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Year 2 Suns and Rainbows

Weekly Update week beginning 22nd May 2023 


What a week we have had and we can't tell you how wonderful and delightful the children have been. They have utterly amazed us with their kindness. Thanks also for your support as parents, we can't thank you enough. 


This week had been our R.E. week all about the Torah and the stories within it. The children have kept up their English within this using reading strategies to find out about the Torah and writing about the importance of the Torah. They are experts on the Torah now, ask them what they know and I think you will be surprised. We also looked at the story of Moses and the ten commandments as well as acting out Joseph and his technicolour dream coat. We talked about the relationship between Joseph and his brothers and how the characters felt. 


The children have also been working hard to recap telling the time to half past and then learning how to tell the time to quarter past and quarter to. Some children did 5 min intervals. We have a time teller watch in class so each child gets a turn to wear the teaching watch for the day. We urge parents to work on telling the time at home as it is such tricky thing to nail. Lots really need to go over this daily if possible. 


In Science the children have been learning about food chains, which they have loved and in Music they have been writing musical notation and making up their own tune. Our last session on Racial Diversity was all about Racism and bullying through the story Amazing Grace. 


In phonics they have been working on ending for ed and swapping the y for an ied. This is in word like hurry to hurried and marry to married. 


After half term we begin our new topic called Twisted Tales and Garden Trails, where we look at alternative fairy tales and look into plants in our Science. 


We really hope you have a sunny and restful half term. 


The Year 2 Team 



Weekly update 19.5.23

This week we have been excited to see that our caterpillars have made cocoons so we have put them safely in our butterfly nets and will be watching carefully to see what happens next!

In phonics we have been practising spelling rules such as adding es and ing.

In geography we had a walk around the school grounds, sketching things we could see and spotting human and physical features.  We then used our sketches to draw a detailed map of the school with a key.

In computing we looked at asking questions to build a database all about minibeasts.

In maths we have done lots of revision, including fractions, data handling and what the different maths symbols mean.

In English we have recalled our experience of the coronation weekend and written a recount of the coronation day at school using full stops, capital letters and the past tense.

In PE we have done some yoga and some more bat and ball skills over on the MUGA with our sports coach. We are really getting good at hitting the ball!

Well done to this weeks house point winners Team Fire!

Thank you for making sure the children are in school and on time during our quiz weeks. It has really helped. The children have all done really well and we are super proud of them all!

Have a great weekend

The Year 2 team

Weekly update 15.05.23


Good afternoon.

What another fantastic week in Year 2.  The children have worked really hard in their quizzes this week and we are really proud of them.  The quizzes will continue next week.

This week we have been recapping different areas of maths. At the start of the week the children enjoyed revisiting 2D shapes, talking about their properties and making them on the geoboards with elastic bands.  They then moved onto looking at 3D shapes before completing a challenge about symmetry.  Later in the week they looked at time including o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  They had great fun making their own clock then using this to tell the time and complete time questions.

We have also been continuing our work on mini beasts and the children have really enjoyed watching our Painted Lady caterpillars grow.  It is looking like they will be going into their chrysalises over the next few days which will be very exciting!

In PE on Friday both classes started a series of sessions with a sports coach.  They will be working on their racket and ball skills.  The first session was really successful and the children worked hard at using the ready position to enable them to get a better reaction time before practising their underarm throwing and racket skills.

In art, they have been looking at the work of Petrit Halilaj, a visual artist, who uses lines and felt tips to add texture and depth to his work.  If you are interested in finding out more about him then head to the Tate Kids website (  Although they found it difficult avoid to block colouring both classes tried really hard to use lines to add texture to animal outlines.  Next week, we will be using the same techniques to create some visual art that links to our science and hopefully we will be able to display it for you all to see!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Take care,

The Year 2 Team.

Weekly Update - 1st May 2023 



We've had a really wormy week this week! The children have spent all week writing their worm non-fiction books under different headings. They have written an Introduction and subheadings such as Appearance, Habitat, Diet and Behaviour. Some children even wrote their own chapter on lifecycles and included a glossary! They really have been Earthworm experts and showed such superb progress in their writing. 


