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Waterstones Trip- Books for diversity

Waterstone Trip - Choosing books on diversity 


On Friday 4th February 2022, ten of  us went to buy lots of books around diversity for our classes. Mrs Lewis, Mrs Black and a parent helper took us on the bus into Waterstones in town. We were able to read and share lots of books on diversity. We chose books that represented people with different skin colour, books to help us learn about racism, different families, abilities and ages. We also chose books to show boys and girls that they can be anything they want to be! We loved being around all the books and even got time to have a drink and snack in the cafe. We are so grateful to The Friends of Westdale for donating the funds to resource all our classrooms with new books that represent everyone in our community. 

Our trip to Waterstones on Friday 4th February 2002.