithms for pirate hats using bossy verbs. We then got to write our own set of instructions. Some of us chose to write about how to build a minecraft house, how to brush your teeth or even how to be a wizard! We have been reading lots of non-fiction about pirates too and are now starting to pick out the key features of the text. We will be using questions marks to record questions we want answering about pirates. Then we will use in the internet to research them. After we will sort facts under different headings ready to start thinking about writing our own book. We will be thinking about different sentence starters and using a variety of conjunctions.


In phonics we have been looking at

  • dge - fudge
  • mb - climb
  • k- knat
  • r- wren


In topic we will continue to think about famous pirates and putting them on a timeline and recalling facts. With pastels we will be creating our own pirate styled self-portraits for the wall. We have also been using the app Hopscotch to programme/code a creature. We have had to do lots of de-bugging to get it right!

In Maths we have been looking at secret formulas eg .if 3 + 4 = 7 then 30 + 40 = 70. We have been adding using tens and ones and are now using column addition, even renaming (remainders). On Friday we hope to be pirates finding treasure using co ordinates.


Don't forget Harvest Festival next week!


We have also been so excited to start out new houses and hope everyone will enter the first competition.





Following algorithms to make pirate hats

Thanks for all your support with class dojo, the children have earned so many points we are astounded!

Week Begining 2nd October 2017


We will continue our pirate theme by working on pirate non-fiction texts in guided reading and answering questions using evidence from the text. We will also be reading pirate poetry and writing our own poem called 'In a Pirate's Pocket'. I am sure the children with think of lots of gruesome things they find! Within this poem we will be looking at commas in a list and remembering all the lovely adjectives we have been thinking of to describe nouns. In phonics we will continue to work on phase 5 looking at alternative ways of spelling the short i, the alternative ch sound and dge. We will also be looking at would, should and could as they are tricky!


In maths we will be finishing off our work on describing and extending number patterns and moving onto addition and subtraction. Through topic we will look at co ordinates.


In topic we will be looking at alogithms in computing and will reading and writing our won instructions on how to make a pirate hat. Hopefully they will enjoy making them! We will also be looking at how to keep pirates healthy, famous pirates and their historical timeline and looking at treasure maps and co ordinates.

Another busy week!


Don't forget Friday is an inset day.




Which one do you think will float?

Here we are designing and making a boat that will float.

Meet the teacher power point

Week Beginning 17th September


This week the children began with a pirate drama workshop. They had to become pirates on board a ship and rescue the keys from Captain Patch! All very exciting! As the children about banana language? We wrote a recount about this visit using time starters. 


We have been familiarising with the story 'The Night Pirates' which the children have loved. They drew their own story maps ready to write a pirate adventure next week. 


We have started our guided reading groups this week solving a pirate mystery and reading clues to find the evidence. 


We have also been writing silly sentences using adjectives, nouns verbs and adverbs. Like: Angry Calico Jack was digging for treasure greedily with his sharp spade. 


In maths we have been working with tens and ones breaking them up and finding different ways to make whole numbers. We have also been practising how to find one more, less and moving onto 5 more, less and 10 more and less than a number.


We have made colourful parrots, searched the web for pirate facts, made treasure maps with co ordinates and investigated sinking and floating. We looked at which materials float best. We also did a test to see which materials can be squashed, bent and twisted and whether the change is permanent. We recorded and analysed our results. 



Pirate Drama

We wanted to say a big welcome back to all year two children and their parents and carers We had a great fist two days back with everyone settling in so well. This week we are beginning our new topic ‘Land Ahoy’. Please see the newsletter attached.

We will be starting our pirate adventure through a drama workshop on Tuesday (sorry to ask for money already but it is well worth it!). The children will be familiarising themselves with the story ‘The Night Pirates’. We will be recounting our drama visit and then designing the pirate we want to be and writing about it. Later we will be revisiting what a noun, verb and adjective is through a pirate treasure chest to stimulate our imagination. The we will be practising orally rehearsing sentences and concentrating on our phonics by revising phase 5 alternative sounds. In Art we will be looking at pirate ships and thinking about our senses, taking note of line, shape and detail. We will look at a class comprehension pirate themed!

In Maths we will be practising number formation and writing numbers in words, counting to 100 on and back in tens and showing this through place value. We will then be comparing numbers and representing them with tens sticks and ones cubes.

We also begin our singing with Mrs Watkins by starting to practise some harvest songs and will be focussing on multi skills and gymnastics with Gordon and Mr Peet.

· Meet the teacher event will be on Thursday 21st September please see parent mail for more information.

In the mornings we have enjoyed you all coming into read with your child and we hope to step this up this year with other learning activities before moving the children onto the independence of coming in on their own. Please feel free to use this time to change children’s reading books.

We are so looking forward to this topic and hope the children are too.

Please feel free to come and see us anytime you need to! Thanks Year 2 Team