In phonics we have been looking back at our Switch it Spell words, checking what the children know. We like to do a lot of 'give it a tick or fix it quick' to help children see their own mistakes. We have also looked at tricky words this week making sure children can spell those key words that can't be sounded out such as 'people' and 'called'. 


In Maths we have been re looking at multiplication and division concentrating in counting in 2' 5's and 10's. We have been writing calculations to match arrays. 


In Geography the children have been using a compass outside to follow simple instructions. They had such a great time outdoors finding North, East, South and West. They have also learnt why maps need a key, they have made their own simple symbols to make a key and been able to answer questions reading a map. 


Next week we will begin our quizzes. Please be assured we do this very sensitively. The children will get a magic pencil, plenty of biscuits to keep them going and be in small groups watched closely by an adult. When they aren't completing quizzes they will be doing lots of fun activities linked to learning in their own classrooms. Please remember they may be a little more tired so be patient with them if they don't feel like reading next week.  We reassure the children, as always and take good care of them. 


We have ended the week with some activities to do with the Coronation and obviously are super excited about the picnic. 


We also have a sports coach in next week and he will also be chatting to the children about football rules, etiquette and how to be a real team player as well as focussing on Games. Don't forget to bring your child in their PE kit on Wednesday and Friday.


We wish you all a fantastic long weekend, whatever you are doing to celebrate the King's Coronation.  


The Year Two Team 


Weekly update 28.4.23

In phonics this week we have been recapping the split digraphs a-e, e-e, i-e and o-e using words with these spelling to write sentences in our jotters.

The children are really enjoying our Wriggle and Crawl topic and have really impressed us with how many facts they have learnt about worms in Science. We have been reading and researching lots of worm facts in English and even observed real worms to make notes on their behaviours!

In Maths we have been subtracting 2-digit numbers using our tens and ones, solving subtraction problems along the way.

In PSHE we have been talking about managing our feelings and deciding on helpful strategies for when we feel angry or upset.

In Computing we have been using branching databases to answer yes no questions about minibeasts.

In PE we have continued our bat and ball and yoga work working on our balance and co-ordination.

In Geography we have been looking at aerial photographs of our local area.  If you get chance to ask the children about the physical and human features that you see on your way to school, they should be able to point some out to you!  You could even look at Google maps to track your route to school.

Don’t forget next week is Bank holiday Monday.  We also have the Coronation Picnic on Fri 5th May in the afternoon (see weekly round up for more details). We will look forward to seeing lots of you there.

Have a good weekend!

The Year 2 team


Weekly Update - 17th April 2023 


This week the children have come back sharing some lovely bits of news about their Easter holidays. It sounds like everyone had a really good rest and lots of fun! At least we are seeing the sun a bit more now except today when it is pouring! 


In phonics this week the children finished their last Switch it Spell sounds - the ou digraph. They then have spent some time going over some of the sounds we have seen they have struggled with in their reading or spelling. We have looked back at all the ways of making au, or, aw as well as the ways of making ew, oo, ue and u_e. Next week we will look back at some more we find tricky to consolidate previous learning. 


In English the children have been having a little go at our reading quizzes supported by us. Reading the text and finding the evidence within it. They have also started reading our key text Yukky Worms and finding out facts about worms. They also read some information about worms and had to decide which statements were true or false, finding the evidence in the text. The children have been recapping apostrophe's for possession. In handwriting they have been joining on and om as in cone and home.  


In Maths this week the children have been practising adding two two digit numbers using partitioning and tens and ones. They have also practised some of our quizzes, guided by us. One thing they did find trickier was time so keep this up at home and we will be going over it again this term. Get them to practise o'clock, half past but also quarter past and to. Also continuing to listen to your child counting in 2's, 10's and 5's is really good practise and some can even do 3's.


In PHSRE the children have been using different vocabulary to talk about feelings and completing their own heart of feelings to enable them to express their emotions. 


P.E. this week has been games and yoga. The children have started to learn how to hold a bat correctly in order to hit the ball and improve direction. In yoga they have been learning to control their breath and co ordination, stretching and bending. 


In science our whole half term is about minibeasts and their habitats and this will be linked heavily to English. They have designed a woodlouse experiment to find out the conditions that a woodlouse likes to live in. 


