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Year 2 Suns and Rainbows

Weekly Update 14.10.22
Good afternoon.
It is hard to believe that we have already completed the first half term of Autumn. It doesn’t seem long since we welcomed all the children back into Year 2. They have all made a fantastic start to Year 2 and all of the Year 2 team are really proud of them.
We would also like to thank you for your support yesterday at our Pirate Party. The children had a wonderful time learning the songs and performing them for you all. We hope you enjoyed having the opportunity to see the children’s Maths and Topic books yesterday.
This week the children wrote some amazing stories based on the story of Pirate Frank. They really thought about the adjectives they wanted to include and the places their own character visited.
In maths they have been comparing 2 digit numbers and partitioning (splitting numbers) into tens and ones. They have used part/part/whole and the bar model to support them with this.
In our phonics we have looked at different spelling of the kn/ph/au/ sounds.
This week has also been RE week and we have looked at the story of David and Goliath, Daniel and the lion and the festival of Hanukkah.
Our new topic after half term will be Sailing the Seven Seas, we have lots of exciting activities planned for the children.
Have a lovely half term and we look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday 31st October.
Take care,
The Year 2 Team.

Weekly update 07.10.22

Good afternoon and what another busy week we've had in Year 2.

This week we have done some SPAG and been thinking about sentences and including capital letters and full stops. We have also looked at the sounds aw/wh/kn and wr in Supersonic Phonic Friends and are getting to know all the friends better and using our bodies particularly our bossy phonic fingers in our sessions.

In ICT we did some more coding and tried problem solving a programme that had the wrong bubbles moving when you touched them.

This week our maths has involved thinking about what numbers are made of (tens and ones) and using this knowledge to think about where numbers go on a number line.

In English, we have planned our own amazing story about Pirate Frank and we can't wait to write it next week!

Then on Thursday we had a fantastic time at the Harvest Festival.

Finally we finished off the week with an investigation in Science finding out which materials sink or float and what the effect of the shape of the material had on whether it sunk or floated.

Next week we have our Pirate Party to look forward too.

Have a great weekend

The Year 2 team.

Weekly update 30.9.22

Supersonic phonics has taught us new sounds including oi/ oy,  ur/ ir and or/ aw this week. We have focussed on some new tricky words including want, friend and says, looking for ways to remember the tricky parts of the word.

In English we have started looking at the story Pirate Franks and will continue with this next week. We have also learnt about pirate rules on board the ship, pretended to be bossy pirate captains and written our own Pirate Code of Conduct.

In Maths we have been counting in tens and ones and grouping in tems to make counting more efficient. We have been using phrases like “If I know that 2 + 3 = 5 I also know that 20 + 30 = 50.”

In Science we have been investigated how materials change shape. We have been twisting, bending, stretching and squashing! We learnt that the wood, glass and metal objects were the hardest to change.

In topic this week we started our Geography and labelled the continents and oceans around the world. We have produced some fabulous labelled maps.

In PE we have learnt how to roll in Gymnastics and how to catch in Games.

House team winners this week were Team Air after team Water won the previous two weeks.

Next week we have the Harvest festival to look forward to and don’t forget the Pirate party in the last week of term when you can join us for some sea shanties and a look at the children’s work.

Have a great weekend

The Year 2 Team

Weekly Update - 23.9.22


Hi All


We have also uploaded the phonics newsletter for the sounds we are covering this week so please see the link below. 


A great week continuing with our pirates theme. The children have been busy getting more used to routines, handwriting workshops in the morning have been great. We have been re capping those curly caterpillar letters with some challenges to rest on the lines and write their own sentences thinking about their letter size. 


In English we have been looking at the poem 'If I was a Pirate'. The children have been using their blending skills and practising re-reading giving each other feedback in pairs. It has been lovely hearing them recite this poem to each other and as a class with actions. We have looked at some of the key vocabulary in this text and been learning what it means as well as diving deeper into the knowledge we might need around the poem. For example it mentions a dainty pearl so we looked at how pearls are created. I wonder if they can tell you? The children did a speaking and listening exercise, where they created their own verse for the poem and thought about all the things they would do if they were a pirate. We focussed on what the noun, verb and especially the adjectives were in their sentences. In Thursday they amazed us writing their very own verse or poem. Already we can see their handwriting getting smaller! 


In Maths they have been looking at ten ones making ten, using their own objects to create bundles of ten and count in tens. They have been representing numbers in by drawing tens sticks and problem solving about multiples of ten.They then moved onto representing numbers in equations or number sentences. In number sense they have focussed on the words greater than and less than, fewer and more than to compare objects. 


In Art they sketched their own self portraits and we saw some super progress from last year. They were also allowed to make themselves look like a pirate. We had some children really thinking about shapes, size, line detail and shading. We have put them up in the year one foyer but you will see them soon in sketch books. 


In Science they have been looking at materials and their properties. Recapping what different things are made of, thinking about why different objects are made from a certain material and not another. We have linked this to pirates. Like why is a cutlass made of metal not wool? They have been learning lots of clever words to describe properties such as opaque and translucent. 


In P.E. its been all about bat and ball skills. They have been learning to control the ball, bounce and catch. 


Finally they have loved doing their writing journals and reading cafe this week. They are very proud of their new journals and love writing and reading for pleasure. 


See you all next week 


The Year 2 Team

meet the teacher sept 2022 video

Uploaded by Westdale on 2022-09-23.

Weekly update 16.9.22
This week has seen the start of our new Supersonic Phonic Friends lessons and the children have joined in brilliantly. We have been learning the sounds: ai ay, ee ea, igh ie, oa oe and oo ue.
We hope you have had the chance to read their new reading book with them already. We will be aiming to change books every Wednesday.
In English we have been drawing, labelling and describing our own pirates. Some of them looked really fierce! We were focusing on our whole school targets of sitting the letters on the line and forming the letters correctly.
The children have also been introduced to our wonderful Reading Café and Writing Café where they get to read and write for pleasure. We often see some of their best work during these times and they have already shown wonderful enthusiasm for reading and writing.
In Maths we have been describing position and direction using language like clockwise, anticlockwise, full turn, half turn and quarter turn. We practised directing our partners on the playground.
In Science we have started our Year 2 topic on Materials using different properties to describe things we found in the classroom.
In PE we have been thinking about how to stay safe in PE and how to roll a ball with good control. Thank you for ensuring they all have PE kit in school.
We have been learning some new pirate songs in music and lots of children have been very excited to give recorder club a go.
Next week is our Meet the Teachers meeting on Thursday 22nd at 5pm. We look forward to seeing lots of you there.
The Year 2 Team

Weekly update 9.9.22

Well done everyone for making it through the first full week back at school. The children have continued to settle into Year 2 brilliantly and have impressed us with the way they are learning new routines and remembering our Westdale values.

