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Story Jar Competition

It was so incredibly difficult to pick winners for our Story Jar Competition as each and every entry was creative, imaginative and brilliantly put together. Thank you to everyone for their efforts, they are now proudly displayed in the reception area. 


Congratulations to our winners who each won a £5 book voucher:


  • Freya (Little Stars) - Cinderella

  • Matteo (Ladybirds) – Hungry Caterpillar

  • Ayrton (Ladybirds) – Bears Love Squares

  • Jessie (Butterflies) – Colour Monster

  • Maia (Comets) – Harry and the Dinosaurs

  • Ava (Comets) – Narnia

  • Polly (Moonbeams) – Rapunzel

  • Anaya (Suns) – David Attenborough Autobiography

  • Ted (Rainbows) – Pirates