In Geography they have been learning the directions on a compass and how to follow and give instructions using North, East, South and West. Some children even had a go at NE and SW! 


Please remember that Perlethorpe is getting closer and we do need confirmation of numbers. We are keen to take everyone as it is part of their education and they will be learning lots of key life skills. It also links heavily to the year two curriculum. We don't want to leave anyone behind as it is a chance to be a whole year group before they move up to the Juniors and we will use it in our learning when we get back.  Please let us know if you need any financial support or are still anxious about the decision. We promise to take good care of them and that they will come back buzzing! 


Have a great weekend everyone! 


The Year Two Team 






Year 2 Summer 1 - Wriggle and Crawl Topic Trail

Phonics Newsletter

Weekly Update WB 27th March 2023


Good Afternoon,

Well, we have made it through another half term!  Where has the time gone?  Once again Year 2 have had a jam packed busy half term with lots of fantastic learning and lots of fun!

This week has been RE week so we have been learning all about the Easter story and all the events that lead up to Easter Sunday.  The children did some fantastic writing about the Last Supper and have also explored the feelings that are associated with Easter including discussing feelings of forgiveness and sadness and joy.  Our final activity was to draw a picture about the Easter Story and use the techniques of Sgraffito and blending using oil pastels that we learnt earlier in the term. The pictures looked amazing and the children have really thought about the colours and techniques they have used.

In maths, we have been learning about money either recognizing coins and then using different coins to create the same amount as well as adding and subtracting with different coins.

On Wednesday the children took part in a dodgeball tournament which they all enjoyed. 

As part of DT we have designed and made our own pasta salad today. The children really enjoyed chopping, grating and peeling different vegetables then making and eating their own pasta salad this afternoon.  Some of them looked absolutely delicious! And thank you to all the parents who came in and helped the children with the chopping, peeling and grating, we really appreciate it.

In phonics, we have been looking at the different sounds for ch and computing involved creating a piece of surrealist art using the 2Paint app in Purple Mash.  The children have all enjoyed using this application to create a variety of different artworks and there are still a few we haven’t had time to cover if they interested.

Finally the Year 2 team would like to wish you all a Happy Easter.  We hope you have a lovely fortnight off and we look forward to seeing all the Year 2 children back on Monday 17th March.

Take care,

The Year 2 Team

Phonics Newsletter

Weekly Update WB: 20th March 2023 


This week we have finished off reading The Twits, which we have absolutely loved! The children were able to work on editing sentences and paragraphs that Mrs Black had got wrong, in order to spot errors. They loved using teacher pens to do this. They then drew their own story map for the new trick they wanted to write about and on Thursday they wrote their own chapter of The Twits. They really impressed us with their funny ideas. Some of them even used speech marks which was amazing! Roald Dahl would have been proud of all their ideas. They were a little bit too good at thinking of tricks!


In Maths they have continued to work on fractions and knowing that 1/2 is broken into two parts, 1/4 four parts and 1/3 three parts. They have been finding a 1/2, 1/4 or 1/3 of numbers and shapes. We then moved into finding 3/4 of a number or shape and 2/3. They still need lots of practise with this bit and we have continued to use practical objects and drawings to help us. 


In computing they have been creating artwork digitally in the style of William Morris. In PHSRE they have talked about how sleep and exercise are good for your health. See, we do try to encourage the to sleep for you all! On Tuesday they made sculptures out of recycled objects, inspired by out artist Michelle Reader. As a year group we were very impressed with their ideas, how they attached and their creativity! 


In Racial Diversity the children read about Racism. They designed their own superhero who would combat Racism and wrote about what Racism and what their superhero would do if they heard or saw it. 


In P.E. they have continued to work on their water dance this week. They have been moving in response to stimuli, moving in rhythm and working in groups to perform a dance. 


Next week we delve in to our R.E. and will be looking all the themes around Easter. More info in the next update. 


Don't forget our dodge ball competition next week on Wednesday and remember to make sure all reads are in diaries as we will be counting dojo points and giving out prizes. 


