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Y1 Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 1 had an amazing trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. In the morning we took part in a workshop and learnt about 4 carnivores:- tigers, lions, leopards and polar bears. We looked at replica skulls and found out about how the different shape of their teeth help them to hunt.


We found out the Leopard at the park was about to have cubs – so if anyone revisits in the summer you might see the new babies although when we went to see the leopards we did discover they are experts at hiding in the grass. We had a chance to dress up as different big cats and learnt about how camouflage helps them to hide from their prey. The rest of the day was spent exploring the park and we saw tigers, lions, leopard, zebra, rhino, polar bears, giraffes and many more.


We had a great day and  Year 1 were so well behaved, coping brilliantly with everything the weather threw at us!