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Class Comprehension- Building clouds of knowledge about the world

Class Comprehension 


Jason Wade introduced us to the idea of class comprehension where children practise reading together. We have also used training from the author Michael Rosen to help children connect with the text. We have made these ideas our own at Westdale. The teacher models reading strategies and the children then practise this. Class comprehension looks different in each year group. It is less formal in F2 but still practises the art of reading, learning new vocabulary and building a cloud of knowledge of the text through videos and other texts. In Year 1 again this takes a step up with children applying their knowledge more themselves. In Year 2 this takes on another level as they find evidence from the text to answer questions. They also learn to give each other valuable feedback. The emphasis is always on the practising of reading. We then follow up the class comprehension by writing. We find that children produce superb writing once they have immersed themselves in a text in this way. 

Class Comprehension - What is it?

An example of writing from a Year 2 after this Class Comprehension

Storm Dragon Class Comprehension Example

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Class Comprehension Retrieval

Class Comprehension Applying