We have spent a lot of time thinking about the colour monster and talking/ drawing/ writing about our feelings. We have also played some maths games and shared some lovely stories.

Today we have watched a Newsround special about Queen Elizabeth II and the children shared their thoughts on this. We linked this to our work on families and drew lots of different people in our family. We have made our own class book called ‘This is My Family’ which the children can share during Reading Café time.

The children have also been busy learning how a democracy works and voting for their Class Parliament members. We have also chosen Class Ambassadors, Smile Team leaders, Eco Team leaders and House Captains. Congratulations to the children who were successful in applying for these roles.

Next week we will start our regular timetable, including PE. Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times. Our PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please make sure no jewellery is worn and that hair is tied back.

A quick reminder that a parentmail went out about our Pirate Day which will be happening next Tuesday to launch our Land Ahoy topic. Any questions please see the class teacher.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we are looking forward to getting ‘piratey’ with you all next week! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

We will send out first Topic Trail out next week with all the exciting things that will be happening this term.

The Year 2 Team

Year 2022-2023 Land Ahoy Autumn 2st Newsletter

Leavers 2022

Weekly update 22.7.22

Reading Books

Please can everyone have a good look around at home for any Westdale Infant reading books and make sure they are all returned to school on Monday 25th July.  It is so important that we get all our reading books returned so that children can enjoy them in the future.

Thank you very much.

We can’t believe that this will be our last weekly update of the school year!!!

The incredible heatwave on Monday and Tuesday meant that our learning didn’t quite go as planned but the children showed their determination and resilience as always and we made it through a very difficult couple of days.  Activities included some PSHRE work focusing on friendships and stories from the Bible about ‘Jesus and His Friends’.

On Wednesday we were finally able to get everyone together to practise our Leavers service with the wonderful Mrs Watkins and the singing was, as always, outstanding.  We will miss you Mrs Watkins!  Thank you for all your hard work.  The children also got creative using fabric pens to design and create their own special Leavers bags which we hope will be something to remember us by.

On Friday we listened to the Bible story about Jesus and Zacchaeus discussing the idea of it never being too late to make the right choice and how we can be kind to everyone even if they have made mistakes in the past. We made finger puppets and practised retelling the story to our friends.

We are hoping to send home the children’s work books next Tuesday 26th July. We do have to keep some children’s work as evidence, but this will be returned to them at the end of next year.  The children will not need their PE kits next week.

Finally, we would like to say thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to join us for our Year 2 Leavers service on Thursday. We’re sure you’ll agree it was a very special afternoon. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your amazing children this year and we would like to wish everyone all the best for the future.

Good luck and goodbye,

The Year 2 Team


Weekly update 15.7.22

A huge thank you to the helpers who came into class this morning to support the children with their sewing. You were amazing and children loved having you here. The sewing was a big hit with everyone and they have made a gorgeous little seed pouch each which they are very proud of and desperate to bring home to show you all.  They will be bringing them home next week.

Another big thank you to everyone for your support on sports day. It was a very active day with lots of skill, sportsmanship and kindness shown by all.  It was great to see the children, toddlers, mums and dads take part in some very competitive sprint races!! We hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did. Congratulations to the winners Team Water.

On Wednesday the children did themselves and our school proud when they spent the morning at the Junior school.  They were all wonderfully well behaved and made the most of their experience. The Junior teachers were very impressed.

The children continue to work hard on their writing skills. This week they produced some wonderful Big Writes based on the book ‘Masai and I’ using all the knowledge they have learnt about life in Kenya and life in a Masai tribe.

We have been busily preparing for our Y2 Leavers assembly which will take place next Thursday. We are looking forward to seeing lots of you there – don’t forget the hankies!!

Please check your childs book bags for their end of year reports.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week,

The Year 2 Team

Weekly update 8.7.22


Hi All, 


This week the Year 2 children began by learning about sun safety seeing as we are having such great weather. They also started their new book Masai and I by Virginia Kroll. This is all about comparing life here to that in Kenya, one of their Geography topics. The children read through the text and answered questions scanning the text for answer. They then learnt all about the new vocabulary like Krall, gourd, hide, tanning and parched. The children watched videos and looked at pictures so they could really understand the meaning.  We have researched Masai life and life in Kenya, looking at human and physical features, as well as the daily life of the Masai. We located Africa and Kenya on Google Earth, looked at other maps of Kenya using the compass to locate whether it was North, East, South or West and used a map with a key to think about the terrain. They also spotted Kenya was on the equator and what that meant as well as thinking about which countries it bordered and the Ocean located near. The children drew and wrote their favourtie part of the book using some of the new vocabulary they have learnt. They have also taken part in freeze framing, watching the day in the life of children in Kenya and they even had to make their own football out of recycled materials. They loved this!


In Maths they have been practising multiplication, drawings groups and skip counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and even 3’s now. They have been reasoning and problem solving around multiplication. In Number Sense they have been getting ‘automatic’ remembering to add by remembering where 5 is in a number and then using that 10 to add quicker. They are getting super-fast now.


In Science they have been identifying plants and trees, remembering the parts of a tree they learnt in year one and the job those parts do. They learnt about the term Deciduous and Evergreen. As part of their work around this they designed their own garden and had to label the trees and plants they had put in it. They had to colour using the correct colour and draw the lead shape. We collected different leaves from around school and talked about the shapes and identified the trees they came from. I know the children have been keen to use the identification sheets at home and we hope they will continue with this. We were impressed with some of then names of plants they already knew!


They continue to amaze us with their sticky knowledge. 


Next week is a busy one with Sports Day and Class swap. I think reports are also out!

It is also going to be hot, hot hot, so sun cream and hats essential. We will try to keep them cool and calm at school. 


The Year 2 Team 

Weekly update 1.7.22

We’ve all been a bit tired this week after our camp adventures but we’ve still managed to do some fantastic work!

In English we produced information leaflets.  Some drew their favourite memories of camp and then produced an informative Perlethorpe leaflet for the Year 1’s to read.  Some children produced leaflets all about what its like being in Year 2 and the fun topics we learn about.

In phonics we have been recapping our Phase 6 spelling rules like adding -ing and -ed to words.

