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Year 1 Comets and Moonbeams

Comets and Moonbeams
We have had a very busy week learning about Mrs Armitage and her bike.
In English we have been building up to writing our own version of Mrs Armitage. The children had some great ideas today of what she could ride on and what Mrs Armitage might add to make it an even better vehicle. I had buses which had sweet machines added, go-karts with rocket boosters and even a car with its very own hot tub!!!! Such imagination Moonbeams, well done.

In Maths we have started to look at splitting numbers up into tens and ones and counting large groups by making groups of ten and adding the extra ones on to make a 2-digit number.

We have carried on looking at the history of bikes and the children have loved learning about the boneshaker and the penny farthing. This week we also created our own timeline of bikes through the ages and look at what is the same/ different between the bikes. It was interesting looking at which wheel the pedal turn as older bikes the pedal turned the front wheel and modern bikes turn the back wheels. Have a look at you bikes and trikes at home which wheel do the pedal turn.

In science we looked at creating Mrs Armitage a waterproof umbrella and today we have been testing out different materials look for the ones which are waterproof. You might like to look around your house for waterproof materials.

In phonics we finished reviewing the phase 3 phonemes this week and worked on learning to spell me, be and see without any support.

Next week we will be starting our RE topic on harvest and Sukkot and learning all about pumpkins. If you are growing one at home I would love to see pictures via dojo. I wonder who has grown the biggest pumpkin.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Chamberlain and Mr Hedges

‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’    27.09.2021

This week we have:

In phonics we have recapped the digraphs  ar  er  or  ow  ee . We spotted the digraphs in words, we drew phoneme buttons, we matched words to pictures, we hunted real words from alien words and wrote them to make words.

In English we looked at story maps and sequencing key events of the story.

In Maths we counted objects to 20 and beyond. We counted to a 100 on a hundred square, number lines and Gattegno boards. We paused at the 9s to make sure we were confident which tens number came next.

In Science we sorted objects Mrs Armitage used for her bike by the materials they are made of. We discussed our findings and tried explaining why some materials were not used and some used more than others.

In History we looked at the history of bikes and how they have changed over time.

In PHSRE we discussed solving problems through negotiation. How can we sort our disagreements between ourselves.

In PE we did gymnastics; balances and rolls and game skills; throw and catch.

In music we looked at dynamics, making sounds louder and softer in a variety of ways.