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Welcome Letter from our Co Headteachers



 At Little Stars we want to ...
  •  provide a happy, relaxed and safe environment for children of any culture and ability to learn through play and structured activities.


  • Children are encouraged by example,  we teach to care for and respect not only themselves, but also others and their environment.


  • We aim to increase their personal confidence, resilience and self-esteem. We actively promote and model positive behaviour and celebrate good choices.


  • We aim to develop the concentration, communication and listening skills of the children, to broaden their range of experiences and to deepen their levels of understanding.


  • We aim to develop their physical abilities, enjoying opportunities where they can run,  jump, roll,  balance and dance as well as develop their fine motor skills.


  •  We actively promote creativity and imaginative play, it’s how we learn, rehearse and make sense of our world.


  • We actively promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.


  • We actively promote independence in the setting including personal care and hygiene.


  • We actively promote equality of opportunity for everyone.  We look at how wonderful and diverse our world is and celebrate how we are different and all the same. 


  •  Provide a service to our local community and families. 


  •  Encourage the children to feel part of their community by having visitors, and by occasionally taking part in visits to local facilities and places of interest in the area.


  • We highly value our working partnership with parents and carers, as we recognise this as being of major value and importance in a child’s education.


  • We encourage each individual child to progress through the Development Matters of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, as set out by the DfES.


  • We plan extensively following the children’s interests and progression. We record each child’s progress through observation which enables us to provide more closely for the needs of each child. We support every child in their development, allowing them to progress at their own rate whilst offering plenty of encouragement, praise and opportunity.  Activities are child led so sometimes plans change, staff are flexible and responsive to our children’s needs and interests.


  • Our aim is to inspire curiosity, make learning enticing and fun.  Develop that awe and wonder with our world and inspire creativity.


  • We actively promote a smooth transition into school by offering joint activities and experiences each term.