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A happy community where magical things happen…

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Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values Statement


Our mission is to make Westdale a place where our rainbow values happen every day! These rainbow values permeate through our whole curriculum. 


Westdale is ...

a happy community where magical things happen...


Westdale is a place where;

We feel safe

Each of us is different, but we all belong

Smiles and kindness are everywhere!

Taking risks and making mistakes are a big part of our learning

Discovering, celebrating and caring for our world is so important 

All of us 'reach for the stars' 

Learning is for life

Everyone counts



Westdale is proud of the values that underpin our curriculum. We have five learning superheroes who each have values linked to them which we learn about and put into our everyday interactions. We focus on these values half termly, in assembly times and across the curriculum and our children are rewarded for using them.


Our Core Values are:

Autumn 1

Respect – including Democracy and Politeness


Autumn 2

Friendship – including Kindness & Celebrating Difference


Spring 1



The 3 Rs


Responsibility (independence)


Spring 2



Summer 1


Celebrating Difference 



Summer 2






Please see link below for definitions and how these link to our superheroes and learning muscles.





Learning Power and Core Values

Our Westdale Promise

Our Westdale Promise contains our school rules. These link to our values and are up in each classroom and discussed during behaviour teaching.