Please look out for the SATS presentation PPT link that the office will send via parent mail. We will also pop this on the website and on class dojo. If anyone does have further questions after they have seen this, please feel free to ask us. 


It was great to see so many of you at parents evening and thank you to those people who filled in all the positive comments on the door as they came in. It always gives us a boost to hear lovely things too. We are also more than happy to work on any developments to improve. 


After Easter we will also be sending out some information about transition. Ruth Kyle, the Acting Head at the Junior school, is coming to visit us on Thursday to plan our transition activities for the Summer term.  


Thank, as always for your support. 


The Year 2 Team 

Weekly update 17.3.23

Thank you to those of you who attended parents evening this week. It was lovely to catch up with you all and get a chance to share your child’s wonderful work.

This week we have been reading The Twits by Roald Dahl, analysing the characters and events in the story. The children have enjoyed the ‘tricks’ so watch out at home! They produced some fun drama sketches with their own crazy ideas for tricks they could play.

We enjoyed a very special Maths Day on Tues (always celebrated on the 14th March because the date can be written as pi (3.14). We linked our 3D shapes maths work with some wonderful sculpture art inspired by the artist Alex Calder to make for a thoroughly enjoyable days learning.

The rest of the weeks Maths has been all about fractions, finding one half, one quarter and one third of shapes and objects. If you have time to practise this at home please do.

In Phonics we have been switching the Group 3 ou sound (mouse and mouldy) and the o sound (frog, old and monk). Our tricky words this week have been somebody, someone, something.

In Science we have continued our work on healthy eating by designing our own Healthy Pasta Salad, inspired by Mrs Twits wormy spaghetti!  We tried to include food from each of the food groups: carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, proteins, dairy and oils/fats. Definitely no worms allowed!

In Computing we have used 2PaintaPicture to create artwork inspired by Piet Mondrian, drawing using straight lines and the fill tool. We are also getting very good at playing the ukulele thanks to Mrs Jenkins.

In our multi-skills PE lesson we have been using different types of throws in a target throwing game and in dance we have been practicing a Water dance ready to perfect and perform next week.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 2 Team

Weekly Update 13th March 2023 


Well what started in the sun has ended in snow! What a a week! The children were so sensible on Thursday, all busy making snow people and enjoying the excitement of our first sight of snow for the year. 


So this week in Maths children have been looking at the relationship between multiplication and division. They have continued to use skip counting to help them with this, as well as drawings 2p's 10's and 5's. They have been working with problems and writing their own. Children have been finding the four fact family, which they have been amazing at. Here is a game they might like to play at home:


In English we have finished reading George's Marvellous Medicine and been working on the comprehension of the text. The children have been reading parts of the text in order to retrieve info, work out new words for meaning, infer and scan the text for information. They have been looking in depth at the character of Grandma, writing notes about her which then led into a character description. Next week we focus on The Twits! 


In SPAG they have looked at 

I know plurals means more than one. I know the spelling rule for adding s, es and ies to words.


In Phonics we are working on Switch it Spell group 3 looking at the a sounds that can make an a in sand, a long a in angel and age and an o sound in watch and wasp. 


In computing they have made a picture of Grandma using pointillism, all based on using information technology to create pictures. In PHSRE they have that their choices can affect the health of their body and mind. This week we also had a session looking at Perlethorpe Camp and telling the children all about it and allowing them to ask questions. In Art they designed their own sculpture inspired by some of the work of Michelle Reader. In P.E. they have been look at how they can move in response to stimuli, move with rhythm and dance in a group of 3 working as a team. In Science they have been looking at where food comes from. 


Enjoy the snow and stay safe!

The Year 2 Team 


Weekly update 03.03.23
Good Afternoon,
What a lovely week we have had in Year 2.
This week in Maths we have been continuing our work on division and particularly step counting eg. 2, 4, 6, 8 to help us find the answer to a division question. If you can continue practising counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s forwards and backwards that will really help.
In English, we did some more reading and discussion around George’s Marvellous Medicine particularly focussing on the character of Grandma.
For Computing we have started looking at using 2Paint in the style of different artist. This week we all made our own Impressionist painting on the tablet which was a very relaxing session!
In PE we continued our Dance topic. This week we focussed on the Earth and danced like dinosaurs using slow and heavy and light and fast movements.
We used our fitness logs to talk about exercise, how much we need and the importance of getting active in Science. It was really interesting finding out all the different sports and activities that children and adults in Year 2 do.
For phonics this week, we have been reviewing the Switch it Sounds we have covered so far and using our knowledge to write sentences using the words from our phonics sessions.
Finally, we had World Book Day yesterday and it was nice to share stories and spend time reading together.
Have a lovely weekend.
The Year 2 Team.