In Maths we have been using all four operations and solving more measures problems involving capacity with litres and millilitres.

In Science we have labelled and explained the different parts of a plant on our collages from last weeks Art. They look amazing and provide lots of detailed information for the reader.

In PE we have been thinking about the skills needed in athletics and performing seed dances for dandelion, sycamore and popping geranium seeds.

In Music we are learning lots of new words for our leavers songs. The songs are already sounding beautiful and we can’t wait to share them with you.

In History we have looked at parts of Mapperley ‘Then’ and ‘Now’. We compared the clothes people wore, the buildings, the transport and talked about how the building of factories and brickworks changed the local area from farms and forests to lots of houses and buildings.  The children were very enthusiastic about our class discussions around the old photographs of Mapperley and we would love to hear on Dojo if they get chance to talk or even interview any grandparents about life in the past.

This weeks House Team winners were Water with over 400 points!

The children really enjoyed a story time visit from their Year 3 teachers this week and are looking forward to their next transition visit to the Junior school on Wednesday 13th July.

The Year 2 Team

Weekly update 24.6.22

Wednesday 22nd June

We finally got there…the best week of the year! Time for Year 2 Camp – yay!

There were some very excited (and slightly nervous) faces in the hall on Thursday morning as we head off with our suitcases for an overnight stay on the amazing Perlethorpe Camp.

We said goodbye to our families then got on our luxury coach and took the 40 min drive to Perlethorpe village.  As soon as we arrived the children showed what an incredibly helpful year group they are and had the coach unloaded in record time. We then sat down under the beautiful 500 year old tree in the old school playground and met our camp leaders, Keith and Rob.

After a safety talk and look around the grounds, the children went to their bunk rooms and had an exciting time organising their bags and laying out their mats and sleeping bags.

Next it was time for our first activity, Boat Building. We were set the challenge of building a raft to sail a rubber duck in a race down the river.  We got into boat building teams and took the short walk to Church Woods where we worked together to collect 8 items that we would use to build our raft.  We had lots of fun exploring the woods whilst we were collecting.  We took all our items back to camp and it was time for lunch.

After lunch we split into classes. Suns started with the team building activities around the camp and Rainbows went off to the big woods to take on the Den Building challenge. The team building activities were both mentally and physically challenging and the children really used their Richie Resilient muscles. The den building was great fun and the little surprise at the end definitely pushed some children out of their comfort zones!

Back at camp we had some free time to play/ relax then it was soon time for our yummy Chippy tea.  The evening activities started about 7.30pm when we worked in our teams to actually build our rafts using string.  Following this was a tricky Bat Quiz where we learnt some interesting facts about bats ready for our bat walk later.

At 9.30pm we met Keith down at Church woods where he had the camp fire going. We sat around the fire singing silly songs and eating toasted marshmallows and biscuits. Always one of the favourite memories.

As it started to get dark we turned on our torches and bat detectors and went off on our bat hunt. We were amazed to see lots of them flying low over the river trying to catch insects for their tea. We continued the walk across the fields and the children crept so quietly that we got to see the beautiful white deer in the grounds of Thoresby Hall.

Finally at 11pm, we arrived back at camp, brushed our teeth and got into bed. An exhausting but wonderful day!

Thursday 23rd June

A super early start for some children today 😊 Everyone was in good spirits and for the children who had never had a night away before they did amazingly well. We were very proud of them all.

After breakfast we had some playtime then came the dreaded packing! Stuff absolutely everywhere but the children worked hard and soon the bunkrooms were empty and the bags all packed ready for the later.

We enjoyed a second breakfast because the first one had been soooo early! Then it was time to head off to the river for our boat race and water fight. Time for the adults to get their revenge! A fantastic time was had by all in the river. Some staying dry and others getting completely soaked but all brilliant fun.

It was a soggy walk back to camp for most of us.  We got dry and changed then Mrs Estelle and Bess arrived with our packed lunches. After lunch we relaxed and played with our friends as we waited for the coach to arrive and take us back to Westdale. We can honestly say we’ve never had such a quiet coach journey home!

It was a fabulous fun-filled 2 days and a pleasure to be part of it all with your amazing children. Thank you to all the parents that helped and did such a good job of encouraging your children to take part in making such wonderful memories.

The Year 2 Team


Weekly update 17.6.22

It has been our Early Bea Week and we would like to say well done to all the children who arrived at school on time. Super Bea treated everyone to a delicious cool ice pop as our reward so thanks Super Bea!

In phonics this week we have been learning about plurals and all the different endings when we make a word plural. In English we have been working on our Jack and the Beanstalk alternative stories which we have planned. We have also done a shared write as a whole class ready for our own versions next week.

In Maths we have been learning about mass and comparing heaviest and lightest. We have started to look at grams and kilograms on scales too solving problems along the way.

In Science we have studied seeds and bulbs comparing the two and drawing accurate diagrams. We have also observed our ‘beans in a bag’ starting to grow. The roots have already appeared for some and even some shoots and leaves. Our cress is growing well too and the children are doing well at remembering to water it.

In Art we selected some tree leaves and engraved leaf designs and nature designs on to polystyrene squares. We then used printing inks and rollers to create a piece of printed art work with repeating patterns and colours. They look fantastic!

In PE we have continued our new Dance unit on Plants and the children are getting very confident at performing their sequences of growing plants.

The House Team winners this week are Team Fire so congratulations to them.

See you all next week!

Year 2 Team

Weekly update 20.5.22

The Year 2’s have been amazing this week…AGAIN! They have all worked so hard and coped brilliantly with the changes to our timetable. Well done everyone.

Whilst some have been busy doing more quizzes, other groups have been working hard on their Worm Fact books which are outstanding. The stamina for writing they are now showing will blow you all away! The children have also been exploring and discovering outside with shape hunts, chalk drawing shape fractions and playing sports games.

After enjoying watching some of our caterpillars change into beautiful butterflies we have spent our Science lesson learning all about life cycles. Suns class let their butterflies go in the orchard which was very exciting. Rainbows are currently in the chrysalis stage so we will hopefully see some more butterflies next week.

 In Art/ DT we used a variety of materials and resources to be super creative and make a model of a life cycle. The children impressed us with their resilience and when things went wrong with their models they worked had to problem solve and fix it.

In PE they have all impressed Mr Peat with their skills at hockey. In yoga we are up to a full minute of meditation, listening to the bell – you may want to practise this at home! We have added more poses to our repertoire and can now do the warrior pose and cobra pose too.

