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School Parliament in year group today so review our anti-bullying charter ready for anti bullying week next week. Thanks you for all your help Class MPs!

Minutes of meeting 8.10.19

Meet School Parliament

Meet  School Parliament 1
Meet  School Parliament 2

School Parliament Meeting 22.3.19

Minutes from meeting 13 November 2018

Minutes from meeting 13 November 2018  1

School Parliament Meeting 8.5.18


School Parliament met today to discuss our plans to improve the playground.

The following decision were made by the children;

  • The area near the bushes need to be developed first , followed by the pond areas then the orchard
  • Children decided they would like a pirate ship in the area near the Junior fence
  • Mrs Estell will now contact designers to come and chat to the children about this
  • Class MPs were also asked to draw their designs and bring back to Mrs Estell
  • Children thought the pond area should be removed to make a bigger playground but this would be discussed again when this area was being developed.
  • A great meeting with great ideas - thanks for your help everyone!


School Parliament met to discuss the Autumn term.

Here's what we discussed;


What has helped you to learn this term?

  • Teachers and helpers

  • The board

  • Show us a couple then we do it ourselves

  • We learned division it was new

  • Spilt digraphs

  • Superheroes like Richie Resilient


What have you loved?

  • Boarding the titanic

  • Super Bea

  • When Pudsey came

  • Drawing our own superhero

  • Space/Dinosaurs/pirates – best topic

  • Dino Museum with the jelly was the best


What could we do better?

  • Lunchtime should be earlier as we get hungry

  • Some of the dinners aren’t nice

  • More footballs at playtime

  • Have a party every Friday!

  • Tell children who are bringing toys to school they are not allowed


School Parliament met to discuss bullying at Westdale Infants. please have a look at the anti bullying charter we created from our discussion. Really great work everyone! 

Anti Bullying Charter created by the children of Westdale Infants


School Parliament had lots of ideas about fundraising;

  • Carol singing on Mapperley top

  • School discos

  • Teacher auction as slaves!

  • Art competition/auction of drawings

  • Sponsored silences, reads, walk, sing, dance

  • Scooter club

  • Car boot sale

  • Film club - once a month, children vote for film

  • Treat Friday – parents sell treats at home time


  • One child wanted to plant more trees outside


  • One child wanted to see some softer footballs outside – Mrs Estell will ask Mrs McKenna to order


  • The children said they enjoyed getting their letters through the post and lots had amazing ideas in their books anfd earned lots of house points


  • Children said they liked the new house point system and liked that staff were in houses too “it makes us a team”.


  • Children when asked about the new playground buddies said they were working well and they had seen people sitting on the buddy bench and helping each other. They thought the yellow caps were good to see clearly who was there so help.


  • Next meeting Friday 17th November – anti bullying focus

School Parliament 2017-18

Well done to the children below for being elected as Class MPs. They were democratically elected by class vote! I am really looking forward to working with you!

Mrs Estell

June 2017 Pupil Voice

The School Parliament have been part of our pupil voice interviews. Please see the results of this in the pupil voice section of the website.

School Parliament Meeting Minutes 18/04/17

January 2016

The School Parliament discussed a number of issues today.

Main action from this meeting are;

  • An art box to be set up for playtime art activities
  • A reading box to be set up for playtime reading
  • Mrs Estell to feedback to Mr Peat and Gordon about how much the children are enjoying PE sessions and playtimes
  • Mrs Estell and Class MPs to feedback to school about other issues in assembly eg girls and football

Thank you for all your contribution Class MPs!



The School Parliament met again this week to discuss lots of issues. Thank you to those members who had been using their books to gather information from their classes.

The following points were raised:

Anti bullying charter was discussed, children were to discuss this in classes and review during anti bullying week

PANTs rule needs to be revisited - Mrs Estell will speak to teachers about this

One member would like to see the leaves tidied up. Mrs Estell will speak to Dave the caretaker about this.

Some of the members were concerned about how equipment was being used at lunchtime. Mrs Estell will speak to the middays about this.

Children in Y2 discussed how they had voted on what they wanted to learn through Parentmail and how they had enjoyed this.



The new School Parliament met this week to discuss our Merit System. they decided on what rewards they would like to earn. Here is what they decided;

Bronze - prize box dip, Silver - book, Gold - Extra playtime , Platinum - Teddy Bear's Picnic.

We also discussed IT in school and use of the library. Thanks to all for your contributions.

Next meeting Monday 31st October at 1.30pm

School Parliament 2016-7 FS Y1 and Y2

School Parliament 2016-7 FS Y1 and Y2 1

Meet our new School Parliament Year 1 and 2 2016-17

Meet our new School Parliament Year 1 and 2  2016-17 1