Home Learning ideas for Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Weekly update 24.2.23

Welcome back to the 2nd half term of Spring.

Thank you to all the families that took part in the Science homework and completed a fitness log over the break.  Lots of you managed to record your 60 minutes of activity each day which is brilliant so well done! We will talk about these in class next week.

This week we have launched our new topic called ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’.  The children are thoroughly enjoying George’s Marvellous Medicine and have already produced some great writing about their medicine mixtures using commas in a list.

In phonics we have been continuing with Switch it Group 2 and learning the ie (tie and chief) and the ea (dream and bread) sounds.

In Maths we have been dividing by grouping and starting to solve division story problems. Being able to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s has really helped us with this so keep practising that at home.

As part of the Carlton Academy Art Exhibition, the children have produced some colourful hearts using oil pastels. These will be used to create a Year 1 and 2 art piece which can be seen shortly. More details to follow.

In PE we have started our new Dance unit and today we created and performed an ‘Air Dance’ to 3 different types of classical music changing the speed and size of our moves.

In Science we have been thinking about healthy eating and what makes a good balanced diet. We have learnt about some different food groups and talked about how much fruit and veg we should eat every day. We passed around lots of food items and looked carefully at the red, amber and green label to decide how healthy each food item was and how it helps us make healthy choices. Perhaps you could look at some food in your own cupboards at home and send us a dojo?

Well done to Team Fire who won the house point trophy this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Year 2 Team

Perlethorpe Welcome Meeting

Weekly Update


3rd February 2023 


This week has been such a busy and exciting one!


In our spelling, punctuation and grammar session we have been adding ed endings to words ending in y. For example cry becomes cried. Our weekly English has been very cross curricular. Lots of research into attacking and defending castles and learning new vocab related to that. The children have been looking at thew features of a non-fiction text and practising their reading skills to sort facts under headings. They made castles out of equipment in the classroom but they had to think about the parts of the castles they included for defense purposes. They then had some time role playing attacking a castle. In their groups they then had to present facts about how and why they made their castles as they did and the ways they attacked. This really helped lots of their knowledge go into their long term memory. 


Our trip to the Castle on Thursday reinforced lots of the knowledge we have been remembering about the parts of a castle and how to attack and defend. The children took part in shield making, a medieval banquet, archery, handling artefacts and a walk around the castle walls. The trip was excellent and we were really proud of all the children who went, the questions they asked and the knowledge they took away. Watching the children take on the different roles within a castle was so much fun. Some were Kings, Queen's, Lords, Ladies and servers. We even had a leader of hounds and a jester! During the archery, the staff were very impressed with the children's ability to shoot and we got to handle some of the armour like the gauntlet and even try on a Norman helmet! At shield making the children followed instructions to make their shields unique and learnt about some of the famous people who would have used shields at Lincoln. On the castle walls the children spotted the two mottes, where the moat would have been, the battlements, keep, bailey, and arrow slits. They also learn about Lady Nicola De Haye who at one point ensured Lincoln Castle was safe from the enemy. They saw old photos of what the castle would have looked like and learnt about large weapons like the Trebuchet and Ballista. Such a fantastic trip full of exciting information and it was so lovely to see the City of Lincoln from so high up. 


In Maths we have been counting in 5's and solving multiplication calculations using the 10 times table to help. They have been using practical resources to make groups of 5 and using comparison signs to decide which equation is larger, smaller or equal to. Lots of practising counting in 5's using fingers would be good practice at home and talking about how many 5's go into say 40 to help them with missing numbers. 


In PHSRE they have been looking at changes and feelings of loss and in Racial Diversity we continued our book Say Something to delve into what it means to just stand by and watch and ignore mean behaviour. We learnt the words upstander and bystander. In Computing they have been sending e mails safely. In Science children have been looking at how to keep clean as part of a healthy body. 