In music they have continued to play the glockenspiels and learn more music notation with some super singing too.

House Team winner this week were Team Water so congratulations to them.

Don’t forget next Friday afternoon is the Jubilee picnic on the playground and we look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

The Year 2 Team

Weekly Update 13th May 2022 


The children have started their quizzes this week but as promised we have done this in the kindest way we can. The children have had lots of outdoor time and support from us. They have really impressed us and we have seen all their learning from the year coming together. Honestly, you should be so proud of them! 


When they haven't been doing their reading quiz, they have been being authors making their own non-fiction worm books. They have been learning and making their own food chains in a scientific and artistic way.


The children were also given jelly worms this week and had to take part in an investigation to measure them, stretch and find the difference and compare theirs to other people. They could join their worms together and make their worms go beyond a metre and they then halved and quartered their worms. I think they might have enjoyed eating them too! 


The children outside have been using chalks, making kites and learning about insect parts. 


Today they have enjoyed a nice calm yoga session and have practised calculating across all operations. They have finished the day with reading cafe and lots of lovely stories. 


Next week we will be continuing some our reading quizzes and beginning our Maths quizzes. They will also being doing some lovely activities to help them relax and have a break in between. 


Have a great weekend in the sun.


The Year Two Team 

Weekly Update 6.5.22

Another busy week in Year 2!

In Phonics we have been learning about alternative spelling for sh including chef, mission, magician and sugar.

In English we are working up to writing our own information book all about worms. We have been learning about features of a non-fiction book and reading lots of worm facts. We have created a collage diagram, using our art skills, of a worm with labels and facts around it and we have sorted worm facts into different subheadings.

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time. First to o’clock and half past then moving onto quarter to and quarter past. Some children even managed 5 minute intervals.  Please keep practising this with them at home as they are getting really good at it.

In Science/ Topic we have been carrying out our woodlice experiment to find out which habitat they prefer. We talked a lot about how to make it a fair test and how to make sure we were being kind to the woodlice by returning them to where we found them.  Most of the experiments showed us that the woodlice liked the damp and the dark.

One of our PE units is on Bat and Ball. The children have been improving their control and learning rules to new games. We have also continued with yoga and learnt new poses like the cat and the dog. We have put together a sequence of poses and thought about how to move smoothly between them. Meditation time went down well again (especially with Mrs H!). We are up to 40 seconds of sitting still and listening to the bell!

Congratulations to Team Fire who won the house points trophy.  Also a special well done to Rainbows who have been extremely kind and helpful to Mrs Trales this week. She has had a lovely time teaching them and commented on what fabulous children they all are.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Year 2 Team


Weekly update 29.4.22 

It has been lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about our new Wriggle and Crawl topic.  This week we have been on a mini beast hunt recording what we could find and where we found it.  We have also made wormeries.  We then learnt all about the features of writing instructions in English and did a Big Write on ‘How to make a wormery’. 

In Maths we have been continuing our work on fractions, finding a halves, quarters and thirds of shapes and amounts. 

In Phonics we have been learning alternatives for the m sound including mm and mb. 

In PE we have started a new Yoga unit and today we practised balance and co-ordination whilst moving from one pose to another.  We also spent a few minutes doing some relaxation and meditation which the children seemed to really enjoy. 

To finish the week off this afternoon we have been planning our own science experiment to try and find out where woodlice like to live. We will be carrying out the experiments next week to see what happens so watch this space! 

House team winners this week were Earth – congratulations Earth Team! 

Please keep reading lots and lots with the children at home as it really does make a difference. 

Year 2 Team 

Update for week beginning 18th April 2022


Welcome back after Easter. The children have worked hard despite some tiredness after getting up early again! 


This week has been an R.E. week based on the stories of Jesus. The children have been looking at special books; the Torah and The Bible. As part of their English and R.E. they have been making inferences about the story based on a picture. They thought about what it might have been like in that cave if they were Daniel using their senses. They then wrote a diary entry as if they were Daniel. 


In Maths they have been looking at fractions of shapes and amounts in terms of 1/2 1/4 and 1/3. They made their own fractions poster with objects from around the room and drew their own! 


In phonics we have been spelling the days of the week and numbers written in words as a recap as well as practising common words spellings. We have also been looking at the months of the year linked to Maths and asking them about the order. Eg. What is the fourth month of the year? What month comes before November or after March? You could ask them questions like this to practise. 


They have also been continuing to write in their journals to practise their love of writing. We wrote outside in the sunshine this week. They also had book cafe where they were able to share books and enjoy them with their friends. 


Our topic Wriggle and Crawl starts next week. We will be kicking off by making our own wormeries, so any larger plastic bottles would be appreciated (not milk). We also have caterpillars arriving but don't tell the children yet! If anyone has any minibeast pets let us know. One year we had someone who a millipede and it was great to have a visit. Keep going about and about in the sunshine to spot minibeasts in their habitats and talk about the types of habitats they like and their behaviours. We will be focussing a lot on worms and learning about how important they are for the soil.


Let's have a big push on reading this next two weeks in preparation for our SATS. Getting children to re-read the text three times and getting into the habit of this to build fluency is good. They then take in more of that understanding. Ask them questions and get them to prove their answers using the task. No guessing. Find the answer in the text. 

The Year 2 Team 

Topic Trail Summer 1 Wriggle and Crawl

Weekly update Friday 1st April 2022

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to make the ukulele concerts today. We hope you enjoyed watching the children perform. A big thank you to Mrs Watkins for all her hard work, I think you’ll all agree she has done a fabulous job of teaching them all to play so well in such a short amount of time.

This week has been one of our special RE weeks and the children have been immersed in learning about the Easter story. We have also studied the Jewish festival Passover, looking at the Seder meal and designing our own special meals. We have been reading, writing and doing super creative activities linked to the RE through which the children have expressed some brilliant thoughts, questions and ideas flexing their Super Resourceful muscles!

In Phonics we have been covering ways to spell the r sound including r, rr and wr.

In Maths we have been practising subtraction with 2 digit numbers then moving on to learning how to exchange to subtract. We have done this very practically using our tens and ones equipment and the children tried very hard with this difficult concept.

In R Time the children covered part of the Science curriculum labelling body parts. They then designed their own swimming costumes/ trunks to cover the parts of our bodies which are private and discussed the importance of this.

In Computing we looked at pictograms in more detail and in Science we evaluated our pasta salads that we made last week.

On Thursday evening there was a meeting about Perlethrpe Camp. Thank you to all those people who were able to attend.  Please don’t worry if you were unable to make the meeting, we will hold another meeting after Easter.

