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Year 2 Suns and Rainbows

Well done to all the children for a wonderful last week of our pirates topic! On Tuesday we were really proud of their singing. Thank you very much for joining us to those of you who could make it.  They all had a wonderful day doing lots of pirate crafts.


We have also been busy with our RE week. Thinking about and discussing our ideas around the similarities and differences between the Jewish and Christian faiths.  The children have asked some very thought provoking questions and shared some creative ideas on how the world was created and how we should look after it.


In PE we have been doing gymnastics and enjoyed another lesson this week using the aparatus. Lots of children have shown excellent climbing, balancing and jumping skills with control. They especially loved climbing the wall bars and swinging on the A frame bars.


We talked about what makes us happy in assembly and celebrated mental health awareness week by showing everyone our colourful clothes that make us happy.


It has been a wonderful first half term with yor children and we are looking forward to starting our new topic with lots more exciting learning after the holidays.


Happy half term holidays everyone!


The Year 2 Team

Hi All


What a great week we have had. In phonics we have been recapping igh, ee and ai with a focus on spelling. We have been using numbers around the room to count sounds so we can think about the first middle and last sounds.


In Maths we have been comparing numbers using the greater than, less than and equal signs. We have also been partitioning two digit numbers, breaking them up into tens and ones. We used a part part whole method to do this and it helps us add and subtract. We are still practising counting on and back in tens from any number. 


In English we have been using our comprehension skills to answer questions about Pirate Frank and find evidence in the text. We have remembered our new words for meaning and talked about what we would have done or whether we agree or disagree that girls can't be pirates. This was an interesting discussion. They also planned their own stories in the form of a story map. They then wrote their own stories today and they were fantastic! Full of such great ideas about where their pirate would go. 


In topic time they used their pirate boats they made last week to write facts about Blackbeard. They knew such a lot about this famous and fearsome pirate. We also learnt a bit more about pirates illness like scurvy, some of the food they ate and the myths about their hoop earrings. I will let the children tell you! Art, History and English all in one go! 


In computing they have been coding with a Halloween theme and Ssshhhhh don't tell them we told you but they have designed Christmas/Winter Cards. You will be proud!  In Science they have been deciding why some materials are good for certain jobs and not others. In PHSRE they have looked at what can harm the local environment how how to care for the things around us. 


The children have really been superstars and we are so looking forward to the Pirate Day and sharing all the songs we have learnt in music. See you Tuesday! After Tuesday we will be doing an R.E. week looking at Christian and Jewish stories. 


The Year 2 Team 



The Treasure of Pirate Frank video

Hi Everyone 

This week the children have really been getting to grips with routines and they even know before we do what is happening!

In phonics we are doing quick recaps of phase 3/4 focussing on spelling much more now. So for example we have done the ll, ss, qu, ng sounds and been practising lots of tricky and common words. In English we have started our book 'The Treasure of Pirate Frank' reading it with actions and performing. The children have been learning new vocab like rugged, gloomy and spitting etc linked to pirates. They designed and labelled their own treasure map and some even wrote instructions. 

In Maths they have been representing tens numbers using different objects, placing numbers on a blank number line and explaining why. We made our number lines with chalk and had lots of fun finding half way. 

In topic time we have been making Blackbeard's Pirate Ship; The Queen Anne's Revenge. Next week will be adding facts to our picture. 

In computers they have been coding and in Science, continuing to investigate materials, their properties and how they can be changed. We have used words such as reversible and irreversible. In P.E. they have used the apparatus this week climbing the rigging and getting used to balancing on apparatus and practising the rolls they have learnt. 

What a busy week! Have a great weekend everyone. 

Meet the teacher sept 2021 video

Autumn 1st Topic Trail Land Ahoy!

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