In phonics they have been looking at the Switch it Spell g sounds that can make a g or a j sounds. Like glasses, gate or gem and ginger. They are getting really good at spotting these and spelling them. The tricky words we have worked on are: work, though, thought, please, laugh and different. 


In P.E. they have kept out weekly theme and been working on attacking and defending skills. They have been shooting at a target, interception and playing competative games.


Next week we are preparing for our big write and hope to see you all on Tuesday on Safer Internet Day. 


The Year 2 Team 


Weekly update 27.1.23

Phonics this week has been: o in frog/ o in cold and c in crisp/ c in icy

In English/ Topic we have been learning all about parts of castles and what they were used for. The children wrote some excellent factual statements about moats, towers, drawbridges and many more.

In Maths we have started our learning about multiplication. We have found out that 5 + 5 + 5 is the same as 3 x 5. We also know that 3 x 10 = 30 and 10 x 3 = 30.

Our baby dragon eggs have finally hatched so in Science we learnt about what animals need to survive and wrote instructions for how to look after our baby dragons. We hope Mrs Estell and Mrs Lewis will let us keep them!

Next Thursday is our trip to Lincoln Castle which we are very excited about. Please arrive at school for 8.30am and come straight into class. The coach leaves at 8.40am! Please see the letter previously sent on Parentmail. Any questions just ask.

Well done to Team Fire for winning again this week.

Have a fab weekend

The Year 2 Team

Weekly update 20.1.23

Wow what another amazing week in Year 2!
We started the week finding out about different ages and discussed what it was like to be a baby, child, toddler, teenager and adult then had a discussion about which was the best age – it was a fifty-fifty split between staying a child and being a teenager!
In maths this week we have been learning about equal and unequal groups before moving onto looking at the phrase …..groups of …… We are starting to link this to multiplication now and know that 3 groups of 2 are the same as 3 x 2. We will be continuing this work next week where we start to focus on the 2 and 10 times tables.
In computing we finished our castle challenge and managed to write some code to make a series of event occur with a specific trigger.
In English, we read the poem The Storm Dragon. This was the inspiration for our own Storm Dragon poems that we wrote in our Big Write on Thursday.
Our phonics this week has been the Switch it spelling ‘i’ and in spelling and grammar (SPAG) we have been concentrating on using adverbs. We have also been thinking about our presentation and where we start our work in our books, the size of our letters including ascenders and descenders.
Our week finished practising our underarm and overarm throws in PE then doing some research in Science about how to look after a reptile as our dragon egg has hatched and we need to know how to look after him or her.
Have a fantastic weekend and see you all next week
The Year 2 Team

Weekly update 13.1.23

We have thrown ourselves into out Towers, Tunnels and Turrets topic this week starting off with the children finding a very special golden dragon egg in school! We are wondering why Mummy dragon has left us a note asking us to look after the baby dragon when it hatches…

We have done lots and lots of reading in class this week! We have read Tell Me a Dragon which inspired us to write some beautiful descriptive words next to our water colour dragon art. We watched a video that taught us how to draw a dragon and our artwork turned out to be amazing! We are incredibly proud of our dragons.

We have also read the poem Storm Dragon, practising our reading skills and comprehension whilst learning lots of new vocabulary. We will be completing a reading comprehension activity on this poem next week.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to 2 digit numbers. We have written addition and subtraction equations using what we know to help us. The children’s calculation skills are really improving.

In Science we have been matching and sorting animals and their offspring. We paired up adult and baby animals comparing which ones looked similar and which didn’t. We then sorted the animals into animal groups; mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.

In PE we are doing gymnastics and invasion games. Please make sure your child has an outdoor PE kit in school as we will be doing PE outside on a Friday morning.

Well done to Team Earth who won the House Points trophy this week.

See you all next week

The Year 2 Team

Weekly Update 4th-6th January 


Well we have only had three days but what a jam packed three days! It has been great to see all the children back and focussed. We have heard all about their two week break and wish you all a Happy New Year! 