Well done to Team Air who won the House points trophy this week for the first time! A great way to finish the term. We hope that Team Fire enjoyed their Spring term winners mini disco on Thursday morning.  I wonder which team will win next term?!

We hope you and the children have a well deserved break over Easter. Keep reading and we will look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 19th April.

The Year 2 Team

Weekly up date Friday 25th March 2022


Thank you for all your support with Ukraine Day today. We will let you know how much we have raised next week.


In Science/ DT we have been busy learning how to use knives and graters safely. We have chopped, sliced and grated lots of different vegetables. A special thank you to our parent helpers for their time and support with this.  Today we recapped what makes a healthy meal using our Eatwell Guide then enjoyed making our own wormy spaghetti inspired by the Twits. Don't worry the worms were actually strawberry laces! The weather was so beautiful we decided to take our yummy pasta salads outside for a "Twit-nic"! Well done to all those children who tried new foods today.... even olives!


In Phonics this week we have been learning ways to spell the 's' sound including ss, se, st and c


In English we have been acting out ideas for new tricks that The Twits might play on each other. The children were brilliant at writing their own chapters about a new trick and we are hoping to put them all together to make our own class Twits books.


In maths we have been revisiting addition and subtraction moving onto 2 digit numbers.


In Art we have been sketching Mr Twit thinking about line and shade, drafting and redrafting. In Computing we have been using tally charts and pictographs.


In PE we have been creating our own Water dances. Some of the class will be performing these in next weeks lesson. Which reminds me to tell you that we have our amazing Ukulele performance next Friday at 9am for Suns and 2.30pm for Rainbows. Can't wait to see you there.


This week house point winners were Fire. Fire were also announced as overall Spring term winners so they will get their chosen treat next week - a mini disco. Well done Team Fire.


Thank you to all those parents who attended parent meetings this week. It was really lovely to see you all and talk about your amazing children. We hope you enjoyed looking through their work and celebrating their amazing progress.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend in the sunshine and see you next week.


The Year 2 Team

Friday 18th March 


The Suns and Rainbows have had a great week this week. 


In R time they have been talking about how to maintain good hygiene and we linked this to The Twits.  In computing they have been thinking about E-safety and e mailing Mr or Mrs Twit and being kind with their words.


During English, we of course have been focusing on The Twits this week. They have been reading The Twits and learning all about their characters and antics. They are really loving this book! They have started to think about some of the tricks that Mr and Mrs Twit could play on each other ready for writing their own chapter next week. In phonics they have been continuing to work on the rule for plurals and looking at the alternative er sounds: er  ir  ur   ear  and or. 


In topic this week we evaluated their monster sculptures. They had to look at what went well, what they liked about their sculptures and how they might have done things differently. They then had to evaluate a friends sculpture too. 


In Math we have been adding two two digit numbers using tens and ones. We will be moving onto crossing the ten soon and then bringing in fractions. We also had our special Maths and Art pattern day where the children looked at the Fobonacci number pattern. 


Today has been red nose day activities and in P.E. a fire dance! 


Have a great weekend

The Year 2 Team 

Friday 11th March

Thank you very much for your support with our House Teams Colour Day. The children were super sporting all the way through their Dodgeball Competition and congratulations go to the winning team Fire 1. They enjoyed their chance to play against the teachers at the end!


Lots of hard work has been going on in the classroom too. In phonics we have been learning the alternatives for the air sound.


In English we have been building up to our Big Write Character Description of Grandma from George's Marvellous Medicine which we wrote on Thursday. Some of the children showed huge improvements in stamina and the quality of their descriptive writing shone through too. Well done everyone.


In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have learnt how to describe and sort shapes using number of sides and vertices. We also had an afternoon investigating properties of 3D shapes talking about faces and edges to describe them.  We also introduced the children to their first special 'Year 2 quiz' where they had a go at answering lots difficult calculation questions all by themselves!


In Science we recapped what we have learnt about healthy eating and designed our own healthy pasta salad trying to include foods from all the main food groups.


In Art we built sculptures using our junk modelling based on the work by Michelle Reader. The children were really proud of these.


House Point winners this week were team Earth so well done to those children.


Have a fab weekend and see you all next week for more fun and work!

The Year 2 Team

Hi All


This week has been so jam packed. 


We began the week looking at a timeline of events linked to Roald Dahl in computing. In R time they have been looking at medicine safety. 


In phonics this week they have done the ed ending. They have also recapped both oi/oy and ou/ow. 


In English we have been looking specifically at the character of Grandma from George's Marvellous Medicine and continuing to read this book. We completed a zone of relevance, where they had to sort words that described Grandma and words that didn't. They were introduced to some new words and their meanings. 


The children also loved our Mucky Mixture Messy morning, where we had different activities our to celebrate being Mathematicians, Artists and Scientists. The children looked at different jobs you can do if you love Chemistry. We watched a famous chef mixing solids and liquids to create Charlie's Wonker bar. The children had saucepans and enjoyed adding lots of things to make their mixture. We had curry powder, custard, oil, salt, jelly and various other interesting things. They looked at what dissolves and what floats. They also investigated capacity with the water beads finding out how many ml they had. They used the marble inks to make beautiful pictures and also could paint, design a bottle and make a large messy scribble picture on the carpet. 


The children have also designed their monster sculptures ready to make. These have been inspired by Michelle Reader's recycled sculptures. In Science they have been looking at healthy eating and planning a food diary. 


In P.E. they have been linking dance movements and going from creating movements individually to then adding in paired and group work. It was superb to see them perform these to the African music. It made my skin tingle! 


World Book Day was superb! We had an ex-head Phil come in and read Michel Rosen poems. We all laughed our heads off! The poems were amazing! We then had a visit from author Amanda Stephenson the author of Frank's Discovery. She read and performed her story. The children loved it. We then wrote our own Frank book. 


In Maths we have been dividing. They have been sharing, grouping, skip counting and solving problems. 


See how jammed packed it had been! 


The Year Two Team

Spring 2nd Muck, Mess and Mixtures

25th Feb 2022

What have we been up to this week?


Phonics - we have been looking at all the ways to spell the or sound... and there's a lot of them!


English - we have been learning how to use commas in a list, exciting adjectives and using our imaginations to write some super creative lists of ingredients to go in our own marvellous medicines.


Number Sense - we have been learning all the ways to make 9 and using the < > = signs


Maths - we have been learning how to divide by grouping into 2s, 5s and 10s. On Friday we solved measures problems by measuring and cutting up our strips of paper equally then writing the division sentence to match our picture.


