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School Dinner & Healthy Life Styles

School Dinners
With a Team of Experts continuously searching, testing and menu planning, you can be assured that every meal is as good as its gets, when it’s freshly made and served in a Nottinghamshire school. Remember, we only use Fresh Meat from Local Butchers, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables (grown locally where possible), Fillets of Fish and Chicken Breast meat. The latest menu is available by following this link...

The menu changes each term and we will be sending out the next menu just before the end of this term.

Go on... Give them a try. Remember every infant child is entitled to a free hot meal from September 2014!

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
We believe that children have a right to lead a healthy life. This means that they will need to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed choices as they progress through school. We have an important role in teaching our children about making choices and talking with them about keeping themselves healthy throughout their lives.

Over the past few years there have been many changes that have contributed to our school culture of healthy living:

We provide fruit every day, washed and prepared by volunteer parents.

Children are strongly encouraged to have their own water bottle and to drink only water regularly. Please remember that only water is allowed in bottles - no juice please.

We have made considerable changes to the playground environment, doubling its size; designing and building trim trails, climbing frames, other physical play activities, running, football and other sports areas.

We have invested in games equipment for lunchtime and playtime use, with suitable storage and a system for children to contribute towards looking after the equipment.

We give all children in years 1 and 2 a quality games provision, delivered by experienced coaches. The foundation stage teachers also deliver a programme of outdoor play and education, and TAs take the reception children for an extra games session every week. Of course other PE lessons are part of the curriculum every week too.

We have regular "Wake n' Shake" sessions too, first thing in the morning! We love it when parents join in too!

Everyone, not least the lunchtime supervisors who are on the “front line” are part of the team promoting healthy eating and physical exercise. There has been discussion and training for supervisors in delivering positive play and eating messages. There is a very high level of co-operation amongst the lunchtime staff.

We now make healthy living one of the key messages given at induction meetings for the new children.

We have discussed the healthy lifestyle initiative with our Out Of School Club. They too, try to offer healthy food choices and physical activity before and after school.

We have sports clubs after school every day. We work with the sports providers to encourage children to attend these clubs after school hours and at holiday times. These have included tennis, multi sports, dance, yoga, football and cricket.

Overall, a lot of thought and work has been put into providing all our children with opportunities to follow a healthy lifestyle. We will continue to make this a high priority at Westdale.

We have obtained the Healthy School's Gold Award, an Enhanced Award for Physical Activity Development and the Investors In Pupils award for all our efforts.