We have begun with an R.E. week looking at Jesus' Friends and Followers. The children have been talking about what a good friend is and thinking about the word TRUST connected to the stories of Jesus. They learnt the story of The Good Samaritan, thinking about how people who are different from each other can still show kindness. They acted out the story of Jesus and The Fishermen thinking about how the different characters feel. One child was a reporter asking questions! They have also looked at the story of Mary, Martha and Zaccheus the tax collector. This brought up questions about friendship, trust and Jesus being a friend to all. We also looked at the story 'Wonder' and how the boy in the story was treated and how it made him feel. The children did speech bubbles about what they would say to show acceptance and kindness. They have also thought about how they can help people to be less lonely as well as Jesus' relationship with children in the bible. Some great questioning and enquiry from the children. 


In Phonics they have looked at all the ways of making er ur or and ir. This is the last sound in our choose to use group before we consolidate over the next two weeks. The children will be assessed on their skills in our Choose to Use phonics phase before moving onto Switch it Spell Sounds. 


In Maths the children have been finding ten more and ten less than a two digit number, spotting patterns and problem solving. They used base ten to help then with this. Try practising counting on and back from any number in tens with them and see if they remember the pattern. eg. 3   13  23   33   43   53    63  73 and so on. 


Next week we begin our two week block on dragons so expect lots of dragon excitement! We begin with the beautiful book 'Tell me a Dragon' which is really worth having a copy and we also start the amazing poem 'Storm Dragon'.

Any books on dragons and all things Castles are welcomed. 


The Year 2 Team 


Year 2 Castles Home Learning Grid

Topic Trail Spring 1st Year 2 Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Weekly Update 12.12.22


This week we started off learning about gender stereotypes. We looked at photos and videos and discussed them listening to each others points of view and debating. 


As part of our DT work we have continued to look at mechanisms to design and make our Christmas cards. We have been making moving parts like sliders and levers. 


In Maths we have been adding a two digit numbers to a one digit numbers but remembering to use our number facts to 10 to help us with this. The children have found it tricky in places to explain how they did it so we are working on this. At home make sure they know that if you say 8 they say 2 to make that 10. It's really important that they are automatic with this. 


In English the children have been using the conjunctions and or and but in their sentences finishing sentence starters using one of these. They have watched The Journey which is all about the life of David Attenborough as part of our English and History. They have read information and read a book about his life too. In groups they recalled these facts putting them under headings. At the end of the week they then wrote their own fact sheet about David Attenborough as a significant person. I hope you ask them what they know as they know so much! Really impressed with what they have taken in and their clear passion about looking after their world. 


In phonics we have been looking at all the ways of making ear and or - please see the phonics leaflets. They have been completing lots of jobs in their phonics jotters trying to choose the right digraph or trigraph to spell with. 


The rest of the week they have been such busy bees practising for our play 'Its's a Party!' They really have put in so much effort into ensuring they know the words, actions and their lines. It is coming together so we really hope you will love it. They are making us so proud! 


Next week we start out R.E. week around Celebrations like Christmas Eid and Journeys. We will also be busy perfecting our performance too. Don't forget we need costumes in or if they are wearing a jumper or smart outfit they can wear this on the day. 


Thanks as always for your support. Wrap up warm its a frosty one! 


The Year 2 Team 

Weekly update 2.12.22      

A big thank you to Bricks4kids for a wonderful visit on Tuesday morning. The Lego building morning was a huge success and the children really enjoyed celebrating the end of our Titanic work.

This week we have continued to learn about the Dreamer poem by Brian Moses. We have really studied the language and the meaning of the poem before completing our group reading comprehensions. On Thursday during our big write the children wrote their own version. We had some wonderful language being used with lots of noun phrases plus some very passionate messages about protecting the environment.

In Science we looked at how animals obtain food from different habitats and how to represent this as a food chain. We are continuing to watch clips from the David Attenborough series Seven Worlds One Planet and the children really enjoy watching and learning about plants and animals in the different continents across the world. I know some of the children have been watching this at home too which is wonderful to hear.

Our nativity rehearsals are well underway. Lines and costume letters have been sent home so please check book bags. If you haven’t received these please speak to your class teacher. As much practise as possible in learning lines please to boost the children’s confidence. The nativity performance will be on Thursday 15th December at 2pm in the school hall.

