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What the children say...



The children were asked by Mrs Black lots of questions about writing.

They were asked how they feel about writing, why it is important, what makes them worry, who helps then, how they know they have got better and what would make their writing better? They were also asked what do they have to do every time they have to write, do they get time to writing anything they want?  They then showed me their favourite piece of writing and why they thought it was their favourite or best. 


The children said:


"Writing makes us happy and calm." 


"I just love writing."


"You have to be passionate about writing."


"When you are older in jobs you need to know how to write, even when your texting!"


"If you want to be an author you need to know how to write stories, even footballers need to write!"


"Our teachers show us how to write when we share write."


"Using your brain, the board, your buddy and sometimes the boss helps."


"I have got better at writing as I now use full stops and capital letters."


"I'm not perfect at writing because I'm still learning."


"We can write anything we want in our journals and even get to write outside."


"I love showing the headteachers my writing as I feel proud and brave. This makes me want to do it again."


"My Writing target card helps me feel like I've done better." 


"Green pen helps me now how to practise and what I need to get better at. "


"I loved writing the Storm Dragon poem and the words we used."


"I loved writing about worms under different headings." 


"Writing about History is the best!"


"I loved writing about Hansel and Gretel as I wrote so much."


"Sharing ideas with each other and watching videos to excite us help us with our writing ideas."


"Phonics helps me get better at writing."