Art - as you know we have been learning about the artist Michelle Reader and looking at different sculptures saying which we like and why. Don't forget to bring in bits for your own sculptures next week!


Science - we have talked about healthy eating. We looked at the Eatwell Guide and learnt what protein and carbohydrate do for our bodies. We looked at some different menus and discussed with our partners whether they were healthy or not and what we could change to make them more healthy.


RE - We had a wonderful visit from Mr Singh who talked to us about what its like to be a Sikh and reminded us how special we all are.


This weeks house point winners were Water again! Well done team Water.


Next week we will be having our Topic Mucky Day and World Book day so lots of fun to look forward to.


Have a great weekend everyone


The Year 2 Team

Hi Everyone


Another busy last week to the half term. 


In English we have been looking at different joining words and sentence starters we can use and linking this to Castles. We then wrote our own Castle non-fiction book about how to defend and attack a castle. The children worked hard to use the correct vocabulary. They have been refining their full stops, capital letters and trying to join their sentences and use more interesting sentence starters. 


In Maths this week we have been looking at the link between doubling and the two times table. We have been learning to double two digit numbers and represent this in different ways. We have also looked at how this related to division and halving. 


In Science they have been looking at where food comes from ready for our next topic when they have to design a healthy meal. In DT they have been continuing to look at gears, pulley and mechanisms. Well done to all those people who spotted them at home or when they were out and about. This week they were set the challenge to make a moving drawbridge and a catapult. They had different materials to choose from and no guidance. They really had to be resilient and problem solve. Everyone shared ideas and helped each other out of the learning pit and by the end we had some expertly crafted mechanisms. 


In P.E. they have been learning dodge ball skills and also putting together the movements they have built up over the term into a sequence. 


Our trip to the Castle was a huge success, showing us what great ambassadors the children were for their school. They listened to the story of Robin Hood on the huge screens, played interactive archery and took part in a story quest. They also went down into the caves to find out who and what had lurked beneath. The highlight of the trip was the play park which gave them perfect opportunity to role play attacking and defending castles. Some of them came back to school and enjoyed making posters and little books. We were so proud of how well they did on their first trip! 


Next term we begin our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic. This is where we do lots of reading around the author Roald Dahl. We will send the topic trail over soon. 


We want to wish you all a very happy half term and we will see you for Spring 2! Time flies when you're having fun!


The Year 2 Team

Another wonderful week in Year 2!


In English the children have written some fabulous Dragon poems that have blown us away. We have also been busy doing History and English together when we were researching and learning facts all about attacking and defending castles ready to make our Castles Books next week.


In Phonics we have been practising spelling the j sound with j, g and dge spelling patterns.


In Maths we have been doing more work on multiplying, writing the sentence in different ways like 4 x 2 = 8 and 2 x 4 = 8. We did an investigation to help us understand the relationship between 5p's and 10p's and thought about working in a logical order to spot the pattern.


In Science we have been learning about Personal Hygiene including washing hands and keeping our bodies and clothes clean. The children created their own tv advert to teach people the importance of keeping good personal hygiene.


We are really looking forward to our trip to Nottingham Castle next Wednesday 9th Feb. Please see the Castles Trip parentmail for more detail or ask a member of staff if you have any questions. There are still one or two outstanding payments. We would be very grateful if these could be paid as soon as possible. Thank you.


Well done to Team Earth who won the House Points Trophy this week!


Hope you all have a great weekend


The Year 2 Team

Hi Everyone 


What a super week. The dragons hatched out although the children expected real dragons. I am not sure we are THAT clever! The children have finished reading the poem 'Storm Dragon' and have been performing it using expression. They then planned their own dragon and went on to write the most incredible poems. Mrs Estell and Mrs Lewis have read some of them and couldn't believe the language they used. We think they would give the Junior school a run for their money! 


Towards the end of the week we have begun to look more closely at Castles, the parts of castles and what they were used for. We have looked at different types of castles and why they changed over time. They have used books and i pads to research castles. They have been using our castles within school to role play which has helped with language too. 


In phonics we have been looking at all the ways of making oo and in phase 6 we have concentrated on the rules for ed endings. 


In R time they have been doing about change and loss. In science they have been thinking about their own personal hygiene. The Suns in heir Racial Diversity session have continued the book 'Skin' and have been talking about the word Racism. They designed their own superheroes and talked about their powers. 


In Maths we have continued multiplication concentrating on the ten times table. We have been using the symbols for greater than, less than and equal to, in order to compare. 


Next week will be continuing our work on Castles and starting the 5 times table. We already have a few Castle experts! 


Have a great weekend 


The Year 2 Team 

Hi All 


What a dragony week we have had! We started with a wow moment! The children discovered a dragon egg and nest in class and are wondering when it will hatch. They have made their own dragon eggs, layering them with tissue paper. They wrote secret messages and put them into their nests. For their English work they then planned instructions for How to look after a Pet Dragon and then they wrote their set of instructions. They used time words and bossy verbs. To help with their planning they drew pictures and acted out in pairs. 


In Phonics they have been learning all the ways of making oa such as o   oa    ow    o_e and oe. They have been looking at patterns, blending and segmenting. They have also looked at the common words: prove, improve, move, floor, poor, every and only. The children have also been learning about adverbs like quietly, softly, gently and quickly and how and when to use them. It was nice to see some children using adverbs in their instructions writing. 


In computing they have been playing 2race using number bonds. In R time they looked at how humans change which linked to our Science as they have been learning about how to look after a baby.  


In Maths we began multiplication. They started by learning about repeated addition writing number sentences to match pictures using their 2x 5x and 10x tables. They then used practical resources to make groups and wrote the multiplication sentence in any order. Some children drew their own pictures and wrote the number sentence to match. We have also been multiplying by zero. 


In P.E. they have been making bridges, strengthening their core and using the apparatus. 


The Suns have been taking part in their 3rd session on Racial Diversity looking at a book called 'Skin'. They have been learning about how much Melanin they have in their skin. They have been naming their skin colour and learning that we have to find out about people on the inside as well. 


We also started reading the poem Storm Dragon which has some superb words that we have begun to learn like wrath, raging and stirring. Next week we will be continuing to read this poem and basing our English around this. 


We also wanted to say how great the children's home learning has been! Thank you parents/carers. 


 Have a great weekend everyone. 


The Year 2 Team 

Hi All


What a lovey week we have had starting our new topic.