Next Thursday (8th) will be the last sports club for this term.  Well done to Team Water for winning house points this week.

Have a great weekend

The Year 2 Team

Weekly update 25.11.22

It’s coming up to Mrs Blacks favourite time of year with the wonderful Nativity!  Next week we will be giving out parts. Your child will be given some lines to practise at home. Please help us by supporting your child to learn their parts.  You do not need to rush out and buy costumes. We have some costumes in school and we will be in touch with anything that we would like your help with so watch out for further information on this.  The Year 2 performance will be on Thursday 15th December at 2pm in the school hall.

This week, in English, we have been reading the Dreamer by Brian Moses. We have practised reading it together and in pairs, looking up the meaning of new words and researching some of the animals and habitats featured in the poem. The children have been quite passionate about the idea of us looking after our planet.

In phonics we have taught the new sounds that make the ee sound like ey and y on its own, spelling words like monkey and happy.  We have enjoyed writing in our brand-new Phonics jotters which we will look forward to showing you all next time you visit school.

In Maths we have been practising one more and one less than a number and using this skill to solve word problems including money.

In Science we have linked our learning to the Dreamer poem and looked at which plants and animals can be found in different habitats around the world. We sorted animals into habitats such as rainforest, ocean, woodland and desert.

We had our first House Teams competition of the year on Wednesday with ‘A Great Big Picture Quiz’.  Congratulations to Team Air who won the quiz and also took the trophy this week.

Next Tuesday we have the excitement of the Bricks4kids Lego morning linked to our Titanic topic. We know the children will love this so thank you so much for your support and enabling this to go ahead. We hope the children will enjoying telling you all about it at home.

Thank you for those parents who have already attended parents evening and we look forward to seeing many more parents for their appointments on Tuesday after school.

Have a great weekend

The Year 2 Team

Weekly update 18.11.22

Good Afternoon.

Thank you to all the parents who came to see the childrens work this afternoon and supported Children in Need.  The children have had a lovely week.

Also thank you to you all for your support in what has been a difficult week with members of the team being poorly.  We hope that normal service will resume next week! The children have coped really well with all the changes.

This week we have done lots of work on Anti-Bullying from writing sentences on how to be a good friend in SPAG, using simple word processing software in Purple Mash to design an Anti-Bullying poster and designing our own odd socks.  We have also talked about what is a good friend and what we can do to show we are a good friend.

In Maths we have been thinking about the difference between two groups of objects then numbers and how to work it out.

Our writing this week was an amazing set of diary entries about a journey on the Titantic and it’s sinking.  Lots of entries used lots of emotive language and fantastic sensory descriptions to really bring it alive.  They are wonderful and thank you as from conversations with the children it is apparent that did extra bits at home which all helped to feed the children’s imaginations.

In phonics this week we have looked at gn and ore. 

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 2 team.

Autumn 2

Weekly update 4.11.22

We’ve all had a fantastic week launching our new topic called ‘Sailing the Seven Seas’. The children were all incredibly enthusiastic on our wonderful Titanic Day and Captain Smith was thrilled to have them all on board his ship. The passengers were treated to a fine meal (depending on which class ticket they had!) and some exciting Titanic based activities on Thursday morning. The activities included being Scientists to investigate ice and making floating tin foil boats, being and Artist to paint and draw the beautiful ship of dreams, being a designer to make a model puppet show of the Titanic and being a Historian to find out facts about what happened and play the traditional game of Shuffleboard which was often played on deck. It was a vey busy and exciting morning!

As if that wasn’t enough, today we have been practising being brilliant Engineers by designing, building and evaluating our own toy boats.  Nearly everyone’s boats floated thanks to our super science knowledge from our last topic about Materials. We knew which materials would be waterproof and which would float well. We tested our boats with a lego figure and blew them across a water tray to reach the other side safely. It was great fun!

We have also been revising our phonics sounds, reading the book Samson’s Journey and introducing addition.

House Team winners were Team Air.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 2 Team

Topic Trail Autumn 2nd - Sailing the Seven Seas.