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Book Led Topics- Quality Texts

Book Led Topics


We are really proud at Westdale to follow a book led curriculum. This means that topics are rich with a wide range of literature. We carefully choose, review and change the quality texts we use depending on the children's interests and the movement in the literary world. These books span over a range of the curriculum so that links can be made and children have the opportunity to receive a broad and balanced education. These are working documents so will change as times goes on. Our Foundation Stage work on children's interests first and foremost so their books are every changing. The foundation document below is an example. This is constantly reviewed. As a staff we regularly research new children's literature and even go on Waterstones trips as a staff to enjoy finding the newest and best texts to suit our topics. The children often add to these topics by bringing in their own texts, therefore we are learning together, child led too. 


Please see R.E. under the curriculum section and the R.E. planning for each year group to see texts we cover from a wide range of religions. 

Book coverage

Book led coverage - F2

Book led topic coverage - Year 1

Year 2 Book topic coverage