We have kicked off with a dragon themed week looking at the text 'Tell me a dragon' by Jackie Morris. It has the most beautiful illustrations. The children have been reading the book and pinching words they like to make a collection of wow words. They have also been thinking of their own adjectives and phrases. We have even looked at what a simile is, which they really loved playing around with. We also listened to a version of George and the Dragon which also gave us some amazing words like scaly and leathery. We have watched some dragon videos to help us picture those dragons.  In teams we then had some pictures of dragons and had to begin to think of our own phrases and words to describe the different dragons. We shared these with the class. Later in the week we wrote our own dragon descriptions. Stunning! We had things like 'the dragon's eyes shone like diamonds.'


In Maths we have been adding two digit numbers to multiples of ten. Some children have been working out missing numbers and beginning to exchange. Later in the week we then moved onto subtraction. We have been counting in tens from any number on and back to help us practise for this. 


In Phonics we have been looking at all he ways of spelling igh like:

i     ie    igh   i_e   y 

We have been practising blending, reading and spotting sounds in a Knights Story and segmenting to spell. We have also been putting these words into sentences. We have been learning the common words; because, money, busy, water, what, there and their and thinking of clever ways and pictures that help us spell these words. We have looked at the pattern in mind, kind, find, behind also. We have been remembering that y often comes at the end of the word to make that igh sound. In handwriting we are starting to join like all, at, th, ch, cl, in and im. 


In topic we have been sketching dragons using a tutorial video, thinking about line, shape and detail. The dragon's they drew were incredible, I hope they show you at home! We then learnt the techniques of watercolours by practising layering, washing and merging colours to create different effects. They then drew their own dragons to paint. 


In Science the children are beginning to look at ways to stay healthy. The first week is about exercise and what happens to your body, how you can develop a good exercise routine and why it is important. They have looked at different activities that exercise the body and make us more flexible and have collected and sorted data. 


In R time they have looked at setting new goals for the year. In computing they have been coding using the Guarding the Castle app and The Suns have also done their second week of Racial Diversity. They have looked at the book 'Say Something' and learnt the words 'upstander' and 'bystander'. 


As well as all this they have also been enjoying their time reading for pleasure in reading cafe and sometime to write in their journals, where we get to see them as writers developing their own style and interests. 


What a week!


Next week we will begin our poem 'The Storm Dragon'. We are also going to have a handwriting focus week in English. 


Have a great weekend

The Year 2 Team 

Home Learning Grid Spring 1st

Its been lovely to have all the children back in school this week. They have loved telling us all about their Christmas holidays.


As you know we have kick started the term with RE week. The children have enthusiastically launched themselves into lots of discussion about Sikhism. Our learning has included discussing about leaders and what it means to be a good leader, the five K's of Sikhism, making comparisons between religions, and designing our own symbols after studying the Sikh flag.


In phonics we have recapped the ai and ee sounds then moved onto the igh sound and all the alternative spellings which we will continue with next week.


In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract 10 to a two digit number.


In music the children have been very excited to start to learn to play the ukulele. A few children have asked if they can bring them in from home and Mrs Watkins says this is fine. Music is on Thursday.


In PE we have practised learning rules to a competitive game and trying to improve our own score each time as well as revisiting how to do the different types of rolls and putting them in a sequence with a balance.


Next week will be the start of our new topic Towers, Tunnels and Turrets which I know the children will love. There has been a homework sheet sent home today with ideas for activities your child can do at home if they wish. 5 house points will be awarded for a homework task.


Have a great weekend


Year 2 Team

Dungeons and Dragons Topic Trail Year 2 Spring 1st

Hi All,


Well.... The children have been so brilliant this week, especially as we are nearing Christmas and practising for our Nativity. They have been doing such a great job learning their songs and lines. 


This week we have been completing a comprehension about our Dreamer poem, all about endangered animals and the environment. The children have shown so much emotion and care, even making some of their posters to show how they can help. They planned and wrote their own poems, which were stunning! 


In phonics we have been re capping all the ways of making the ai sound and beginning to look at all the ways of making the ee sound. They love counting sounds and standing around the room at the correct number, before writing the word on the whiteboard. 


In Maths they have been using known number bonds to add two digit and one digit numbers. eg. 34 + 6 =    Knowing that 6 + 4 make 10 so 36 + 4 make 40. They have used practical resources to help. 


In Geography we have been plotting the continents and seas as well as locating the human and physical features from different countries. They loved using the I pads to locate different countries within continents. 


They have also been thinking about who they can go to when they are worried as well as in computing, coding vehicles. They have also been so kind and made some cards from the elderly people at St Andrews House, which we will deliver to them to make them smile! 


I know that some of you missed parents meetings, don't worry we will get round everyone. Please bear with us as I know both classes have quite a few parents to get around. 


Don't forget Nativity costumes need to be in for next week so that we can have a dress rehearsal. If they are wearing a Christmas jumper or their special outfit, this can be worn on the day or if you prefer, bagged up and brought in. We realise it can be tricky to give over their best clothes or jumpers too much in advance. 


Have a great weekend everyone. 


The Year 2 Team 

Hi All,


This week was our last week covering the Titanic. The children have really soaked up some amazing facts and produced some superb pieces of work.


They have been learning how to answer questions and find evidence in the text this week. We focused on a diary entry of someone who had been on board the Titanic. They really surprised us with their ability to retrieve information. They have then been hot seating passengers on board the Titanic and looking at the different types of people and how they might have felt on board, what they might have seen, heard or experienced. They watched a brief clip of Eva Hart, who was only 7 when she was a passenger on board. On Thursday we had our big write and they astonished us with the emotion they used in their diary entries and their knowledge of what happened. Wow!


In Maths we have been practicing those all important number facts within 10, which seems easy, but actually moving between that addition and subtraction and being mentally quick needed some practice. They used our new Rek and Rek’s, which are like an abacus to look at the parts that make a number. Keep asking them over the dinner table all those facts to see how quick they are, such as: 8 – 2  and 6 + 3. This is a great way of building up their rapid recall. We are trying to get them to count less and just know.


In R time and within our week and story time we have looked at the word bullying and how we can be kind to people. They watched the video ‘Daisy Chain’ and did some work around this to make sure they understood what exactly bullying is and what to do about it. In computers they have continued their coding and in science they have been designing a ship, thinking about the best shape and materials they could use. In phonics we have been reading a variety of real and alien words, as the phonics check, normally administered in year one, is being done in year two for this year. We will let you know the results of these checks when necessary but please be assured, those children needing extra phonics support will have been getting this and will continue to get extra support if needed.  We are now starting to move onto all the ways of making sound. So for example we will look at the ai sounds and that it can also be made with an ay     a_e    ea   ey and eigh.  Please don’t worry if children experiment with these spellings at home. They aren’t going to get this straight away and a lot of the time we talk about just learning which looks right. This comes with time.


