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Anti Bullying Presentation November 2023

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The Anti Bullying Charter was reviewed with our School Parliament during Anti Bullying Week November 2023.

Annual Parent / Carer resource pack - Anti-Bullying Alliance:



Each year for Anti-Bullying Week, the Anti-Bullying Alliance create a free Parent and Carer resource pack. This pack contains lots of helpful information for parents, carers and families - including definitions for bullying behaviours, conversation starters and activity ideas. 


Schools and settings may choose to share this information pack with parents / carers during Anti-Bullying week, but the information is also suitable for all year round.



Prejudice based abuse


Prejudice based abuse or hate crime is any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a person’s real or perceived:

    • Disability

    • Race

    • Religion

    • Gender identity

    • Sexual orientation



Although this sort of crime is collectively known as 'Hate Crime' the offender doesn't have to go as far as being motivated by 'hate', they only have to exhibit 'hostility'.


This can be evidenced by:

  • threatened or actual physical assault

  • derogatory name calling, insults, for example racist jokes or homophobic language

  • hate graffiti (e.g. on school furniture, walls or books)

  • provocative behaviour e.g. wearing of badges or symbols belonging to known right wing, or extremist organisations

  • distributing literature that may be offensive in relation to a protected characteristic

  • verbal abuse

  • inciting hatred or bullying against pupils who share a protected characteristic

  • prejudiced or hostile comments in the course of discussions within lessons

  • teasing in relation to any protected characteristic e.g. sexuality, language, religion or cultural background

  • refusal to co-operate with others because of their protected characteristic, whether real or perceived

  • expressions of prejudice calculated to offend or influence the behaviour of others

  • attempts to recruit other pupils to organisations and groups that sanction violence, terrorism or hatred.


    As a school we will respond by:

  • clearly identifying prejudice based incidents and hate crimes and monitor the frequency and nature of them within the school

  • taking preventative action to reduce the likelihood of such incidents occurring

  • recognising the wider implications of such incidents for the school and local community

  • providing regular reports of these incidents to the Governing Body

  • ensuring that staff are familiar with formal procedures for recording and dealing with prejudice based incidents and hate crimes

  • dealing with perpetrators of prejudice based abuse effectively

  • supporting victims of prejudice based incidents and hate crimes

  • ensuring that staff are familiar with a range of restorative practices to address bullying and prevent it happening again


Information tool for Parents / Carers - Anti-Bullying Alliance:


The Anti-Bullying Alliance have created a free interactive Anti-Bullying information tool for parents and carers. It aims to give parents/carers/families information about Anti-Bullying in an interactive and accessible way.


The ABA also have information pages for parents/carers regarding:

Parent Advice Line - Kidscape:


Kidscape have a Parent Advice Line - this aims to offer friendly, impartial, non-judgemental information, advice and support to parents, carers, family members or professionals who are concerned about a child  - either because they are being bullied, or because they may be involved in bullying others.


The advice line is open part of the week, but Kidscape staff will return calls and respond to emails and messages as quickly as they can. 


  • Their email address is:
  • Their telephone number is:  07496 682785
  • Their WhatsApp contact information is:  07496 682785


Kidscape also have a variety of information pages for parents and carers, these include:

A Parent's Guide to Anti-Bullying - The Diana Award: 


The Diana Award have created a variety of free resources all about Anti-Bullying. These resources can be filtered according to the target audience, e.g. 'parents', but are generally high-quality and useful for all members of the school community. There are video clips, recorded training sessions, downloadable leaflets and posters - these are all free to access and use.


The Diana Award also have a range of support and advice articles for pupils, parents/carers and professionals, these are updated regularly and include:

Information for parents and carers - Bullies Out:


Bullies Out host a free Anti-Bullying training session for parents, carers and guardians. This training course aims to provide attendees with a clearer understanding of bullying, helping them to recognise the signs of bullying and explore the difference between bullying and relational conflict. 

Bullies Out also have a variety of information pages about Bullying, these include:

Advice for parents/carers if their child is experiencing bullying - Young Minds:


Young Minds have created a guide for parents/carers with information about what they can do if they think their child is being bullied. They include practical advice about how parents/carers can work with the school. 


Young Minds also have information pages about bullying, these include:



If a parent/carer is concerned about their child's mental health, whether this be due to experiencing bullying or for any other reason, Young Minds also have a Parent Helpline and webchat service.

Additional information and organisations for parents/carers - Nott Alone:


The Nott Alone site has lots of information about a variety of different mental health and wellbeing issues, they have a dedicated page to bullying. This page includes information about what bullying is and what to do if your child is experiencing bullying.


Nott Alone also links to other organisations and pages, these include: