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Y2 Animal Care Talks

A huge thank you to our Year 2 parents for talking to the children about animals last week. Freya’s Mum showed us lots of photos and talked to us about what it is like to be a dog groomer and how this helps to keep dogs healthy. Genevieve’s Mum talked to us about what vets might do and brought in some brilliant practical activities. The children had a go at making organs and bones out of playdoh and bandaging up poorly dogs, cats and rabbits.


Finally, we had an incredibly exciting chance to meet some of Claire’s exotic pets. We met Buttercup the Tortoise, Clifford the Bearded Dragon, two beautiful lizards and a stunning snake called Rose. Claire told us how to look after them properly including what they eat and where they need to live.


All the talks were a wonderful experience for the Year 2 children and we are very grateful to the adults who gave up their time to come and see us. THANK YOU!