Next week we begin our work on a beautiful poem/story called The Dreamer and it is all about looking after our environment. We will look at David Attenborough. We will begin the topic by taking a little look at some of his amazing documentaries called ‘Seven World’s One Planet’. After we have shown them a clip next week, we really encourage you to watch these with your children on BBC I player as they will help with their learning about the names of the continents and seas, as well as  the landscapes and animals. They are great documentaries,  to really get children in touch with how to care for the world around them. Just be careful with the Africa one as the end is a bit harrowing.


Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for your endless support!

The Year 2 Team

Well done Year Two, we’ve had a great week this week!


We’ve been learning all about The Titanic in our ‘Sailing the Seven Seas’ topic. We wrote sentences to describe it, then on Wednesday the children made some wonderful posters with persuasive language to advertise the Titanic’s journey.

In R Time we learned about kind words and why mean words can hurt. The children made anti-bullying posters in computing to show what to do if someone is being bullied. We have put some on our classroom doors to help people.

As this week includes Remembrance Day, we learned about poppies and the World Wars, and then about the flower art of Georgia O’Keeffe so that the children could create their own poppy art. They used watercolour paint, pastels, pencil crayons and tissue paper collage to make lovely pieces of work which we have displayed in the classrooms for Remembrance Day.

In Science we have been investigating materials that sink and float (we got a bit wet!). We are hoping to use our knowledge to design our own model ship/boat. Watch this space!

Hope you all have a good weekend

Year Two Team

Last week the children began our 2nd topic; Sailing the Seven Seas. We starter with our Titanic Day, which the children loved. They met Captain Smith at the door and boarded the Titanic handing in their first, second or third class tickets. We then talked about what it felt like to be in the different classes. The children then took part in different activities such as; painting the Titanic with watercolours, drawing what we might take on a special journey, 3D pictures of the Titanic, reading books on the subject, investigating ice, playing games children would have played on board, constructing the Titanic out of boxes and making different shaped boats of tinfoil and seeing how many marbles you could put in before it sank. 


The children have been thinking about what was life like then and now as we watched videos, looked at pictures and sorted some picture into a Venn diagram. 



In Maths we have been adding by bridging ten using practical and visual methods first. We have also begun our number sense programme using our new apparatus, which is like an abacus. 


In phonics we have revisited the ar, or and ow sounds ready to recap phase 5 over the next few weeks. 



Autumn 2nd Topic Trail - Sailing the Seven Seas

Well done to all the children for a wonderful last week of our pirates topic! On Tuesday we were really proud of their singing. Thank you very much for joining us to those of you who could make it.  They all had a wonderful day doing lots of pirate crafts.


We have also been busy with our RE week. Thinking about and discussing our ideas around the similarities and differences between the Jewish and Christian faiths.  The children have asked some very thought provoking questions and shared some creative ideas on how the world was created and how we should look after it.


In PE we have been doing gymnastics and enjoyed another lesson this week using the aparatus. Lots of children have shown excellent climbing, balancing and jumping skills with control. They especially loved climbing the wall bars and swinging on the A frame bars.


We talked about what makes us happy in assembly and celebrated mental health awareness week by showing everyone our colourful clothes that make us happy.


It has been a wonderful first half term with yor children and we are looking forward to starting our new topic with lots more exciting learning after the holidays.


Happy half term holidays everyone!


The Year 2 Team

Hi All


What a great week we have had. In phonics we have been recapping igh, ee and ai with a focus on spelling. We have been using numbers around the room to count sounds so we can think about the first middle and last sounds.


In Maths we have been comparing numbers using the greater than, less than and equal signs. We have also been partitioning two digit numbers, breaking them up into tens and ones. We used a part part whole method to do this and it helps us add and subtract. We are still practising counting on and back in tens from any number. 


In English we have been using our comprehension skills to answer questions about Pirate Frank and find evidence in the text. We have remembered our new words for meaning and talked about what we would have done or whether we agree or disagree that girls can't be pirates. This was an interesting discussion. They also planned their own stories in the form of a story map. They then wrote their own stories today and they were fantastic! Full of such great ideas about where their pirate would go. 


In topic time they used their pirate boats they made last week to write facts about Blackbeard. They knew such a lot about this famous and fearsome pirate. We also learnt a bit more about pirates illness like scurvy, some of the food they ate and the myths about their hoop earrings. I will let the children tell you! Art, History and English all in one go! 


In computing they have been coding with a Halloween theme and Ssshhhhh don't tell them we told you but they have designed Christmas/Winter Cards. You will be proud!  In Science they have been deciding why some materials are good for certain jobs and not others. In PHSRE they have looked at what can harm the local environment how how to care for the things around us. 


The children have really been superstars and we are so looking forward to the Pirate Day and sharing all the songs we have learnt in music. See you Tuesday! After Tuesday we will be doing an R.E. week looking at Christian and Jewish stories. 


The Year 2 Team 



The Treasure of Pirate Frank video

Hi Everyone 

This week the children have really been getting to grips with routines and they even know before we do what is happening!

In phonics we are doing quick recaps of phase 3/4 focussing on spelling much more now. So for example we have done the ll, ss, qu, ng sounds and been practising lots of tricky and common words. In English we have started our book 'The Treasure of Pirate Frank' reading it with actions and performing. The children have been learning new vocab like rugged, gloomy and spitting etc linked to pirates. They designed and labelled their own treasure map and some even wrote instructions. 

In Maths they have been representing tens numbers using different objects, placing numbers on a blank number line and explaining why. We made our number lines with chalk and had lots of fun finding half way. 

In topic time we have been making Blackbeard's Pirate Ship; The Queen Anne's Revenge. Next week will be adding facts to our picture. 

In computers they have been coding and in Science, continuing to investigate materials, their properties and how they can be changed. We have used words such as reversible and irreversible. In P.E. they have used the apparatus this week climbing the rigging and getting used to balancing on apparatus and practising the rolls they have learnt. 

What a busy week! Have a great weekend everyone. 

Meet the teacher sept 2021 video

Autumn 1st Topic Trail Land Ahoy!

Meet the teacher Sept Part B video

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