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Eco Team


We cleared the two playground hexagonal planters of weeds ready for our parental volunteer team to sow wild/meadow  flowers to encourage bees and other insects.


The team watched a video about being eco friendly.  It covered issues such as water saving, giving unwanted toys to charity, general recycling and making sure we don't drop litter. We also talked about how we need to limit our use of plastic bags.   To try and use public transport, or walk/cycle to school.  To plant trees to soak up CO2 and produce Oxygen.  Switching off lights and taps when not in use and to use energy efficient light bulbs.

10.10.2020 and 15.11.2020

Mr Curtis and the Eco Team looked at how we can save energy, water and recycle paper in the classroom. They went around school switching off taps that had been left on, lights that were not being used and checked that only the right items were in recycling bins. Eco Team will talk to their classes about this to make sure we are saving as much energy as we can.


This week we  also switched from milk cartons to glass bottles and re-usable bottles/beakers to try and cut down on the plastic we are using.



Mr Curtis and the Eco Team talked about the new hall lights to save energy, building planters for the pond area and the new bird feeders to make our environment better!

Mr Curtis led our first Eco Team meeting today and the children got their very own litter pickers. They all made an eco team promise and signed it and had lots of ideas about what we could do to make our world and school a better place.