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Eco Team Meeting 12.11.18

We had our first Eco Team meeting today.  The children thought of some great suggestions to make our school more eco-friendly.


   ♦  Put waste in the correct bins.

   ♦  Tidy up toys to avoid breakages.

   ♦  Put lids back on pens and glue sticks.

   ♦  Turn lights off in the classroom if no one is in.

   ♦  Use less paper and make sure we use the whole sheet to write           or draw on.


We also thought of ideas for future meetings.

For our next meeting in the January, the children suggested an 'eco' walk around school to spot recycling opportunities.


Look out for our eco posters displayed in the hall.  Each member of the Eco Team is designing a poster showing ways to keep our school more eco-friendly.


Mrs Waplington